42 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Q

    I wonder why they don’t call them Dandy Lions? Or maybe they used to call em that and then shortened the name and changed it slightly. And why have they gotten such a bad reputation over time? I realize we’re supposed to loathe them, but I think it’s because peeps today have too much time on their hands and are looking for something to complain about.

    There’s no complaining about your photog skills though. They are superb, as per.


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    • B,

      They should be. Course, the name comes from “dents de lions” or “teeth of lions” so maybe that’s why 😉 They should not have a bad rep at all. The complete plant is edible, not to mention you can make wine from it. And, most importantly, they are bees’ first food in the spring. They should be revered rather than reviled…

      I do thank you, kind sir. Glad my hours of lying amongst them inspired me to actually take their picture.


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      • See? I betcha that’s what they were called at one time.

        They do though. I had neighbors who were like Nazis when it came to these little buggers. Which is why I never socialized with my neighbors.

        I’ve had homemade dandelion wine and from my own experience, I can say they’re much prettier to look at than to indulge in.

        What a difference a couple letters make, huh? Revered to reviled . . .

        Another beautiful Wednesday

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    • Yanno, Frank, I was stuck for THREE hours waiting for the vet outside the clinic. There is only so much people watching you can do. As I was sitting amongst them, I figured, why not. I’m sure the couple across the street from me (who arrived at the same time as I) were wondering what the hell I was doing, lying on my stomach with my phone!
      Glad you liked.

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