I Stream in Technicolor

I was thinking of posting one of those “How To Watch . . .” pieces for you in reference to my current streaming crushes, and then I remembered something. I hate those fucking pieces. So instead, I’ll call this short little trip “What to Watch Before you Die!”. Which is some seriously dramatic sounding shit come to think of it, so never mind on that one.

Let’s just call this list, Stream a Little Stream or A Big Streaming Bowl of Shows! or Stream Weaver or Stream On or . . . okay, I’ll stick with the title I came in on and just get to dishing up this month’s fare.

Unorthodox- It’s the first Netflix series to be primarily in Yiddish. This four episode miniseries follows nineteen year old Jewish woman Esty, who decides that Ultra-Orthodox life just ain’t for her. So she flees to Berlin. And while I’m not completely enthralled after one episode, it has a “chase flick” feel to it, what with the community elders ready to send their posse after her.

Goliath- I must’ve bypassed this Billy Bob Thornton show on Amazon Prime a thousand times, seeing as how it’s stuck to my main screen. Welp, I’m glad I finally decided to check it out because it’s snarky and smart and Billy Bob knows how to play down and out genius like few others. Double B is a lawyer who no longer needs to pass the bar, so he hangs out in one instead. And then along comes a huge enchilada of a case that will pit him against the platinum revolver law firm that ditched his ass. What’s not to love?

WACO- This miniseries appeared on something called the Paramount Network a couple years ago, but it has caught fire since being picked up by Netflix. I devoured the six episodes in no time flat, because nothing grabs my attention quite like a bunch of gun toting Jesus cultists holed up in a Texas compound. The performances- including Michael Shannon as an FBI negotiator- are great, but I warn you . . if you aren’t up on this fifty one day siege, read up before you watch. The ending marks one of the darkest days in the history of the US government.

Narcos: Mexico- Another show I came in on late, but just in time. As a huge fan of the original show, which followed the rise of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar in Colombia . . I didn’t give Mexico much chance of matching it and I was right. It surpasses the original. Diego Luna plays Felix “El Padrino” Gallardo, the former boss of the Guadalajara Cartel, to such stone cold perfection, he’d make Michael Corleone shiver in his three piece. When did Netflix become this kind of money?

Tiger King- Okay . . so who didn’t check this one out?

Hunters- Comic book shtick writing, seventies fashion and Nazi hunters? How could I go wrong? Well, the show gave me the time release answer to this question. Because in spite of a solid cast and coo soundtrack . . the ending pissed me off so much that I have to move on to the next show.

The Wire- Best one last, and of course it follows my MO in that I came to this show late. As in more than a decade after its last episode aired late. And you know what? That’s okay, because to see a baby faced Michael B Jordan was worth it right there. This show is first ballot Hall of Fame, pulled from the front pages and police logs stuff, with writing that is second to nothing else I’ve seen. There’s really little need to give any more props to a show many consider the greatest ever made. So Imma get back to watching instead.


46 thoughts on “I Stream in Technicolor

  1. B,

    Hmmm… wonder who gave you the idea to watch the first two. Like you, The first episode of Unorthodox left me wanting… wanting to see where this will go.

    Goliath – Ya baby! Course, I am busy watching Fargo (seems we both come to some shoes late, eh?) so I’m very down with watching more Billy Bob!

    WACO, I was hesitant and on the fence but you have just pushed me off to the side of watch.

    Narcos – in the days of Mick would definitely have been watched. I shall see…

    Tiger King. No. Unless I am desperate to watch something and have seen everything else 😉

    Hunters – That damn show had me so pissed off at the end I am not even going to give season 2 a chance. How’s that for pissed?

    The Wire – It’s so funny. When this played on “regular” TV, I was intrigued, then forgot about it, then heard it was so good I was cursing myself for not having watched. I will figure out this bloody decoder. Or find a way to catch the first episode somewhere!

    Great list and right proper tune to wrap it up with.


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    • Q,

      You don’t wonder . . you know.

      Fargo the series was a most pleasant surprise. I haven’t seen the latest season, which I was really looking forward to. But alas, in the age of binge, it gets got sooner than later anyways.

      Yeah, it’s excellent in terms of the acting. But if you’re a fan of happy endings, this ain’t your stop.

      Diego Luna has taken his rightful place among crime boss actors. Dude is perfect for the role.

      Desperate and Tiger King go together like peanut butter and bananas. What? You thought I was gonna say jelly?

      Hunters is . . well . . no . . I just can’t. And for me to bag season two, it says something.

      Me too. It was one of those I just never watched after the initial hmmm. And as you said, it’s plenty okay, seeing as how I get to enjoy the cast of characters, including Elba, who make this thing Hall of Fame worthy.


      Gracias Q


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      • I do.

        It is most enjoyable. I’ll let ya know when I’m on the last season. 😉 Age of binge has so many options!

        Well… Methinks most peeps know how that ended!

        Now I’m ever more intrigued.

        Peanut butter and banana is my breakfast more than often.

        No. I dunno. I just can’t see myself watching season 2 of Hunters. I see no logic in its continuation.

        Dammit! Now I really have to find at least episode one somewhere as that POS converter doohickey gave me something Polish – while it had an intriguing beginning was NOT what it said it was. They show Elba, they indicate episode 1 of Season 1 of the Wire… But press play and huh?


        De Narco, Marco.

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        • The first season of Fargo is the best one. I do believe there was another good one in the two I saw after. But the first one stands out.

          It’s a great combo. Ever do a grilled pb and j and added a banana to it?

          It lost me with that “cliffhanger”.

          That’s okay because you’re gonna get it sooner or later and then, like me, you’ll just be okay with catching up later too.



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  2. My wife is the avid show watcher. I know Hunters is the only one on this list, so neither of us has watched Tiger King! We’ve been watching Better Call Saul. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to wonder if Joe Pecci returns with a review.

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  3. I loved your titles and your mini-reviews, Marc. I haven’t seen any of these. See I only watch TV for ah hour and ten minutes a day. That would be 47 of a recorded show and thirteen minutes of news. Never enough time. Thanks for the recommendations and I have to wonder what could have pissed both you and Dale so much. (Don’t tell me I don’t want to spoil it for others. Me? I’ll never see it. Thanks again.

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    • You and Frank have checked in on that one, to the tune of No Huay Jose! (Exotic). And good for you guys, because it’s not likely to be one of those shows that sticks to the ribs. Upset stomach? Yes, it gifts you that much.

      The Brits and murder mysteries, yes! They know how to pen em!

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  4. I thought Unorthodox was very good, though the story has been changed a bit as is pretty common in the movie making business. That Satmar Hasidic community is pretty extreme but it was interesting to see how they conduct their lives and how poorly they treat women.
    Waco is on my list to start this week and Tiger King, well, what can one say about that train wreck. You don’t want to continue watching but you can’t turn away
    Yes, the ending of Hunters was a bit over the edge. It had so much of Tarantino in that show and I knew Hoffman was not who he said he was but come on, that last scene? That ruined it for me.

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    • Watched the second episode last night and you’re right, it is very good. And of course you can always count on the movie business to take their leisure with the truth, huh?

      What drew me to Waco, on top of the fact that I’ve read a ton on it, is that Michael Shannon is in it. He’s very subdued, excellent turn by him.

      Tiger King is like fast food, LOL


      Yes, it really did have that Tarantino flourish to it. Shame they had to end it that way.

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  5. I really enjoyed Narcos: Mexico!
    The only other one I’ve seen is The Wire. I haven’t seen all episodes, so maybe I’ll pick it up. I originally watched because an actor I worked with is in it… Wood Harris. He played Jimi Hendrix in a movie I did the costumes for.

    The song is wonderful!

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  6. I haven’t seen any of them, but wanted to try Goliath & Narcos. All other looks kinda boring…
    I’m usually watching British series or Wales/ or Australian. If there’re none – action like “into the Badlands”, at least guys knows how to kick some asses there

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    • If you’re into that kind of stuff RNB? You will crush on them big time.

      You’re an ass kicker yourself, so maybe Imma have to check it out. 😉


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