Too Early To Tell

Is there something happening tomorrow?

I kind of had the idea that Tuesday was going to be a big deal when the late, great Brett Favre dropped it like it was haute last week, mixing politics with sports in his endorsement of The Incumbent. It was ironic seeing as how Favre trashed the idea of mixing sports and politics when it wasn’t his guy. But that’s the kind of shit I’ve come to expect from too many people on too many sides in this day and age of unreason.

Still . . Tuesday isn’t ringing a bell, excepting maybe for Tacos®. But since I tend to reserve my taco intake for weekends, where it can be immersed in a sexy tango with adult beverages, Imma go nolo to that contender.

taco tuesday Memes & GIFs - Imgflip

Maybe it’s the fact that Tuesday is the busiest day of the week when it comes to job applications, seeing as how most applicants are properly recovered from their weekends. And it also happens to be the most productive day of the workweek since it sits peacefully between Monday and hump day, which are notoriously hung over. But this seems boring, and America hasn’t done boring since Jim Belushi left prime time television.

Devil’s Night was vanquished by All Saints Day, again. And there’s no tie breaking tilt on Tuesday, that I know of. And as a Halloween/Darth Vader/Yankees fan . . I’m pretty sure I would know.

Aimee Mann broke up with ‘Til Tuesday more than thirty years ago, so . . nope.

There’s no professional football on Tuesday, well . . except for this year when the Titans had to play on Tuesday because . . . COVID. There’s no college football on Tuesday because . . . COVID.

Fat Tuesday is wrought with melancholy, since it happened back inside the time before . . yanno. And Thin Tuesday doesn’t happen until December 26th, when we commit to losing all that holiday weight. After which we recommit to losing it on January 1st-ish.

Oh, wait . . wait! I got what all the fuss is really about! Are we actually having our Spaghetti Tuesday on a Tuesday this week? In honor of the late, great Scott Wilson? And if not, why not?

Hershel Greene on Twitter: "Spaghetti Tuesdays every Wednesday #TheWalkingDead… "

Or is this about the end of days being all dressed up with somewhere to go? Is that why peeps are knocking at my door on a Sunday, when it’s clearly not to warn me that the apocalypse is nigh and to stock up on prayers and porn? Because from the looks of it, all that talk about going to hell in a handbasket is starting to look prescient. Sure it took a few hundred years, but hey . . it still counts.

I mean, half the world is under lockdown or curfew. And the other half can’t even afford to enjoy their time under the influence because they’re preoccupied with coronavirus, wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, Block Editor, murder hornets, riots, shootings and Netflix raising their prices. That’s a metric ton of shit to be happening in a decade, much less a calendar year.

And yet, here we are . . with tomorrow having already happened on some far away planet inside some other universe. And I wonder how it all turned out. And I wonder if there is mercy to be had in that far away place, or if this is all just working itself into some lost paradise sequence of events that leads to the eventual demise of humanity?

Now that would be huge . . .



67 thoughts on “Too Early To Tell

  1. Well, Pilgrim. I guess you and I are the only two fools in this here US of A who think life will go on after tomorrow. Yeah, board up the stores and get the riot teams ready but as for me. I’m going to have coffee. Write a little. Do a Wednesday Story Day, Beyond that, I could give a fuck less what goes on.

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  2. Love this … by the way. On the other side of the Pacific, they are already half way through tomorrow. Don’t even need to leave the planet.

    But don’t mind me … I’m just floating in a tin can.

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  3. Good news – weeknight MAC football returns next week. Given tomorrow’s event, an election day story. Ever get a call late in the day asking if you’ve voted? For the story, I think my state polling places close at 7:30. It’s election night (a presidential year) and we are having dinner. Let’s say its 6 pm or so. Phone rings and I decide to answer. Volunteer asked me if I had voted. I said no but I was planning to next week on Election Day. She explains that it is today and I only have 90 minutes. I told her that I had it in my calendar as next week and wondered how I missed it.

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  4. Personally, I plan to vote. My guess is some of the people I vote for will win and some will lose. But whatever happens, I’m not planning to gloat or riot. I grew up a long time ago, and have the wrinkles to prove it, LOL!

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  5. B,

    Your writing is on FI-WAH! (think Pirates of the Caribbean for proper pronunciation). Tuesday, Tuesday… what’s so special about Tuesday? In general? Or on this particular one… oh yes… it is a big day. It is ironic that it is the day . Must be because it is named after the God Tiw of “single combat, victory and glory”. Interesting… And hey, fun fact. Okay, maybe not. I was born on a Tuesday, which means (supposedly) I am full of face. What does that mean? I accept my patriotic calling at birth, marching forth from the womb waving a flag of which its origins remain unknown… Hmmm…

    Why do people do that? Go on and on about a subject that they “vehemently” oppose and then become guilty of said thing? From Toobin to Favre – no, not the same subject but still. They doth protest too much for better to hide…

    I’m in for Spaghetti Tuesday, though. Might actually do that tonight, now that you’ve mentioned it.

    Amazing to have to deal with an election with all the other things going on in this year of hell. I guess it is only fitting when you think about it.

    I know one thing for sure. Whatever the outcome today, tomorrow will still arrive and the good peeps like you will be around to sting and make us laugh and make us think with that marvellous pen of yours.


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    • Q

      Oooooh HA!

      I was born on a . . . I don’t remember the day! I think it was Sunday? It might have been Thursday. It most definitely was not a Monday . . I don’t think.

      But I’ve often seen you as a rebel rouser, and quite fervent about it.

      It’s like this. They bitch and moan and then they make US bitch and moan. It’s contagious, their self serving nonsense. Hey Brett! You wanna make a public endorsement for a polarizing figure? Then don’t be hiding it in the first place. Jesus.

      Herschel would be proud.

      I guess it’s best that they didn’t postpone it. Because then we wouldn’t know the results until who knows when. As it stands right now, will we know by the end of the week?

      Well thank you muchly. And here’s hoping there are no last minute shenanigans. And more importantly, that everyone is safe.


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  6. Wait…Scott Wilson is gone??? NOOOOOOO, say it ain’t so. The world is definitely ‘less’ with a loss of the civil and kind “Hershel Greene” who’s now resides in that great zombie land in the sky.

    When I stop to contemplate some of what’s happened culturally speaking during my lifetime, I am just blown away and then I look at the past year and think…jeez that makes the civil rights movement, putting a man on the moon, cell phones and other myriad moments of incredible pretty damn dim comparatively speaking. Can’t say as I know how we got there (though I have my suspicions but now contemplate a strategy as to how to survive this week. Lord help us in this hour of dire need.

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    • Sadly, yes. If you ask me, the world cannot afford to be losing such fine people on such a regular basis.

      We HAVE come such a long way in such a short span of time, haven’t we? I am fascinated, and a little bit disconcerted, as to where it all goes from here.

      Lord help us, yes . . please?

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  7. major tom song was perfect to end this post with – and LMAO

    “preoccupied with coronavirus, wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, Block Editor, murder hornets, riots, shootings and Netflix raising their prices”


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  8. The preoccupations made me laugh, especially the Blockhead Editor!!
    So, yes… something was happening on Tuesday, and it’s still happening today….FRIDAY.
    Good thing I’m not sewn together, or else I’d be splitting at the seams. (and not from laughing!)

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    • Haha! You like that? I knew I had to mention them . . .

      And it’s still probably going to be happening until . . . .

      Hopefully tomorrow. But they say I’m a dreamer.


  9. Ha! Wildfires, earthquakes, coronavirus, Block Editor …HA! That one right there had me rolling. That was a good laugh. But yes what’s up with Netflix you know you’re already raking it in with everyone on lockdown why can’t you abide by rent control standards? Block editor. I can’t get over that one. 🙂
    HOWEVER I will say your music selection IS ON POINT. You know how much I love the 80s. Even on a Tuesday the music of the Aquanet and Jordache era was and is amazing. I wore Levi’s though. High five on one of of my favorite tunes 🙂 Sunshine and waves brother!

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    • Block Editor . . I didn’t want to put it first, naturally. But it HAD to go on the list of forgettable as far as I was concerned.

      Netflix . . what up peeps? Give us peeps a break after the year we’ve endured, I mean, are they not paying attention?

      The eighties were the decade when music became something else altogether. From the artists who could fill a Hall of Fame all by themselves. To the music which exploded in so many directions and left its residue on everything that has come since. To the realization that the way we listen was changing, and would continue to change . .

      Sunshine and waves Cali.


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