Heroes Of The Week

Protests erupt again over coronavirus shelter-in-place orders ...

The image stapled to this week’s homework assignment is a sign of the times. It’s where we currently find ourselves in a country that could not wait to politicize a dark moment in world history. We do not receive our grace period this time, nope. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling this post. But it still happens, because it’s Friday.

And thanks to Frank, I had a way in. So a big thank you goes out to the scientists and doctors and nurses and EMT’s and all medical personnel for showing us what humanity is supposed to look like.

The Browns' new uniforms are a sign they're making good decisions ...

Shout out to the Cleveland Browns, who might not do much winning on the field (Sorry Browns fans, but you know it’s true) but who are winning big off of it. The team unveiled some new uniforms last week, after which they announced that all net proceeds from  uniform sales will be donated to COVID-19 relief efforts in the Cleveland area. Lots of teams have gotten fat on their threads count, but these guys are making sure to give something back.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Kylie Jenner opens up to Khloe ...

What you’re about to read, well . . it doesn’t happen every day. The Kardashians have arrived at this Friday spot, and there’s not a whit of satire in the doing. And it’s thanks to Khloe K and the most fruitful shopping trip the reality family has had in quite some time. It seems that she has been frequenting groceries all over Los Angeles and paying the tabs of the elderly customers. She’s also provided gift cards for more than two hundred employees during her goodwill missions. And last month, little sister Kylie donated $1 million to the purchase of protective gear for first responders. These gals are putting their money where a lot of politicians mouths are, and good for them. Good for all of us, really.


One minute, Bevin Strickland of High Point, North Carolina was sitting on her sofa watching constantly changing news reports about the coronavirus and the next? She was right smack dab on the front lines. This forty seven year old nurse is working at Mt Sinai in Queens, New York; which just so happens to be ground zero for the state’s coronavirus outbreak. She is currently working with the sickest patients, and if that wasn’t enough, she’s planning on donating every penny she makes (after expenses) to the Mount Sinai support staff.

“Somebody’s gotta help,” Bevin said. “What if we all said we couldn’t handle it and we couldn’t do it? You know, what if everybody said that?”

This woman is what my Friday episodes are all about.

(And a big shout out to Frank for gifting me this story).

Jeanna Barbieri works as an ER nurse at Lowell General Hospital in Massachusetts, but she’s been moonlighting recently as a guardian angel. Barbieri figured her way around the no-visitor policy at Lowell when she began bringing in family photographs for the patients. And what started out as a simple idea, grew.

“Just to see how excited they were to have that piece of comfort with him, it made me realize I want to do more of that,” Barbieri said. “I never imagined in a million years it would turn into anything other than a small project.”

Well, grow it did. With a dedicated email address and a social media hashtag, #picturesforpatients, Jeanna has made twenty two photograph deliveries thus far. And this labor of love isn’t just helping the patients through this trying time, it’s been a Godsend for the medical staff as well. It’s like leaving a light on, to let them know the world is still there.

French lab scientists working on potentially infected patient samples at the Pasteur Institute in Paris in February.

This week’s wrap isn’t gonna focus on one particular individual, but rather, on the countless heroes around the world who are busy putting their knowledge, skills and passion to the ultimate test. Read this article from the New York Times if you can, because it focuses on the peeps who don’t get the pub they truly deserve. The scientists, from around the globe, who have forged an impenetrable alliance inside these tenuously political times.

“I never hear scientists — true scientists, good quality scientists — speak in terms of nationality,” said Dr. Francesco Perrone, who is leading a coronavirus clinical trial in Italy. “My nation, your nation. My language, your language. My geographic location, your geographic location. This is something that is really distant from true top-level scientists.”

That’s because patriotic ideals ain’t gonna save us now, or provide hope in the event another outbreak truly is on the horizon. But science will eventually find a way, because there are no walls or borders keeping it from its appointed task. See, these folks have a very different agenda. They’re not running for office or anointing themselves as patriots on some Op-Ed cable show and they don’t have a late night monologue with which they can introduce themselves. They answer not to one person, but to every person.

All of us.


116 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week

  1. Who would have thought that I’d ever speak of the Kardashians in a positive light, or at all for that matter. Good for Klhoe and Kylie and for all the other heroes doing more than what was ever expected on them each day. God bless them all.

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    • Yanno, I HAD to include this story. If only because this family is pure lampoon and yet, in this trying time, they’re stepping up. It’s very cool to see and it deserved some attention, I think.

      You’re right on, George. God bless them all.

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  2. A super episode, Marc. You have highlighted the real heroes today. Those on the front lines are the ones who deserve our thanks. I’m glad the Kardashians are involved and think the Cleveland Browns are terrific for giving up that revenue.

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  3. I’m so wrapped in this it’s even hard for me to comment. My respect for all the essential workers goes beyond sheer admiration.. To show up day after day, despite personal fears and they must have them, is humbling for the rest of us warm and safe inside our homes.

    New York has taken such a hit, yet I know she’ll prevail. Just look at the men and women holding her up and will continue to do so, till she can walk on her own again.

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  4. Bevin Strickland is a the top of the heap in this week’s edition. Sure, the Kardashians are doing good things with their money, but it’s just pocket lint to them. Ms. Strickland is putting her life on the line every moment she’s at Mt. Sinai, and is sucking up all of the loss and sadness that comes with treating these patients, some of whom will inevitably die. She is the hero of heroes.

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  5. Props to the Kardashians and the Browns in the same post probably hasn’t ever happened anywhere! Then again, you are a trendsetter. Props to the countless good stories coming out of these crazy times. Glad you enjoyed my submissions. Gotta love the commercial.

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  6. PS: I’ll start a draft thread for tonight here. In my mind, Bengals have two choices: LB or O-Line. There are 2 highly-rated OLs on the board, but only one LB … so they will probably go with WR … even worse RB!

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  7. B,

    Cheers to Frank and yes, to all the peeps on the front line who are not giving up.

    Way to go Browns. Every penny counts towards the fight.

    I am awestruck that Kardashians have made the Heroes post in any way, shape or form. I mean, in the days of the Zeroes and Heroes, I could have expected it, but now? Bravo to you for sharing their good deeds. Pocket-lint or not, they are still giving.

    Bevin…. Oh my goodness, Bevin Strickland! Not only does she put herself front and centre she’s donating her earnings? Not anytime soon but when her time comes waaaay in the future, she’s got a one-way ticket, no detours to the holy land.

    Such a simple act to bring so much joy. Way to go Jeanna Barbieri. Beautiful soul is she, as well.

    Scientists over the world, working together. As it should always be. Never mind who gets the paper published. Reminds me of that movie I mentioned to you not that long ago with Mathew Modine, “And the Band Played On” regarding AIDS. Can you imagine if politics stayed out of the race to find cures for well, anything and everything?

    I get why you weren’t feeling this post and give YOU kudos for pushing through. Thank you for that, B.


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    • Q,

      Big cheers to that whole gang. No kidding!

      The Browns new old duds are so ugly they’re cool. It reminds me of the seventies, when colors didn’t give a fuck about who they offended, LOL.

      The Kardashians could have done nothing and nobody would have been the least bit surprised. But they did something. Something positive. So I ask myself, who ARE we as a society that will tear someone down in an instant but be hesitant to give them props where it is deserved? Oh yes . we’d have a certain someone leading us.

      Bevin is indeed a saint on earth. It’s THE story that compelled me to get this puppy done. What an amazing person she is.

      Jeanna’s small thing, it just kept getting bigger and bigger.

      What? Ya mean . . if there was NO politics involved in this stuff? Well . . .. but wait! That would mean humanity was served to its best possible outcome! That’s just insanity right there.

      The news cycle sucked. What can I say? When the highlight is your President advising peeps to take a shot of Lysol . . I mean . . Jesus!

      Thanks Q-licious.


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      • Yep. To the whole kit and caboodle that make up the heroes day after day, week after week and as we are seeing, month after month.

        You have a point there! Love it.

        Absolutely. And here’s the funny thing. It doesn’t even feel like a Kardashian move, to wit: They didn’t do it for the exposure. At least I don’t feel it. (And I wouldn’t call that certain someone a leader by any means.)

        Bevin is. And I am glad she is the one who compelled you to push on through.

        Such a great thing, though. So props to her.

        I know. Whatever was I thinking?

        There will be weeks like that. As for the Lysol, I can’t even make a right proper comment. I mean, this is the age when people were ingesting Tide Pods, FFS… And that’s without a president suggesting you do so…

        You betcha, B-Marvellous!

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        • I really thought about making it one story. About science and the people who are racing for a cure. But then Ms Strickland happened and that settled the matter. I’d have stories if I wanted to look.

          Right? LOL

          Whatever the reason, the good deed was done. It’s like with Ballmer’s 25 million dollar donation. Peeps are like, he’s a billionaire. Okay . . so that’s it. We just graded something with a positive impact as D minus work . . because he’s a billionaire? What?

          She most certainly did.

          Big props. The little lady has the right kind of game.

          It happens, LOL

          So now we have a Lysol cocktail mixer before the Tide Pod apps make the scene. If nothing else, we’ll be clean as all get out for the coroner.


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          • And that wouldn’t have been a bad thing… and say you had, then you would have put Ms. Strickland front and centre next week.

            Seriously! Retro is back in!

            Which is wrong on so many levels. I remember when my BIL used to comment about Oprah’s donations saying they didn’t even come from her. Hello? She made it happen. Why you gotta diss the good?

            Mmm hmm.

            She does.

            Humanity 😉

            Buahahaha!!! Don’t advertise it! Bloody hell…


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          • Absolutely. You know, there really is no bad way to go about giving out props to human beings. And the thing about it? It’s rejuvenating.

            Retro should always be in, you know what I’ saying. We have the same basic style approach.

            Right! Oprah could have done bupkis and it would have been just another day. After all, the woman has Stevie Wonder and Barack on speed dial. If it were me, I’d be on the phone with them like . . all day! Eating Cheetos and doing my toenails.

            Uh huh!

            Really, seriously and truly.

            Humanity must win. The creatures we share our digs with must also win. We can BOTH win. To think otherwise is lazy and detrimental.


            You go girl!


  8. I hate how we have managed to make even a world-wide pandemic a political thing, because once that happens, people just choose sides and close their hearts and minds to any other perspective. So thank you so much for showing us what true heroes look like, and how we can find them even in the unlikeliest of places!

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    • Ann,

      We need to listen, beyond the noise of these power brokers who simply want to position themselves for the next election.

      Compassion and understanding matter more than ever.

      Thank you for the comment.

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  9. Duuude that picture is going to be etched in everyone’s memory. Healthcare workers are rocking it. And that picture for patients that is so great! Because believe me when your grandparent, parent, or sick relative is in care and you can’t see them, and they can’t see you and they don’t know why? Dude. A picture is something they can hold onto and sometimes it’s the little things that keep you hanging on. Plus the scientists working behind the scenes! Man! They are in it together for everyone:) well done bud! Sending you some sunshine and waves and hope you’re doing good!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cali is officially in da house . . . .

      Hey mama, you’re right. That picture comes back at me with “Why?”. As in, why do some people insist on making the rules all about them? Especially when the stakes are this high?

      Meanwhile, the peeps on the front lines, like Bevin and Jeanna, they just keep bringing it. Their example should be enough to set us all straight. And as for the scientists, what can you say other than that we owe them a debt of gratitude that will never be repaid.

      Hope you and the young uns are doing well, mama.

      PS- Three episodes down on The Wire and thank you! It’s fantastic. Love McNulty and the rag tag unit he’s working with from the basement.

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      • Bevin and Barbieri are examples of the thousands that work behind masks. Night shift day shifts, they are part of the whole dynamic. And that picture right there, that’s one of those that will be looked upon incredulously for years. The person that took that pic captured a lot of people’s sentiment. High five to the photographer for highlighting humanity and it’s failure at the same time … courage, strength, and ignorance, selfishness.

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        • And HIGH FIVE to you for getting to it! McNulty be cracking me up. And Lester! Dude he’s the man 🙂 the whole cast of characters are awesome. Such a well written show! Glad you’re on the road 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          • Duuuuuuude I saw Bubbles at the beach a few years back and introduced myself and said how awe I thought he was on the show and what a great character that was! Ha! It was a good moment for me 🙂 he was so nice about it 🙂

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          • Get OUT! That is so cool! Yeah I love his character. I’m eight episodes in and plan on finishing season one in the next couple days. After which Imma treat it like a twice weekly TV fix so I don’t blow through it too fast. I want to savor. It’s SO good!

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        • There is not a whit of sense to the people who pretend they’re following in the footsteps of Jefferson by endangering other people. This cable news patriots should busy themselves by taking notes on what the real patriots- service people and medical personnel- are doing right now.


  10. Whether you felt it or not, it’s a worthy heroes post!
    I can’t stand the whole Kardashian deal, but I do like what they are doing to help. It’s about time!!!
    Yay, for scientists, and yay for you for doing the post.
    I miss Frank, and it’s nice to see him here and there on other’s blogs!
    Be well!

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    • The Heroes . . . they just happen. They are everywhere these days.

      As for the Kardashians, I just felt it was kinda cool to have a story . . a positive one that involved them. Because it’s like, if they can bring it on the plus side, plenty of good is still possible.

      Frank will be back. I just feel it. We do need him back.

      You be well too Resa. Be safe.

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  11. quite inspiring – thanks for getting to the post even if not feeling it….
    and side note. did I read correct that you are watching the wire?
    I started last year but did not get hooked. maybe I will try again at some point


    • Prior,

      Apologies for not replying to this. It was in spam!

      Yes, I finished season one of The Wire last week. Imma milk it now, maybe one or two episodes a week so I don’t fly through it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes / pacing can be good
        Although I love times of immersion too.
        I watched the French show called “spiral” and did too much at once
        – felt like crap!
        Mentally and physically
        So pacing can be great – and I keep a yoga strap handy for some hamstring stretches

        And not sure why but a while back a lot of my comments kept getting spammed

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