82 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Was nature showing off, or what? Look at that shade of pink. It reminds me of pretty summer dresses, parasols and cotton candy. Easter baskets, bonnets and pink lemonade. All that said…

    Madam Lens does it again. 🙂

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  2. The top of the window looks like a crown for the bloom

    I zoom with a colleague every other week and she has a clock on the wall and when she sits below it – the top of the clock looks like a crown – and you pic reminded me of her.
    Oh and love the pink variation in this bloom

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    • Oh, it does, doesn’t it? (Albeit a rather dull crown 😉 ) I cropped out the top of the house as it was just too distracting and couldn’t make the window disappear. Now I’m glad I didn’t.
      It is so pretty. I have a picture with white ones and I know there is a house somewhere not too far that has the yellow variety – if I could just remember where the darn thing it…

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  3. Q

    The explosion looks very much like a torch, reaching deep inside to cull that magnificent flame whose burst is nature’s shout. And it’s the reason why words so often fail to elicit the same reaction as a single image. Because sometimes, there is no comparison.

    This is so lovely, as per the usual with you . . .


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    • Oh wow. That must be spectacular! Mission for you (if it needs to be next season, so be it) – we poor, unfortunate folk need to see that.
      And thank you. So gad you like!

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