Heroes Of The Week!- Convention Edition

4 Leadership Lessons from Captain America - AIESEC

Firstly, a big thank you to the beauty from Boucherville and the Cincinnati Kid for their heroic gets over the last couple of Friday episodes. I tried getting Vera Farmiga to fill in for this week, but her husband still won’t let me talk to her. Fucking guy!

So as the ‘Convention Edition’, I have no thoughts to impart on the blue party bash seeing as how I didn’t tune in. The only political story I read this week concerned Cardi B imploring Alexandria Cortez to run for President. Which means Cardi ain’t been paying much attention to what happens when you let a reality television star run the country. And for the record, I was the first to nominate Kamala Harris in this post. If it happened to inspire Joe’s decision, well . . you’re welcome America.

And now here’s the lineup . . .

NBA fires photographer Bill Baptist over offensive meme on Kamala ...

May the ghost of the late, great Glenn Frey forgive me for bogarting his double barreled classic of a line . . but Imma start on the cheating side of town with this first story.

Bill Baptist is a professional shutterbug out of Houston who has worked with the hometown Rockets for more than thirty years. Which is a pretty cool gig when you consider how he’s rubbed elbows with NBA royalty: From Clyde Drexler, Robert Horry and Charles Barkley to Yao Ming, Kenny Smith and Hakeem Olajuwon. Baptist lost his cool club credentials over a recent Facebook post in which he referred to Kamala Harris as a ‘Ho’. After which he apologized (of course) and insisted the post “does not reflect my personal views at all”. This is the first rule of online fight club: Never admit you meant what you meant.

A quick shout out to Houston Astros pitcher Zack Greinke. The Hall of Fame bound righty ain’t hiding in the sign stealing shadows of his band mates when he can have some fun with it instead. In a recent game against the Giants, he called out the pitch he was throwing, and still dominated. That’s some pretty cool old school if you ask me.

Ohio newlyweds turned their canceled reception into an act of service by donating their reception food to a local women's shelter.

Tyler and Melanie Tapajna of Parma, Ohio had planned on a kick-ass wedding reception replete with DJ, catering and one hundred and fifty of their closest peeps. And then COVID happened. Undeterred, the couple decided to donate the food that would have been served at the reception to Laura’s Home, a local women and children’s shelter.

“It was really either have the big wedding or donate the food,” Melanie Tapajna said. “We were actually kind of excited I think more about donating the food than being stressed during the wedding.”

There’s lots of good feeling takeaways to this story, from the decision to donate the food, to the caterer they used- Betty’s Bomb Ass Burgers- to how they showed up in their matrimonial swag to dish up their donation. And hell, I don’t have to condone marriage in order to wish these kids all the best.

And a double edged dagger of dumb to Eric Trump for tweeting about how “terrible” the DNC was. Why the hell was he watching the DNC in the first place? Is Duck Dynasty on hiatus? And not for nothing but the twitterati that went after ET can pipe down too. He’s a putz, we get it. Y’all are giving him exactly what he wanted by spending the night trashing him.

Officer Erika Urrea of the Lodi Police Department in California’s Central Valley, is a YouTube star. Not because she can toss back a dozen hot wings inside a minute or flip a water bottle and nail the landing. Nope, she’s a viral vixen for having fulfilled her job requirements of protecting and serving. In this instance, she was coming to the rescue of a sixty six year old man whose wheelchair had gotten stuck on railroad tracks. Urrea spotted the man and pulled him to safety moments before the train would’ve crushed him. And this morning, she ain’t getting a ticker tape parade. Instead, Urrea will get up and do it all over again. So to her, and to all those heroes in uniform who show up every single day, I say thank you.

Shout out to the San Diego Padres, who will only use cardboard cutouts of friends and family members at their home games. While most clubs are charging a fee for the cutouts- to which most if not all net proceeds go to charity- the Padres are keeping it in the family. I’m always dubious of clubs and leagues that get involved in social matters, because let’s face it, they ain’t got room to be playing pious. Good for the Padres in keeping things simple.

Fifteen year old Joseph Beer has two things going for him: A great last name, and an even greater sense of pride in his community. So it was that while on a walk with his mother, the kid noticed how his neighborhood’s aesthetics were leaving a little to be desired as a result of the lock down; from dirty street signs to overgrown shrubs. Beer got to stepping, scrubbing signs and trimming hedges just about every day. One neighbor was so impressed with his efforts that she set up a Go Fund Me page that has raised almost 1,000 pounds for him thus far. Mister Rogers would be proud.

A giant nea to Mike Lindell, founder and CEO of My Pillow, for going on CNN to spout nonsense about olenandrin as a miracle drug for COVID-19 patients. And an equally giant yea boss! to Anderson Cooper for calling Lindell on his shit. He pointed out how Lindell has a financial stake in the company and compared him to a “snake oil salesman”. Love it, AC.

Perspective is something I talk about often. And man, I’ve summoned it up more times than I care to remember over the past six months as we continue on inside this retrofitted existence as the result of COVID-19. And then I find a story that learns me a lesson, with dance moves to boot.

There’s never been a sense of normalcy for little Blake Sheffer. He was born prematurely and shortly thereafter began experiencing seizures that resulted in him spending too much time in the ICU at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. When he was just a newborn, his mother Lauren found him laying motionless in his bassinet. He was diagnosed with Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT), which is a condition that causes him to have an abnormally fast heart rate. As if all of that wasn’t enough, little Blake also has a blood disorder which must be monitored regularly.

In his one year on this earth, the team at Children’s Healthcare has saved his life twice. And this amazing team has become an extension of a little boy’s life in the process. Because in spite of it all, the kid is a social butterfly who loves laughter and music, and dancing too.

When Quanda Riles heard about the little guy, she just had to fill out her dance card and partner up with him. The Environmental Services Technician at Children’s knows adversity first hand, as she suffers from a severe case of glaucoma which will one day take her eyesight. In the now, these two have formed a simpatico whose daily promise involves music and dance moves, and it’s inside the moments they bring to life where we can find perspective. A humbling reminder not to waste time being wistful about the things you miss.

Be thankful for the things you have.







37 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!- Convention Edition

  1. Damn … So much here I get the impression you’ve been collecting for several weeks. Hmmm …

    Regarding Houston photographer and others like him – such what recently happened I. My city – admit you screwed up, shut up, and take the consequences. Not sure which I like more – Mr. Beer or the wedding couple. Well done sir … Thanks for the grins and glad to help. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for Omar’s 40th.

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  2. B,

    Firstly, Yay! You’re back! I know I am not alone in having missed you! Secondly: Thank you for entrusting me (and Frank, of course) with your Heroes posts – you have big shoes to fill and, I’ll speak for me, I am honoured to have been asked. Those of your fans who stuck around even when they saw it wasn’t you made me feel so welcome.

    Convention, eh? Cardi B is out to lunch. And yes, you did nominate Kamala – excellent foresight on your part.

    Baptist – I’m gonna say this right here – has the proper last name, dontcha think? What an ass. Of course he apologized. Isn’t it just grand when you can say what you mean and then pretend you didn’t mean it? Asswad.

    Wow to Greinke! Calling out his pitch? I can’t imagine that really makes things all that much easier but still.

    Lemme tell you. Melanie and Tyler Tapajna are starting off their married life in a beautiful way. Condone marriage or not (Dude, some work out yanno) I’ve a feeling these two are gonna make it – their generosity being a grand sign of good hearts.

    Why are we giving ET extra coverage?

    Hats off to Erika Urrea. We can thank the Universe for putting her in the right place at the right time but we can thank her for her quick actions that saved that man from a most gruesome death.

    If they are going to use the stupid cuardboard cutouts, might as well make them of friends and family. Makes more sense.

    Not many fifteen-year-olds would even notice the community looking ragged around the edges, never mind actually do something about it. I love that the neighbour noticed and started up the Go Fund Me page to help him in his endeavours. Community can be such a beautiful thing.

    Way to go Anderson for calling out Lindell.

    And. Good Gawd, Man. You tryin’ ta kill me on this last story? You know I had my own bout at a Children’s hospital for not even eight months. The staff make all the difference. As a parent, you are already dealing with shit you can’t imagine so when the staff – no matter who it is – steps up and brings this type of joy? Priceless. This little Blake has a good chance with his upbeat attitude. At the very least, he will bring light and joy to all those in his presence. And yes, inside those little moments, we are humbly reminded not to waste time. I know I try not to.

    Lawzy, did you miss MY blathering?

    Beautiful musical choice, of course.


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    • Q

      And a wonderful job was done in my absence, which is appreciated very, very much by yours truly.

      Cardi is casting her vote for Venezuela, I can only assume.

      That’s the American way these days. “I would like to apologize if I offended everyone . . ” Rinse and repeat.

      Greinke is a very different cat, and he gets it. Some of his teammates are really pressing, but he’s cool as the other side of the pillow.

      Their union has a chance for sure. But it’s the deed that floored me. How special it was, to think beyond their adversity and to positively impact others.

      I think the Twitterati annoys me more than ET. I mean, who cares people?

      THAT was the definition of close call! The video is so much more effective, seeing how close that man came to dying.

      And really, the cut outs are incorrect. Not a single person on their phone!

      That kid is special. I mean, I wouldn’t notice things like that NOW!

      And Lindell is just the latest ass hat who brings religion into the mix, and in the process shows what a hypocrite he is.

      Little Blake is shining his light on so many lives. God bless all the peeps involved in this story.

      Haha! It’s great!

      Gracias as per lovely.


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      • So very glad you thought so. It mattered to me that you were pleased with it.


        It’s not just American, though maybe more prevalent…

        I love that: cool as the other side of the pillow.

        Seriously. Such a beautiful thing to do.

        Yes. The Twitterati have become such a pain in the ass.

        That was nuts! I was holding my breath, even though I knew she saved him…

        Again… Buahaha! You’re so right.

        He is special.

        I hate when they bring religion into it.

        He is. Such a Smiley Joe despite all he’s gone through (or maybe because of it).

        Phew! So glad…


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        • And the movie choice, I was wondering where you got that idea from. 😉

          It’s the way of the world, howzzat?

          It was a phrase used by a sportscaster back in the day and it has a certain stick to your ribs quality to it, I think.

          The kids get it.

          I am exhibiting allergy symptoms to all the social media nonsense. It’s amazing what happens when you remove yourself and then come back to it and go, “N’uh uh, this can’t be how adulting is done!”

          The video possessed suspense even though you know what happens.

          They can paste those into em.

          For sure.

          They always do. Because it’s the only time you don’t need actual proof.

          And a dancer to boot.


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  3. Welcome back, Pilgrim. I hope your away time was good time. Your buds did you proud. Great stories today. That wheelchair incident was heartstopping. It looks like the chair was toast it was so close. Loved the Cardiac tech and her empathy. That was some video. Mike Lindell is another made it big dipshit. He should stick to pillows. Gotta love Tyler and Melanie Tapajna. They have started their married life off right. Thanks for this week and I think Vera’s husband is a pretty smart fellow.

    Liked by 2 people

    • It was time well spent, thank you.

      Yes, I got by quite nicely with a little help from my friends, didn’t I?

      The video, wow right?

      And yes, another video that takes your breath away. This one for a different reason altogether, and a beautiful one.

      Lindell reminds me of Dan Cathy the CEO of Chick-fil-A, who should just keep his mouth shut and churn out a winning product.

      May the newlyweds live happily ever after. And well fed. Both.

      Hey, you can’t blame a boy for trying. 😉

      Thanks Sheriff.

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  4. This panDAMNic is harshing a lot of good vibes and yet you managed to dish up a serious dish of feel good. Bravo! ET is such a fool which clearly seems hereditary. Having watched the DNC (mostly out of curiosity to see how they’d handle it), I can honestly say I was brought to tears with 13-year old Brayden Harrington’s speech about his stuttering and how Biden took time to talk to him about it and share his own experience growing up. What a feel good moment if ever there was one in yet another week of hell. https://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2020-53858819

    If it makes you feel better I’m guessing ‘Mr. Farmiga’ is a clown.

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    • The heck with the PanDAMNic, I say!

      It runs in the family, doesn’t it? Ugh.

      I’ll have to check out that speech now. Big thank you for the 411 on that one, Monika.

      In all seriousness, they’re probably really happy together. I hope so. 🙂

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  5. Welcome back, good sir!! Another fine edition in your feel good Fridays.

    It’s amazing to me seeing the sheer crapfest coming from the right-wing. The Houston photographer is just the proverbial tip of a very large iceberg. It’s like they simply cannot stop themselves from displaying their racism, sexism and all-around-horrible-ism.

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  6. Wow, this is a real blowdown! Missed you, though your subs were magnificent stand-ins. Hope you had a nice break.

    That train rescue vid had me shaking. Whoa.

    That’s the right geht way to do a Covid wedding for sure.

    We do need reminding about the world’s zeros, too, because they can inspire use to do better. (Not that it’s too hard in some cases) Also that we need to make up for all they lack.

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    • Yes, I got by quite nicely with a little help from my friends over the fortnight away.

      The video . . . yes, it does make me shake as well. When you hear the train bearing down and then she is able to push him to safety with moments to spare . . .

      Something tells me these kids are going to be alright.

      A little zero knowledge can go a long way, I like to think

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  7. WELCOME BACK! And well done, as usual. Could use more news that drives away the blues. And though I follow I have to seek you out. And not time to read everyone I want all the time these days…. What’s A Dude to do? Anyway, great work, and apropos to nothing, may I refer to you as The Divine Mr. M?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Dude.

      I like your style. It’s best to be as unattached as possible when it comes to social media. Small doses, much better.

      The Divine Mr. M, huh? I ain’t gonna say no to that.


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