On Life After Blogging

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A Frank Angle was my little corner of the world for 11+ years – a place that was my pride and joy – a place where I met many kind people from all over the world – and some of those would develop into wonderful cyber-friendships. In early Fall 2019, I announced I would end the run – then in early February 2020, and after an orchestrated departure, I posted for the last time. Time has told me that I need to bend your ear a little about that time and the time that followed. Maybe this is my way of saying I still feel it.

To say the period around the closing was very emotional would be an understatement. The combination of tears and pride was more than I ever imagined. Words cannot describe my appreciation for the kindness showered upon me. So much so, I feel it still today.

The way I closed turned out to be important and confirmed what I believed at the time. When ending a blog, closure is important for both the readers and the host. My readers respected me and were sad to see me go, but they understood. In my eyes, I owed them closure. Although I can’t speak for the readers, my gut says my plan succeeded.

I also needed closure. In a way, I looked at it as a funeral – but not one of sadness, but one of a celebration of life. Besides being emotional, the ending series was also fun. Several days later, a sense of calm and relief came upon me. Yes, I had no worries of visiting or writing to my self-imposed deadlines and visits while being proud of my accomplishments.

My readers gave me a sense of worth, pride, and accomplishment – a feeling that I won’t forget – so I visited many of them shortly thereafter. Not for every post, but enough to show my respect and appreciation for them.

If you ever close a blog, readers will want to know if the blog will remain visible, I chose to, but also understand taking it down. However, I think back to another blog who suddenly announced her last post, then it was gone. She provided no closure for me or her most-loyal readers – let alone a vanishing cyber-footprint.

Since then, my life has been interesting. By being released from my self-imposed obligation of visiting others from my shoulders, I began to relax from blogging while still snooping around. I still visited others, but it was on my terms.

By mid-March, life with COVID-19 changed everyone’s life. For me, no more blog to maintain – no ballroom dance – no handbell choir – no dinner with friends – no working at the golf course – no volunteer ushering at plays – no evenings at a restaurant. Life focused on walking several times a day and watching streaming services – but the writing was still important to me.

In the final post, and to the surprise of many, I mentioned the possibility of a new blog – Beach Walk Reflections. COVID-19 allowed me to write – and that I did. With 71 beach walks in the archives at A Frank Angle, I decided to rewrite all 71 of them. After all, the walks had evolved, so the earliest walks needed a lot of work. Plus, I already had prepared notes for many other walks, so I started the draft process on about another 50 walks. So during the first few months of the pandemic, I wrote. I guess that means I still feel it.

By late April, my golf course duties returned. Surprisingly, the golf business has been booming! Ballroom, handbells, ushering, and more are still in limbo. Summer remains a time for the outdoors, so my wife and I walk, golf, and play pickleball. We still watch our share of streaming shows. Therefore, my writing time decreased – and so did my blog visits. However, I’m still on target for a possible fall return to WordPress.

Because our travel plans vanished, we treated ourselves with some new items for our home – so I spent a lot of time researching online.  Life remains simple while limiting our normal social circles. This new normal sucks, but I accept my responsibilities in this pandemic.

I’ve written several posts as a guest blogger for Marc here at Sorryless – which is a good thing. He is also the reason why I approached him with this post. Plus, it’s been an opportunity to stay in touch with some good people. Then again, I feel it still.

In this post, I wanted to share some aspects of closing a blog, as well as providing an update of my life. Closing a blog is a personal decision, but I want bloggers to know what I did and experienced. I’m sure I could have written more, but I did this from memory – not notes. Although that may not be for everyone, there is something in this post for all bloggers. Besides, I feel it still.

48 thoughts on “On Life After Blogging

  1. Frank,
    I think you never wanted to really stop blogging but you wanted to change how you did it. With A Frank Angle you had a format, a structure that you had imposed on yourself.
    Starting a new bog with a whole different perspective is a fabulous idea. It will keep you fresh and connected.
    Looking forward to what’s next from you.

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  2. It’s good reading how things are going and have gone Frank. I’m cheered by the prospect if your return and certainly on your terms. This has to be a fun pastime so I hope you will be coming around bringing a smile at your leisure,! I’m looking forward to it!

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  3. As one of Frank’s readers, boy am I’m glad he still has it! His posts were always thought provoking and he assembled a batch of a thoughtful clever core of readers/commenters that set the stage for great connections. I for one, will look forward to reading those beach walk posts down the road. Blessings to you, Frank!

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  4. There are so many talking points here Mr Cincinnati but since we’ve talked on most of them already, I have to say, love the song and how it fits perfectly.

    Of course, I do have a question. Is there a blog comeback in your future?

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  5. Marc,

    Interestingly, the main focus of the post was about closing a blog … and I got zero comments or questions about it – most focused on the return. To answer your question – yes – at this time I foresee Beach Walk Reflections ramping up sometime in October. Some news I got today may be pushing it back to mid-to-late that month.


  6. I see you here on Sorryless quite often and this is a subject that has definitely crossed my mind. Not me, yet. But there have been others that are done and nothing. No closure and I’m like what happened? You coming back? What new adventure are you headed off to? And I wonder sometimes. So I enjoy when people leave final posts and if they continue somewhere else I follow down the line. That’s how I followed Marc here from somewhere else and I was glad he continued! I will have to check your beach walks 🙂 I love the beach but have had limited trips my way. Coronavirus has sidelined those outings. But glad you’re still writing 🙂 LOVE that song choice. My kids play it quite often 🙂


    • Guat,
      Marc and I have been connected for some time. Once I retired A Frank Angle, this is one of the places I still frequently visit. After all, he’s been very kind and supportive of me.

      Thanks for being the FIRST to comment about my thoughts about closing. It seems to has confirmed your thoughts and maybe giving you something to think about.

      As far as the beach walks blog, I’m hoping Marc will allow a promo post here once I open. As a sample, here’s one. https://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2019/12/22/on-a-beach-walk-66-communities/

      Hope you enjoy.

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      • I figured people would be asking you questions like that and I’d be a repeat. 🙂 It’s something that I run into every year or six months when someone decides to do something new. Glad you gave closure because I’m always left wondering and at times I visit the site months later and nothing. Wondered if so many just hated goodbyes or some emergency hit but realistically maybe it was just the goodbye. I guess it would be kind of painful to close and formally say goodbye. I understand a hiatus because of life and work and then a post explaining that but nothing? I wonder, but I still send them good vibes. Thanks for the link!

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        • First of all, sorry for the delayed response.

          I didn’t find closing to be painful. Emotion – yes! – but far from painful. It actually turned into being rewarding. I invite you to the entire closing series – (no obligation to do so). Here’s part I of 5 …. You can get to the others from here several ways.

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  7. Looking forward to your Beach Walks blog! I remember you saying you might do that. I wondered if COVID had interfered with that plan, as you can’t travel easily right now.
    However, it seems you would have a lot of posts to begin and run with.
    I figure the new blog would be called A Frank Beachwalk (for discussion sake) instead of A Frank Angle.
    So, why not archive the posts that are not beach walks? You can archive whatever posts you want, under A Frank Angle. Just an idea/suggestion.
    When I’m through with my GLAM blog, I’ll be archiving a lot of it.
    Cheers to you dear Frank, 🍷!
    I look forward to your new blog, where you won’t be confined by your old rules and deadlines.
    Just like a walk on the beach is refreshing, so should your new blog be.

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    • Resa,
      When I first came up with the idea, I was also thinking a podcast – so the name paralleled the podcast title. Then I decided that was too much work. However, I will market the podcast idea.

      The old site will remain up – so the new site will be a new look, and obviously a limited format. However, my name & gravatar will stay the same.

      COVID never messed with my plans. If anything, it helped it. I had fall as a target all along, but now focusing on a time based on what I can foresee happening. Stay tuned … plus I’ll be sending you an email with an idea. Thanks for the support!

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  8. Wonderful to see the passion of your excellent skills as a writer have been nurtured during lockdown Frank, and what better way to start than on your beach walks… Which will make a wonderful book ..
    And I am pleased you kept your blog and comments open even after you left for it gave many of us I know the opportunity of dropping in now and again to say hello and ask after you…
    And I thank you for your drop ins too Frank…

    Its a great time of change… So keep going with the flow Frank… and what ever you choose it will be the right choice..

    sending love and Well wishes .. Hugs your way
    Sue ❤

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    • Sue.
      Thanks for your support and encouragement. I have also pictured a book, but not sure who would buy it. Meanwhile, when the new blog opens, I will announcement with one more post on the old site. 🙂 I also have an idea, so I will contact you by email.

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  9. Hey Frank – enjoyed reading this and I think there are many potential takeaways for the wide variety of readers here at sorryless!
    And I did appreciate how you offered closure to your blog run- it was very thoughtful –
    And I can also understand why some folks pull the plug abruptly –
    I don’t think this was the case for you – but some folks get sucked into an abyss and maybe even have a drained addiction feeling and need to exit for health. I am reading a book right now called “Irresistible” and the author talks about the social media pulls and draws – and I ya e had to reign things back a few times here and there during my blog days
    But I see you as being disciplined with your goals and schedule
    — anyhow – to hear that you might come back and share this walk posts kind of reminds me of maybe a new phase – a new you and a way different approach to utltize the blogging platform.

    And so frank – best wishes with that.
    And Marc – have enjoyed the guest posts from the Angie of Frank !

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    • Yvette,

      Good to see you – so thanks for dropping by. Yes – there are many aspects within this post for commenting. Thanks for catching them! At least I’ve given you something to think about. Beach Walk Reflections will be a different from the previous blog. After all, a single-focus compared to eclectic nature of aFa. Stay tuned here to learn more when it will happen. At this point, I’m guessing mid October. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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    • Jo,
      Welcome to Marc’s place. I occasionally post here. I know you have been blogging for a long time, so I’m not surprised stopping has entered your mind. Hopefully this post has stimulated your thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

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