45 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Q

    It’s almost (exactly) as if this plant has just finished primping and shaking loose any nervous energy before the shutter gets to stepping on it, and then it exclaims . . “Alright, Miss Q, I am ready for my close up,”. And just like that line I just done stole from Sunset Boulevard, this capture of yours is a true classic.


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  2. What a neat shot, Thunder! I like it lots!!!!!!
    Makes me feel like watering my plants! Kidding… in a goofy mood (what else is new)
    Actually, makes me feel like drawing more flower Art Gowns. I’ve done 5 so far.

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      • The half dead gave it more texture at that range. It’s really neat,Dale.
        So yeah, 5… still going, need to draw a villain, and PBH will need a new outfit, and I’m attempting to draw Rebecca Budd (Clan Mother) as an Art Director type.
        Nonetheless, I have a basic story line for a 3 or 4 episode adventure. ⚡️💥
        Remind me…is your tree the Apple tree?
        I wanted to work your magic tree into this story.

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