The Rebecca Hall Invitational

Iron Man 3 - Rebecca Hall interview: 'This is a whole new world ...

It’s been so hot lately . . . How hot has it been Marco? . .  It’s been so hot lately that Trump’s hair has been deemed a fire hazard, the Miami Heat are being asked to change their name and the Sun is suing us for copyright infringement.

So with the thermostat impersonating an NBA score, I figured on dishing up a hot plate of purr. The mistress of ceremonies, Rebecca Hall, was kind enough to lend us her feminine wiles for the occasion. She is my latest hostess for this semi-ish annual event. And don’t you worry because Vera will be returning for a fall special.

wallpapers for image rebecca hall in high res | Rebecca hall, Hall ...

Rebecca Hall- Why wouldn’t we start things off with this gal? She’s uber talented, she’s got the smile, the resume, the height (she feels tall, okay?) and the British accent. And that’s just the starters on this stunner, who can rock any hair style whilst playing spy games with your most particular senses. She can play nice or naughty, and she brings the funk to a rock and roll song that gets written every time she walks in the room. That’s called checking all the boxes.

Scarlett Johansson: Her Sexiest Films

Scarlett Johansson- Perhaps at no time in the history of sexy has a name fit the face the way these two fit each other. And I am still wondering why NYC hasn’t given this dame a key to the city . . for having been born there. I mean, what’s in the water? Because they really should bottle that stuff and issue an IPO, stat! Better yet, name her Queen of New York. She can live in Madison Square Garden since there ain’t nothing going on in that joint anyways.

Logan Browning

Logan Browning- Keep those eyes away from me, because they will force me under . . to a place I’ll never want to leave. She is dynamite, all squared up with some place to go. She’s the girl next door that you give a key to just in case she needed to borrow anything at all. And she plays shy with that look, but you know she understands her powers full well. Those eyes . . . they do not play fair.

Maribel Verdú, protagonista de Sin Rodeos: "Me niego a ...

Maribel Verdu- She could pass for Rebecca Hall’s sexy sister, but every time I see her I think of a Spanish Chrissie Hynde, singing songs of love to me. Don’t get me wrong (Had to), because Maribel earned this spot all by her Queen Bee self. She combines elegance, confidence and beauty in her inimitably timeless way. She doesn’t just rise to the occasion, she is the occasion.

Stana Katic – HawtCelebs

Stana Katic- Oh Stana, how far we’ve come from those days when I would bypass you when it came time for another Invitational. It wasn’t your fault you reminded me of an old flame in every conceivable way- most notably, how you come off as God’s gift. But then came your work in Absentia, where you slummed it as Special Agent Emily Byrne. You were so damned good that you forced me to overlook the fact that you were a lying, cheating bad girl who loved her drink too much . . just like my ex. Is that the definition of hurts so good?

Maria Taylor - ESPN Press Room U.S.

Maria Taylor- When it comes to college football, Georgia knows its business. But it’s beauties like Taylor that give the state its shine. The most beautiful sound I ever heard (on ESPN)? Maria . . of course. She stands out on the four letter, because she doesn’t have a schtick. She’s all business and she knows her stuff, and I hope she goes elsewhere some day seeing as how I no longer have cable.

Delilah' Comedy Pilot Starring Jessica Rothe From Sharon Horgan ...

Jessica Rothe- If you combine beauty, a smart ass personality and acting chops . . that’s the triple crown skill set that gets you to the Invitational. Rothe’s got it, and here’s my prediction of the week . . drum roll, por favor. She’s gonna win an Oscar some day. I just know it.

I can’t top an Oscar prediction, so I ain’t gonna try. Instead I’ll just ask you to keep it safe as we trudge through these dog days of summer. And sorry if I raised the temperature in here, but hey . . I was working off a script that is as old as Aphrodite, and every bit as powerful.

Stay sexy.





60 thoughts on “The Rebecca Hall Invitational

  1. Some real notables here for sure, Marco. As usual your observational skills are mad, mad, mad! And for the record Ms. Hall is tall, clocking in at 5’10.” Have always been a fan of that Canadian beauty, Stana Katic recalling her days she played Kate Beckett in Castle for years. While coming in at a mere 5’3″ lady Scarlett still is tall in looks and acting cred with 2 Oscar nods and is the highest paid female in the biz over the past couple of years. Another well done invitational.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mad skillz! I’ll take it Monika! LOL

      I knew it! She just has that way about her, really she does. Canada does make some beauties, huh? Oh Stana . . . yanno I never watched it because I thought she came across as super conceited? I mean, it probably was personal for me, I dunno.

      And she always nabs such interesting roles to boot.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Really like wee Scarlett. Always makes interesting movie choices, including filming in Glasgow a few years back. Sun’s just come out here too. First time in weeks. Keep it up my man, cheers

    Liked by 1 person

  3. B-Marco,

    I gotta tell ya, you have A-1 taste in women. I can definitely see the why of Rebecca Hall hosting this event. I am sure Vera approves.

    Scarlett Johansson deserves her own invitational. The woman is a brilliant, beautiful actress (wait, do we say actor now?) who is not afraid to play different roles. No box for this gorgeous gal.

    Logan’s eyes… My gawd. I think she could make ME do anything!

    Maribel really could be Rebecca’s cousin 😉

    Stana is definitely a Canadian beauty. Glad you were able to see past her resemblance 😉

    Maria does bring the real to ESPN, doesn’t she?

    And I didn’t know Jessica Rothe… Oscar material, eh? Well, I shall keep my eyes peeled.

    Outstanding invitational, Marco. You do know how to pick ’em. And yanno, ZZ could have been a contender as well as the perfect musical choice!


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well, now I’m sitting here all dressed up and nowhere to go. Your invitational set a very high bar which may require heading out to the low bar. Outstanding talent, Marc. I enjoyed the ZZ Ward video as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Stana … And more Stana is enough for me in this batch of beauties … Heard she’s fluent in something like 5 languages. Beauty and brains.

    Liked by 1 person

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