Heroes Of The Week

Brief Synopsis for Marvel's SHE-HULK Series Teases the Involvement ...

So it seems we are getting ever closer to whatever it is we’re supposed to become on the flip side of our collective house arrest. As far as normalcy goes, I’ll know we’ve achieved it when I see Dr Fauci hosting his own talk show . . .

As for the news of the week? The NFL draft shattered all kinds of records seeing as how it was the first live ‘sporting event’ since the Oscars. Speaking of sporting events, Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari’s impending divorce will be coming to a cable show near you. Oh, and North Korea is busy going “Weekend at Bernies” on the rest of the world, because the thought of losing Kim Jong Un would just be too much for us to take right . . um, now.

Thankfully, we got heroes . . .

Jay Leno Produces 3D-Printed Masks For First Responders ...

I already knew that former Tonight Show host Jay Leno was a car freak, but I didn’t realize he had plenty of heart to go along with all that horse power. Leno has been devoting his garage to another kind of work this month: He’s got a couple 3-D printers working round the clock, producing clear plastic shields for health care workers. He delivers them to local fire departments, who then disperse them to first responders and hospital workers.

“It’s great to feel like you’re part of something and sort of helping out—not just having food delivered every five minutes.” He says.

All this time later and the dude is still killing it.

BC Boy Turns Lemons into Laughter

And while we’re on the subject of late night talk show hosts, I got some future stock you might want to invest in. The kid’s name is Callaghan McLaughlin and he’s six years old, so he’s already got the jump on a great name and plenty of years with which to hone his craft. Which he’s been doing ever since the quarantine went into effect.

In lieu of lemonade, this six year old kid has set up a joke stand at the end of his driveway in Saanich, British Columbia. He charges nada for the jokes, because he wants his friends and neighbors to save their money for the important stuff. But I mean, what’s more important than a sense of humor these days? So it’s really cool that Ryan Reynolds took notice recently, and sent some props and attention his way. Because when life hands you a lemonade stand, you might as well make sunshine.

No photo description available.

With traveling having taken an extended hiatus this spring, there were plenty of petal pilgrims who missed out on the legendary tulip fields in the Netherlands. So in order to give those would be travelers their flowery fix, the peeps at Dutch Daffodils (a family owned flower farm) and Tulips in Holland (a travel blog) teamed up to create something beautiful. The above image is what they came up with. So when you look up the term ‘labor of love’ in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure that’s the pic that accompanies it.

This High School Principal Turned To Art To Celebrate Her ...

The lovely Dale over at A Dalectable Life chimes in with the story of a high school principal in Graceville, Florida who came up with an ingenuous way to celebrate her senior class. Since Farica West wasn’t going to be able to deliver up a graduation for these kids, she decided to do the next best social distancing thing. Yep, she lined the driveway of the Poplar Springs High School campus with each graduating student’s photograph in order to commemorate their big day.

“I don’t think she could’ve done it any more perfect, it’s a wonderful idea and very thoughtful,” said one senior student Peyton Brannan. “Instead of remembering I didn’t get the end to the senior year I wanted, they’ll remember my picture was right there and my grandma saw it, and my dad saw it, and my mom saw it. I got my picture made by my banner and they’ll bring back a smile to their face instead of an empty spot,”

It’s a best case scenario to an unfortunate situation, made possible with some creativity and a whole lot of heart and soul.

Woman 'showing kindness still exists' after 8 family members die ...

If you’re looking for an adrenaline shot that helps chase away some of the gloom and doom we’ve been living through, Imma give you Shana Jones. Because her story is about getting knocked down, time and time and time again, and getting up each and every time. It’s about how the human spirit is the tallest edifice known to humankind, and its deepest ocean.

Because it’s easy to look at all the things you do not get to do and have and experience. That’s the easy part. But to just take a moment to be thankful for what you do have? And then, to give something back, from a well that life has bled dry? Well, that’s how memorable stories get told. And Shana . . she has one alright.

The woman’s life has been its own personal ground zero since COVID-19 began its horrible reign stateside. Jones has lost an aunt and uncle, as well as four cousins, a close family friend and a church member who was like a second mother to Jones. Eight souls, stolen away from her by this merciless thing.

Plenty of people would have locked the door and thrown away the key to the outside world, but not this woman. Instead, she began setting up shop for her friends and neighbors outside of her residence: A couple tables stocked with canned goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, cereal and toilet paper. People were free to take what they needed, at no cost. And Jones did this out of her own pocket, in spite of the fact she has Lupus, and can’t work because of the risk factor involved in doing so.

And then the angels, they began warming up in the bullpen for Shana Jones. Whispers became talk became community involvement, and before long, her tables were being stocked with goods by people from the neighborhood . . and all over St. Louis. When her spirits ebbed, these small reminders prevailed upon her to meet every morning with the best she could muster. The thank you notes she receives, they helped too.

“Every time I get a note,” Jones said, “I feel that the angel of one of my family members or friends is saying, ‘Well done.'”

Amen to that.


62 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week

  1. B,

    I gotta start by the end because that Alicia Keys song had me in tears. What a beautiful thing to do for all those people out there, putting themselves on the line for the rest of us (you included – don’t bother. I’m not listening.)

    I like that: whatever we are supposed to become. Dr. Fauci deserves SOMETHING.

    And, right, the world would be “shattered” at finding out the truth about Kim Jong Un.

    Jay Leno – not only is he a car freak, he actually knows how they work and was able to help the “poor” motorist – a lovely thing. Way lovelier is his making the plastic shields. He always did come across as a good guy, didn’t he?

    Callaghan McLaughlin has the perfect name for comedy, dontcha think? What a great idea. The kid is going places, I tells ya.

    What a beautiful sight those millions of tulips are. That had to take some doing

    Glad you liked the High School story. I thought it was a sweet thing for Ms West to do. There are a couple of graduates in my family who are bummed, even though they understand, that they won’t have their prom (at this time, this is the situation but who knows what lies ahead?)

    People like Shana Jones are a breed apart. True angels on earth. They go through hell, walk on coals and still find love to give. And by their generosity, bring it out in others. A true inspiration. What a beautiful soul.

    Amen, you say? AMEN!


    Liked by 2 people

    • Q,

      First of all, this is nuts. I replied to this comment and sooooo . .thanks WP!

      The Alicia Keys video was IT. I was all set to post a non-music video when I came upon her song and was like. . . SOLD! There wasn’t going to be a second choice after listening to it.

      Imma be watching Dr Fauci . . on YouTube of course But it still counts, right?

      I think we should be let down slowly, so it doesn’t come as a complete shock to our system that the fat bastard . . . I mean the Supreme Leader, is gone from the world. Like, maybe say he went to the great big fat camp in the sky or something . . .

      Leno was one of the good guys in an industry that tends to produce assholes in bunches. Just saying.

      Now if this kid were to put on a traveling show, it would be gangbusters.

      LOTS of doing, I would say. It really was a beautiful thing those peeps did.

      Principal West made the very best of a sad situation for her kids. It’s that kind of outside the box thinking that makes kids remember their educators. She was out front on this and it’s really great to see how well received it was, because it definitely put the idea out there for other schools.

      Shana Jones makes you wanna say to hell with social distancing and just give her a hug, doesn’t she?

      And can I get a Hallelujah!


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      • You know what? I thought I HAD seen a response… I said to myself it was too late to answer and then might have done the unthinkable and accidentally trashed it! Please accept my apologies.

        That video definitely was IT. Kudos to her for writing it for this song during this time.

        YouTube definitely counts.

        Who knew we would have such fragile sensibilities?

        Yes, he was – always a class act, I felt.

        He’d have quite the following!


        I shared this post on FB, as I always do, and one of the people sent it on to her grandson to show he was not alone in not graduating. Such a simple idea she had and gave back big.

        Oh my gosh! Absolutely. She deserves a huge hug!


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        • Imma stick to blaming WP. You’re too lovely to blame.

          So well done. A song with such heart and soul for the people who exhibit so much of it on a daily basis.

          YouTube covers it all. Everything. If I were to make a cursory observation of my current history, it includes David Koresh, Cuban rap, Sam the Cooking Guy, police car chases and classic 80’s cereal commercials. Yep . .

          Not I.

          Me too. His ‘war’ with Letterman was more about his agent bum rushing the execs at NBC to move on her man. Leno just wanted to work, he’s a workaholic.

          No kidding. Hey! YouTube!

          And LOTS.

          Right? Yes, I do believe that with all the sharing of her video, other schools might have even caught on.

          She really does.

          Now you’re cooking!

          Liked by 1 person

          • You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.


            It does! And you of all peeps should know 😉

            Me neither.

            Yeah. I never bought that whole “war” thing.

            Haha! Callaghan, they are calling you!


            I think it should! A relatively easy thing to do.

            🥰🤗 (loving hug)

            And you KNOW I love to cook!

            Liked by 1 person

          • You talk sweetly.

            I know all too well. My algo has zero rhythm when it comes to the fucking thing. I’ve got so many different searches going on there, you would never be able to find a pattern LOL

            Me either. Leno wanted to work and Letterman wanted the brand. The former was aloof and the latter was miserable, but the enmity was overstated. Sure Letterman held it against Leno, but he would have held it against anyone who stood in his way.

            Seriously. The boy would be a star.

            So beautiful though.

            Bunches of em.

            Talk about a YouTube star! 😉

            Liked by 1 person

          • For those who deserve it.

            Buahaha! No kidding! They are wondering who this guy is flipping left, right and centre.

            So childish. They had different audiences. And yes, Letterman would have.

            He would!

            Very beautiful.

            Oh now who’s the sweet talker. 😘

            Liked by 1 person

          • An extra 😘 for that one

            They wouldn’t have any idea how to take me, LOL.

            Totally different audiences. I was a Letterman watcher at the time, because I thought his NBC show was revolutionary. But Leno was the prototypical comedian on television. He worked clean and smart, wrote novels worth of material and appealed to the masses. Letterman was definitely more of the fringe.

            It’s cool to see kids get surprised in a positive way these days.

            Well, I do have some experience. 😘

            Liked by 1 person

          • 😘

            No, they wouldn’t! Just like you like it.

            Exactomundo. Two different hosts, two different audiences.

            It is!

            Must be why you’re so smoove 😘

            Liked by 1 person

          • 😘😘

            Hey, I ain’t trying. It’s just the natural crazy quilt of my brain doing things the way it does things. I swear it.

            I think it was the same way with both Stern and Letterman, who I loved when they were at NBC. Because back then, they were original in a very in your face kind of way. Very anti-every kind of establishment with no definable boundaries. And as time went on, they did become mainstream and for me at least, the thrill was gone.

            G’ on girl!

            Liked by 1 person

          • 😘😘

            I know it! And that crazy quilt is a wonderful thing.

            All these original and ‘out there’ things have their day then peter out.

            I tell ya… No foolin’

            Liked by 1 person

          • 😘😘

            To think, at one time I had a collection of more than two hundred quilts. Oh . . you mean MY crazy quilt brain. Welp, that’s a whole nother collection.

            Ain’t that the truth?

            None at all . .

            Liked by 1 person

          • I’ve but a scant few at this point. The price of divorce, not to mention the downsizing that happens as a result. No complaints though. I mean, what was I doing with all that stuff? And don’t get me started on the soda machines and baseball cards and coke memorabilia and old bibles and . . .

            I love the word grand. It always feel so much like a celebration.


            Liked by 1 person

          • Ah yes… the price of divorce. Man am I ever glad my divorce was so amicable and easy, I did the paperwork myself and we split our shit like two old friends.
            That said, I had a collector – a Coca Cola collector, as you know… Don’t get ME started on the soda machines, the big-ass button, the clocks, the trays… ugh.

            Right? It just seemed appropriate here 😉


            Liked by 1 person

          • So was mine, but only because there was much given. But for what it’s worth, I was plenty fine with that. Anything that spares drama and increases peace of mind is okay by me.

            Oh the trays . . . WHY?!! I had a fascination once. But when I came upon one a few years back, in pristine condition no less, I had to ask myself that question. Why?

            It was . . .


            Liked by 1 person

          • And that is a wonderful thing. Acrimony and bitterness serves no purpose; especially in your case as there were children involved. Much has to be given (one hopes from both sides) for peace of mind to be achieved.

            Lord have mercy. We had nine clocks – NINE! that after a flood, all the packaging had been damaged, losing most of their value, as you know. So… why not put the fuckers up? Ever six months I spent half an hour changing the clocks! The trays, well, I dig trays but wasn’t allowed to use them so… why? WHY? 😉

            I’m glad.


            Liked by 1 person

          • No it doesn’t. Even if it’s easier said than done for some couples once they get to that stage.

            The kids were always the most important thing. As it should be.

            Bahahahaha! The clocks thing is hilarious, as is the deal with the trays. I mean, I understand this too well. To have this ‘collection’ in a room and that’s it. No using them, not having them placed around me. Nope.

            Me two


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          • Of course it is not easy. It takes effort. After all, they are now picking up the pieces to what they thought once, was unbreakable.

            They have to be. And they also have to be assured and reassured that none of the breakup has to do with them. That is no easy feat.

            Yeah. G’head. Laugh. That bloody collection took over our basement! And I STILL find some of the crap – uh, I mean collectibles!

            We are just so agreable…


            Liked by 1 person

          • It’s funny how humans perceive things as being unbreakable. When in reality, everything is fragile.

            Most important thing, no kidding. They took it very hard because in their eyes, mommy and daddy were so happy and good together. It was a very difficult time.

            Collectibles! Bahaha! Yes, I remember those collectibles all too well. Hell, I wish I hadn’t!

            Ain’t we?



  2. Such a super post this week, Pilgrim. You whacked it out of the living room and into a bunch of hearts all over the country. These are the little stories that add up to one great place to live. You have to admire each of thee folks for what they want to give rather than take. Thanks for letting us know and thanks to Dale for the high school story. My grandson’s school is doing the same kind of thing. They are also having each student privately walk across the stage and be videotaped receiving their diploma. All these individual shots will be put together into a virtual graduation ceremony with speakers and everything. Amazing.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. There are no great things, only small things with great love. Happy are those, said Mother Teresa.

    I’m into random acts of kindness that are quiet rather than loud. Humble more than showy.
    I love the kid telling the jokes since, humor should be free.

    And recovering from loss, to get up and start again, is no easy feat. I know all about it. So does Dale, And I’m sure you do too Marc.

    I sound gloomy, but it’s more that I’m greatly moved. Susannah

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Well, I didn’t think anything would top Callaghan. I just love the idea of a joke stand. I need him on my street. Maybe one day a week???

    But, then you ended with Shana Jones and the community spirit that developed behind her efforts. That’s … well, I’m not going to deny that the tear ducts started just a bit with that one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know right? Maybe we can fly him out here. I’ll pay for his eastern seaboard leg. Throw in some dinner for the traveling.

      But Shana Jones, I mean my God man. This woman . .don’t you just want to hug her? I realize it’s against the social distancing rules, but so what.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Man, that video has me looking for the nearest box of tissues. Whew!

    Then you make me laugh with this: “Kim Jong Long Gone Un“ Well how perfect is that?

    Love all the stories this week, but I’m totally tickled with the joke stand. It’s what we all need now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Great piece by Keyes, no doubt about i t.

      Hey, this whole Kim Jong Un thing reached parody status when his peeps put out a letter written by him as proof. Alls I can guess is that next up, they’re going to signal all is well with black smoke.

      We DO need a joke stand! Maybe the kid travels . . .

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  6. With tears in my eyes I am stunned by this week’s heroes. Leno…you da man, dude. And the ‘graduation parade’ brought a big smile to my heart (my grandson is bemoaning his college graduation walk so I’ll send this to him to brighten his spirit) and Miss Jones…the girl is totally an angel on earth. Such compassion, such selfless, amazing compassion for her neighbors. 💖Thanks for reaffirming the belief that not everyone in this country is a self-absorbed narcissistic bozo.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Monika, I knew I could count on you for the straight shot for realz reply. And you always supply it.

      My daughter’s college graduation has been pushed to the fall, and yes, she’s bummed too. Thankfully there are educators such as Ms West who figure out a way. Good for her. And especially for all the kids.

      Leno is a mensch, isn’t he?

      Miss Jones. She needs a hug. I know it’s a social distancing no-no, but she needs a hug.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Jay Leno – really is a “stand-up” guy. He came to a local auction at my neighbors, who like Jay accumulated a large collection of classic autos. He was gracious and kind to all the ogles and fanboying going on. Walked out with a few classics as well.

    Faceguards – We have local 12-year-old twins doing the same thing with 3-D printers for area healthcare/1st responders. 12-year-olds! I sewed a few face masks and thought, wow look at me…not. 😂

    Callaghan McLaugh!lin – Laughter truly is the best medicine.

    Tulips – always make me smile and this was perfect!

    Shana Jones – just, Wow!

    Thanks for finding and sharing these heroes with us! We all need the feels at a time like this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Elllllaaaaaa!!!

      It’s like I said, this Jay Leno guy, he’s a real mensch, yanno? Very cool story.

      Hahaha! Well, we all have our thing. And good for the young uns, being all constructive like that. I really think that’s the smartest thing you could do for kids. Give them that kind of positive outlet so they can make their difference. It alleviates a lot of fears and confusion, tell you what.

      And the name. Gotta love the name. Kid has a future in the biz if he so chooses.

      Wasn’t it something how they scaped that?

      I love that woman. She is a saint on earth.

      Thank YOU, Ms Cedar Oak Farms. And if I decide to start up a food blog, you would’t mind if I reblog your recipes, would you? I’ll make sure to provide peeps with a link to your main site as well.

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