Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Edition of Heroes

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Although I last posted in early February, I haven’t written a blog post since January – let alone put something together on the fly. Then again, the tales of The Painted Lady are the exception.

This past Wednesday evening, Marc invited me to write this Heroes edition. How in the hell is a guy who hasn’t written in so long supposed to write something in place of the host who can write better than most of us on his first draft while asleep?

For full disclosure, I submitted so many heroes for this week, I promoted an idea to Marc for an all-Frank edition of heroes. Unforeseen by me, he turned the tables on me by returning the pile to my lap – and Imma not a talkin’ hemorrhoid piles from sitting on my keister.

What do you get when a newspaper delivery guy, a mailman, and a lady in a Subaru meet a property manager for a meal outside a restaurant that isn’t open because of COVID-19? Yep – the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot edition of Heroes.

My peeps who remember me know that I firmly believe the majority of the world is good. Oh yes – plenty of assholes exist, including the regular ass hats that find their way into the daily news. But the good of the world’s majority is the light of humanity.

Bruno Serato of Anaheim CA is a celebrity chef, restaurant owner, and long-time giver. Since coming to America with $200 in his pocket, he is a self-made success story. He has achieved more acclaim for his long history of feeding unprivileged kids than his highly successful restaurant. Unfortunately, in 2017 a fire destroyed his restaurant – but he kept giving. COVID-19 has pushed him close to bankruptcy, but he keeps on giving meals to the needy because it is his true passion. Watch this short video for yourself.


Kyle West is my local connection – a 23-year-old mail carrier in Cincinnati, Ohio. On his daily route of 400 customers, he smiles and talks to them. With COVID-19 changing people’s lives, Kyle included a personal note in each stack of mail. “If you are at risk and need help getting essential items, let me know. I will do what I can to help. Sincerely, Mailman Kyle.” The number of requests surprised him and he surprised them all with action. Here’s a short report from a local television station.


Greg Dailey delivers newspapers to home subscribers in his central New Jersey town. A subscriber requested he toss the paper closer to the house. He obliged, then an idea came to him – so (like Mailman Kyle) he wrote a note and included it in the paper. “I would like to offer my service free of charge to anyone who needs groceries.” People called – then more people – customers and noncustomers – and he did what he offered. Watch this short video.


Larry Connor owns a company in nearby Dayton, Ohio. The Connor Group owns and manages luxury apartments around the country. Two of Connor Group’s core values are doing the right thing and the belief that people count. Larry’s success has made him a shit-pot full of money. COVID-19‘s economic impact on people has been profound, yet Larry has made more money on the stock market. He thought about the money and the economic situation. Then called a Zoom meeting of employees – and yes – gave it away. Check out the short video.


Mary’s story is not directly related to COVID-19, but it is about goodness. While distraught from the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Mary Latham and a friend decided to collect stories about good deeds and post them on a website. Her mother’s illness suddenly turned for the worse. That day she also received a story about a person who lost both parents – then her mother died within two weeks – and that’s when she decided to drive around the country collecting stories about goodness that she would put together into a book to be placed in hospital waiting rooms. Three years later, she returned home from her journey with her stories about that goodness that she knew was out there. But she also returned with many surprises – the goodness that people did for her. Here’s the story I first learned about Mary, plus a short video made during her journey.


Keep smiling, have a good week, and thanks for reading. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

49 thoughts on “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Edition of Heroes

    • quiall,
      Congratulations on being the first comment for me here. I absolutely agree that good people are around us. So much. I expand the view as the majority of people in the world is good. Cheers to the good people!

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  1. Good morning Frank,

    Lovely to see you here. Love how you’ve let your hair down and modified your language 😉

    Bruno Serato is a fabulous guy – sorry, could not upload the video nor find anything newer than three years old on him to share with those in my boat.

    Mailman Kyle is as sweet as they come!

    Greg Dailey is another peach of a guy! Here’s a video for those who can’t watch yours https://youtu.be/dC-r1ffA3UY

    Wowowow! Larry Connor is no regular CEO. To make money during this period is amazing in itself – I ain’t doing so well, myself; but to then give it to his employees? All? What a beautiful thing.

    I am not sad you included a non-COVID story, to be honest, and this Mary Latham one is a beauty. Boy, to be able to take the time like that? So cool.

    Lovely choice of video to cap YOUR Heroes!


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    • Merril,

      Good seeing you here today. An impromptu post that Marc sprung on me, but hey – it was fun to do and see some of my aFa friends!

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  2. What a great surprise, Frank. It is so good seeing your words here. Yes, Pilgrim is the master but you are a very able intern. These were all terrific stories of those who truly care about others. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot indeed. Thanks for this Frank.

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  3. You and Imma are two tricky dudes. Frankly, Frank, this made me cry a bit, so much humanity on one page. For every asshole out there, there are dozens of poignant people with their hands clasped together. I love…. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot …makes me want to get up and dance.
    I would have gotten here eventually since, I never miss a HEROES post.

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  4. Cincy,

    Bravisimo, good man! I leave for a couple days and rest assured, I got my peeps at the ready to provide the blog with plenty of juice. Q on Wednesdays, with her second to none captures and then you today with a Heroes home run.

    I’ll be back in a little while to give some more thoughts, I just had to hop on quickly and say muchas gracias and atta boy!

    Wally Pipp

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    • Marc,
      Thanks for the props. Glad to the pinch hitter … in my day, Jerry Lynch was the best. Time moved on, then came Manny Mota. Although rushed, it was fun to do – but it cost me Beach Walk Reflections time (which is in progressing well.)

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      • Now pinch hitting . . . for the Dodgers . . . Manny . . Mota! I do remember good old Manny. Not an easy gig, pinch hitting.

        It didn’t feel nor read as such, so you must be the WP version of Manny.

        As for this reflection, a new post? A new blog?

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        • Jerry Lynch was before your time, but oh my … a great pinch hitter.

          I my final post I mentioned Beach Walk Reflections as a possibility. That was written in the pre-COVID era – but this time was given a chance to get way ahead of my initial timeline. I’m cranking posts – at this post about 105 are ready for final edits. Still aiming for October.

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    • Eilene,
      Good seeing you. Hope all is well in Colorado. I had fun with this, although the short notice created momentary panic. Fortunately, these heroes are the ones that I submitted to Marc for the week, and (fortunately again) he still had the links. There simply a lot of goodness out there that goes unnoticed or only gets minor attention. Then again, we would be able to write about it if someone didn’t notice. Stay safe out there!

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    • Peter,
      Thank you for the kind words. As a stand-in here at Sorryless, I don’t recall ever meeting. Are you a regular here? Where are you located?


    • Thank you for your location. I loved my brief encounter with Scotland! Unfortunately, we didn’t stop in Glasgow. In terms of government, yes – we feel each other’s pain.

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  5. Welcome back, Frank…always good to see you dishing up the goodies. Bravo to Bruno and the other Heroes. Seeing stories like the ones you shared brings tears to my eyes, but at least their tears of joy rather than ones of despair I too often shed in these dark days. Well done, Cincinnati, very well done! Hope you are staying well.

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  6. Monica,
    I knew it was a matter of time before you would arrive. Great seeing you here … and I remember that you found me through here. 🙂 Perhaps the best thing about these abnormal crazy times is all the good stories. Plus, in general, I think people are actually friendlier because they are relaxed. 🙂


  7. Well done post with a nice Frank angle on the heroes

    Nice to read you and it didn’t seem
    Like you were rusty at all!

    Glad you are still around


  8. Nice “Heroes” post, Frank!
    I had no idea you would be here, nonetheless I have found you.
    I’ve been enjoying the heroes posts here. Interesting how Sorryless has these guest posts, guests who write their own.
    I caught onto the Dale posts, and I’m thrilled to read this one by you!

    Hey, if you have leftover murals pics, and feel like doing a post on GLAM, let me know!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Resa,
      Thank you … and good seeing you. I didn’t know you visited here.

      As I mentioned, this post wasn’t in my plans, but was happy to pitch in. Most of the people here didn’t know I was going to appear, and I didn’t publicize it.

      I don’t think I have any more murals pics because I focused on cleaning out the blog closet. Maybe I will just go out sometime for a few pics to send you way.

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  9. Victoria,
    Thanks for stopping by for my substitute effort. Regardless of what we see and hear on the news, there is a lot of good in the world.


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