46 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thank you. Zeke and I were late to catch the actual sun setting but caught a few images that pleased me!

      Shalom and Lotsa colourful love,



  1. I second everything my two predecessors said. It’s a great reminder that, despite what’s going on, there’s still lots of beauty to be had, and nature, let’s face it, is our best teacher.

    I love how the tree leans in, as if she’s craning her branches to get a closer view. You captured that perfectly, her attendance, the sunset probably someone she knows well.

    Keep snapping Dale, since I can also speak for my predecessors along with who will come a callin after me, you uplift us all.


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    • Thank you, Susannah. We finally had a break in the stinking heat and humidity (I wish you guys get it soon) so Zeke and I decided to walk along the river. This little park had people scattered all over, just enjoying it.

      I had to include the tree! I’m sure she looks forward to it daily.

      I will. Fear not. My little bit to uplift. 😊


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  2. Q

    Further proof that nature is irascible in its ability to produce snapshots that defy the imagination. Like, how do the clouds appear as if cotton swabs dabbed in red paint . . . from a mere reflection? It wouldn’t seem possible and yet nature pulls this kind of thing off on the regular.

    And the water so serene, as if it has succumbed to the hypnotic effects of the sky and is settling in now for a good night’s sleep.

    So beautifully done, as per.


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