38 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. That could be the Central Park Boat Pond. It’s where all the ducks and geese hang out, like it’s the pool, at their country club.

    That’s my favorite shade of blue. By the way, that’s a male preening in his colors. The female is always wearing her brown house dress that let’s just say, does nothing for her. BUT…males must like their women plain because she’s always in the lead, with him respectfully following showing, who really wears the feathers in the family.

    I needed a photo like this…Nature at her best reminding you, who’s really in charge.

    You’re so talented Dale. You have the eye of Audubon. 🙂

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    • You know… I came thisclose to using a photo of a female, lovely in her planeness and you know what? Look for her next week! She deserves her day in the limelight, too.

      It’s so funny, this “pond” is really an indentation in a park. There had been so much snow (this was taken a few years ago in April – because even if I go back into my archives, I make sure the timing is right) the earth could not drink up all the melt. It took months for the “pond” to disappear (I was rather sad).

      As for the colour blue, I will not lie. I played with the colours, boosting them just a tad to make everything pop.

      I thank you, Susannah. You are always so generous with your comments and praise.

      Lookit us with our essay comments!

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        • Thank you, kind lady! I shall go outside for my run despite the bizarre weather we are having to see what new blooms are showing off.
          (Yesterday we had it all: bright sunshine, rain pelting, sunshine, hail, sunshine, snow, sunshine…. woke up to a carpet of white. Curse, swear, cuss… it’s gone now, though.)

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Hyuck! Hyuck! Hyuck! I can’t say I blame ya. And thank you, I fear you, even as tiny as you are, would have had water up to your mid shin, maybe your knee…

      Shalom and lotsa colourful love,



  2. Q

    Why does the male duck get the good looks? It must be a mating thing, I’m guessing.

    And have you ever seen these guys face off against each other? The mallard understands the fine art of pugilism just fine. They make great use of their low center of gravity and their beaks.

    As for your capture, it’s ducky! And beauty.


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  3. I dunno. You guess is as good as mine…

    It has and I’m sure they were never properly compensated. Total abuse by man, once again.

    So glad.


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