Annoyances Post #2021

On my old blog, Cayman Thorn used to post these quite frequently. I find that, as I get older, things don’t annoy me as much as they used to. Okay . . that’s a lie. They annoy me more, and the truth of the matter is that if I were to post every little thing that annoys me, I’d stop sleeping and just walk the earth . . like a broken down Forrest Gump.

So rather than give in to the bright side, here’s a shout out to CT and the good old days, when lockdowns referred to ski weekends.

Drink up.

  • More sports-speak that means absolutely nothing. During a recent MLB postseason telecast, the knows no better announcer giddily informed his audience that “George Springer has passed Babe Ruth for most postseason home runs!”. Lost in the translation was the small little detail that when Babe Ruth played, there were no divisions. The team with the best record in each league went straight to the World Series, so the max number of games you played was seven. Today, with three divisions and multiple layers of postseason series, you might end up playing twice as many games. But hey, data is data right?
  • How the auto-correct on my phone still doesn’t get me.


  • Why aren’t there two lines at Starbucks? This was a big question of mine before I stopped frequenting the place, but I’m sure it’s still an issue for peeps who simply want coffee, and not a science experiment that requires a degree in math. One line for straight up coffee and another line for overpriced desert drinks. It’s not that difficult, people!
  • People who yell out during a live musical performance. Because it’s probably as close to relevant as they’re ever going to get, but still . . shush up and let the professionals do their thing.
  • And while I’m on the subject of people who have no self awareness . . how’s about NOT putting your phone on speaker when you’re out in public? If you can’t hold your phone to your ear and walk at the same time? Then you shouldn’t go outside, ever again. And for those Bluetoothers out there who feel as if their conversation matters more than anybody else’s? The great Larry David has provided me with a solution to that . . .
  • Green lights are universally accepted as “Go”, so if you are having trouble with this meaning? See my answer to the previous question, por favor.
  • “Color Rush” uniforms
  • People who buy them

Product, Pink, Font, Snack,

  • Boom Chicka . . . meet Oh Hell No.
  • The “Who’s The G.O.A.T.” debates in sports. They’re perpetrated by sports talking heads who have to fill time, but they’re useless in theory.
  • Guy Fieri
  • Child actors
  • The number of people with “medical conditions” that supposedly prevent them from wearing masks is mind boggling. I have a medical condition that prevents me from being sympathetic to their plight. So yanno . . we’re even.
  • Seth Rogan movies
  • When I walk into a fast food restaurant and the person behind the counter asks if they can take my order before I’ve looked at the menu. I’m not a habitual offender, so a little patience please?
  • People who insist on eating food when it’s piping hot. And then complain about burning the roof of their mouth . . .
  • Commercials that think I’m watching them.
  • Block Editor. Once something annoys me, there’s no turning back. Imagine Edmond Dantes hopped up on mephedrone.
  • People who blame the media for everything. Listen, I ain’t a fan myself but don’t go blaming them for the death of civility.
  • Truthers

Welp, that’s enough hilarity for one sitting. Tune in next time when I apply the late hits to woke people, humble braggers and those among us who profess to being “the better person”.

How could you ask for anything more?

50 thoughts on “Annoyances Post #2021

  1. Rosé flavored popcorn?? Oh hell no doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    Yeah, trying to keep the annoyances to a minimum is becoming a full time job these days. Not sure if the panDAMNic is a contributing factor but suspect being cooped up in lockdown lite probably has contributed to my short fuse syndrome. Thank gawd for alcohol-a small benefit in a world full of aggravation and stupid peeps.

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  2. I’ve always been annoyed with sports announcers and typically games with the sound off. It’s gotten even worse in recent years, particularly with baseball. First, is the breathless play-by-play that turns ever pitch and every play into a make-or-break moment of historic proportions. Second, is all the mindless mumbo-jumbo of spin rate and exit velocity and … it’s just mind-numbing.

    Don’t get me started on autocorrect. Don’t get me started.

    It’s not just green lights, it’s driving through a parking lot, it’s making turns without using signals. It’s just the basic concept of paying attention while driving. I’m not sure why that has to be so difficult.

    Rose flavored kettle corn? How is that even possible? Who would eat that?

    Yeah, I’m pretty much done with GOAT conversations, too. Particularly with any that include Lebron in the conversation.

    Guy Fieri — yeah, his schtick has worn thing, hasn’t it? But he’s on every other show on the Food Network.

    The mask crap is just that crap. We are now learning just how many people, and exactly who they are, that don’t believe they have to care about their fellow citizens.

    Aaah, but that burn on the mouth is the gift that keeps giving for several days into the future.

    What bothers me more than the commercials are the people who are with me who think I’m paying attention to the commercials.

    I agree that the media is not the cause of everything, but, generally speaking, they have utterly failed in recent years at what their core mission should be.

    Truthers. QAnoners. Birthers. Anti-fa. Conspiracy theorists of every stripe. The list is like a long and winding road through the fever swamp of American deliriium.

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    • I don’t want “missed bats” and “win probability”. I just want the damn game is all. And with the likes of ESPN presiding (ruining), it bears little resemblance in the play by play.

      My auto-correct was a Quaker in a past life, because it won’t let me swear when I really really need to swear.

      Phones. The constant plugged in state that people are in has created a scenario that is dangerous at sixty MPH.

      It makes no Godly sense to me.

      Michael Jordan forever.

      I’m surprised they still call it the Food Network, actually.

      And I wonder where most of them get that idea . . .


      I have a friend who sends me commercials that are “cute” or “hilarious”. I can’t block her but I can threaten it at least.

      If you watch cable at night, it resembles an Oliver Stone flick from the early nineties. . .

      And where it ends, or wait a minute, does it?

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  3. Oh wow – a post like this stirs up different things in your readers — and the green lights brought me back to Florida – early 90s – first time we had folks not move when it was green!
    Oh and the lockdown meant ski weekend – nice
    Also – Starbucks should know better – should have four lanes so they can sugar up our country

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    • I’m a stirrer upper. I stir. Often. Gimme a drink, Imma stir.

      Florida hasn’t changed one bit!

      Yes it did. It was tradition . . a speeding ticket on the way up set the weekend up for some high jinks! 😉

      Thank you! That’s what I’m saying. I like your four lane highway idea, very much. Let’s peddle it to em. Maybe we’ll get some free java out of this.

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      • Yes – but not sure I want their free have – seriously – last time I had a cup of black coffee at Starbucks I felt so off – I really have to ha e organic coffee! and Aldis has some great organic ones –
        Anyhow – nice sorry less signature post and hope the speeding ticket is not too much moola

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          • Well I did not have a choice to get off sugar ! Sadly I could not rebuild my body terrain until I finally got it out of my life –
            So I am glad for that – I had immune system issues and the only way to fix it was no sugar – but I can have stevia ! And I can ha e fats and oils and lots of good food – oh and no dairy but Marc – once I’ve hated my eating and got used to a new mode –
            Never felt like I was missing out anymore

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          • It would be my pleasure – and anyone interested in rebuilding their terrain I usually say start with vitamins and mi real supplementing – you might already know a lot about that – but most folks ar chronically low on all minerals and so a good cal/may/zinc/D3 blend and a b complex – w whew we don’t store the b’s and Americans are also usually chronically low – and then enzymes – (like spark plugs for our body and help us absorb the minerals – anyhow -/ a mistake come make is to remove and abstain when it starts with first supporting the terrain – ok – enough Rambling from moi! Have a good night 💤

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  4. B,

    There are so many annoyances out there, aren’t there? You could make this a regular feature. Just sayin’.

    MY autocorrect has been properly trained. It knows when I type duck, I really mean “fuck” and it corrects it! How do you like them apples?

    You KNOW how I feel about the “Whooooooooo” yelled out at the pause in Hallelujah by k,d. lang by the broad sitting beside me. Made me with I had not invited her in the first place.

    I am with Larry – fucking cellphone users who think they are in their office with the door closed instead in the middle of a restaurant/store/park…

    Da fuck is a Colo(u)r Rush uniform?
    Or the G.O.A.T. debates. Nevermind, maybe ignorance is bliss.

    Why is Guy Not-Real-Name-Fieri still on the air?

    One of my favourites is people who are stopped at a red light and when the light turns green, put their turn signal on.. Dude. If you had announced you were turning, I’d NOT have placed myself behind you.

    Haven’t heard that song in ages!


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    • Q,

      Too many to name. Maybe.

      Well you do spend a lot of time at it, so I would think your AC finally threw up his hands and said, have at it, LOL.

      I am a little abrupt with that stuff, since I don’t think there’s any excuse for pulling out the “all about me” card in those instances.

      The world has become very narrow minded. Everyone thinks they are the story and everyone wants to hear it. Sad.

      Yes, never mind is a good idea on those counts.

      He sells, they love him. Like bacon cheeseburger sliders, it’s easy.

      They do it on purpose, I’m convinced.

      I love it.


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      • Possibly. Maybe naming them makes them less annoying? Yeah. No.

        Don’t you wish yours would? 😉

        There is no excuse… Talk about ruining a moment.

        It has. Everyone is so important. Not. I particularly like when you let them know and they act all “oh sorry, I didn’t realise I was so loud”… my ass you didn’t. Mind you, that is better than those that just ignore you.

        Guess I’ll consider myself lucky!

        He does. I am just done with him.

        I swear they do!

        It’s good stuff!

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  5. Never.

    Mine doesn’t have the reps. I’m an infrequent texter and usually get the person to call me or shaddup.

    Happens every time.

    Ignore? No . . that will not do. I usually just ignore them. Then again, it’s second nature to expect people are just on their phones, so I don’t even notice most of the time.

    I will wait to turn on my signal if I am behind someone who is slow moving, if there’s no one behind me. Thinking is, they won’t be able to block me.



  6. Only #2021?

    You must collect these like trading cards from bubble gum packages. “I’ll give you a green lighter for two of your…”

    Well, I don’t know about any of the sports or “personalities,” since that ain’t in my sphere, and WTF was somebody thinking to make rose-flavored anything other than wine?

    The conspiracy nabobs can make any sane person nuts. Really.

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  7. I was at a store yesterday, and a woman was having a meeting with her company’s HR department on her cell phone. Loudly, and on speaker phone. They were discussing personal data in front of the whole store! I was so tempted to stand next to her and say loudly, “did she tell you you are on speaker phone, and at least twenty other people can hear your every word?” I mean, what the heck?????

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  8. This made me smile, Dale. I don’t watch sports, ever, no exceptions…but all the other references rang so true! Obliviousness to others is a disease of our times. And I LOVE Larry David!

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    • Okay. First things first. How the hell did you end up here, Melanie? Marc told me there was a comment from some MELewis chick, thinking I had written the post. While I do the Wordless Wednesday post and occasionally sit in for a Heroes post here on Sorryless, I’m mostly a follower. I love that you ended up here, by the way, just curious as to the how! And if you keep coming back, you’ll be in a treat because Marc is a fantabulous writer (not always snarky, either 😉 )
      I feel you, though. Because most of these annoyances are mine as well. And I love Larry David, too!

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  9. I wish Starbucks had a “pastries only” line since the sole reason I ever go in one is to buy a scone, yet I get stuck behind all the exotic coffee orders.

    I think acquiring righteous annoyances and bitching about them (humorously, of course) is one of the few privileges of aging. Well done, looking forward to the next edition.

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