Heroes Of The Week! (Post-ish Election Edition)

The Place of Abraham Lincoln in History - The Atlantic

Is it over?

Can I come out now? Is it safe?

I don’t know . . I’m not trusting this, as much as I want to trust it. Not yet. I keep thinking Pennywise is gonna jump out and yell “Psyche!”, after which he hands me a red hat that I must wear in order to step outside. And so, Imma get right to the business at hand today. No pontificating, no postulating and no more chasing waterfalls. I will take a hot second to say muchas gracias to Cincy for filling in last week and coming up stellar . . as per.

Now to our heroes . .  and today? they’re all heroes . . 

Quick shout out to Washington football coach Ron Rivera, who recently completed his last round of cancer treatments. And this video is provided in order to show you that what the peeps at Inova Schar Cancer Institute do, isn’t a job to them., They gave Rivera a beautiful sendoff, honoring one of the good guys in such a special way. Stay well coach.

ImageJon Lester is a freshly minted free agent, formerly the lynchpin southpaw for title teams in Boston and Chicago. And I always disliked him very much for wearing the wrong laundry, but hey . . it’s all about respect. And after his latest stunt, I am pushing for his automatic entry into the Hall of Fame. It seems Lester bought $31,000 worth of beer at four different Chicago bars as a thank you to Cubs fans for all their support over the years. He added a cool $16,000 in tips for the staff members as well. Unless he signs with Tampa, I’ll actually root for him next season.

Coronavirus New York City: Strand Bookstore closed, lays off most of staff after coronavirus crisis cripples business - ABC7 New York

Like so many businesses across the country, and the world, the Strand bookstore in New York City has been hanging on for dear life since the pandemic took hold this past winter. With revenue down more than seventy percent, things looked bleak for this book lover’s paradise. The New York institution has been around since the Murderers Row New York Yankees swept Pittsburgh in the 1927 World Series, but inside the meanest of seasons, this really did feel like the end of the line. And so when owner Nancy Bass Wyden went on social media to let its customers know how dire the straits were . . they had her back. Last Saturday, the flagship store enjoyed its best October sales day, ever. And yes there is still a long way to go before we get to that light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. But as the Babe would most certainly agree, history is achieved one win at a time.

Just because we understand our politics to be dirtier than an FDR martini doesn’t mean it has to be that way. Spencer Cox and Chris Peterson are ditching the spectacle that has become professional wrestling in sharp suits. The two gubernatorial candidates out of Utah actually brought civility into the arena in their race. The audacity!

For this last jig, Imma go back to Tuesday for a hot moment and mention what happened on that historic day. Sort of.

November 3rd set records for voter turnout, and in one fell swoop we came to understand that no one person will ever be able to boss around this place. And hey, I’m not willing to go back down any of the roads we just came from by going point for point on the particulars. I just want this day and tomorrow, and the next day to feel differently. I want hope back. I want less divisiveness. And maybe that’s a fool’s wish, and I really don’t care, because I know for a fact there are plenty of people out there who believe in this fool’s wish. And what’s more, they are doing something about it.

Take Pizza to the Polls for instance. The non-profit was a forward march of volunteers with a mission; to deliver grub to voters who were standing in long lines to do their civic duty. Don’t let the name fool you. These peeps delivered everything from burgers to empanadas, sandwiches to donuts and cookies. More than a million times over to more than 3,200 polling sites in the lower forty eight.

“Food can be a major mood-shifter for people who have been waiting for hours to vote or who have been volunteering to ensure the process runs smoothly,” Says Pizza co-founder Scott Duncombe. “We’ve seen people get really excited about our deliveries—and some have even told us that it was the boost they needed to stay in line.”

Where do we go from here? Hell if I know. But we do have to keep on moving from here, so let’s make the here a better place to journey from. Let’s try and do a better job of respecting our differences . Let’s make America graceful again.

Oh come on, I had to.



87 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week! (Post-ish Election Edition)

  1. B,

    It’s almost over… Safe? We shall see, won’t we?

    I don’t blame ya for keeping your guards up. That Pennywise is a scary dude. And thanks for the earworm…

    What a beautiful thing for the Inova Schar Cancer Institute to do for Ron Rivera. And I know they don’t just have that bell run by celebrities, either.

    Wow to Jon Lester! Well, not so much for his taste in beer but that’s besides the point. I know he’s wearing the wrong jersey but ya gotta give him props. Oh wait. You did.

    Oh, I so hope Strand doesn’t close! I haven’t made it there – yet. Yay to the peeps of New York (and probably elsewhere) for coming in to do what they can.

    Love, love, LOVE Spencer Cox and Chris Peterson for what they did. Made met think of the Mac vs PC commercials back in the day. Each giving the other credit for their good deeds. https://youtu.be/0eEG5LVXdKo (Of course, Mac was always a little ahead but they weren’t smarmy about it)

    What a grand gesture on the part of Pizza to the Polls…Food is the great uniter, isn’t it?

    And… I am sure there was a time when the USofA was graceful. I know it can be again (guess I’m guilty of looking through rose-coloured glasses, too)

    Perfect song, of course. isn’t Neil Cana– oh no, not that one…the other Neil is 😉


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    • Q

      It looks like PA might put Joe over the top. I think they call this thing tomorrow. We shall see.


      It’s for every human that is fortunate enough to make it to the other side of the battle, you’re right. No matter the name. It’s all about the game they bring.

      Yeah, I mean Miller Lite isn’t officially a beer in my book. But the thought counts for everything, it really does.

      I have never been to it either. I mean, this pandemic has affected every business. I know my old brick and mortar would not have survived. Not being closed a couple months and then dealing with the limited travel.

      I’ll have to check out that video after I post this comment. But yes, these guys get it. They’re the anomalies, but hopefully we can see our way to more instances like this one.

      It was a great idea, to provide for people . . and oh by the way, regardless of political affiliation. Voters. All voters.

      I know we’ve had a sketchy history when it comes to grace. And I know there are plenty of John Wayne fans out there who think it’s all about us and that if someone were to God forbid say different . . they must be socialist! No. That’s not how it works people. I’m proud to have been born here and I am grateful for all that it means and I wouldn’t want to be from anywhere else. But AS an American, we should understand that our good fortune is relative. There are those who are living here who do not have the same experience. At all. And to pretend it’s not so, that’s not what democracy looks like. It’s about respecting the differences between us and seeking a better way. For everyone.

      Sorry for the ramble.

      Oh . . . you almost did it!


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      • I saw that! Who’d a thunk?

        Chasing waterfalls 😉

        Definitely. As it should be.

        It’s not really beer but that’s just semantics.

        Really? Well that has to be put on your list, from what I’ve been told.

        I just took the first one which has 30+ minutes of commercial. I don’t expect you to watch ’em all. But honestly, the first one is exactly what I mean. It would be nice if other politicians could follow their way of competing.

        Yes. All voters.

        Do not apologise for this. I think being proud of our country is a noble thing. I’m a proud Canadian as much as you are a proud American. I completely respect that. You’re right, though, not everyone living here, just like in the States, has it as good as you or I do. And that needs to change. And no, there is nothing socialist about saying there is room for improvement.

        I know. I came close though.

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        • I hope.

          Right? Had to.

          The gesture is the whole thing in this instance. Hell, Chicagoans will take ANY free beer. Did you know they drank Nashville dry once?

          Yes I remember it. And yes, this is how it can work. The idea that oh no . . that’s not how it works, that’s just lazy thinking.

          As it should be.

          Nothing at all. I think these people are blinded by fear. And too many leaders and media outlets are content to keep that wheel spinning, because it’s capital they can spend in terms of elections and ratings.

          You did!

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          • I do, too.

            Absolutely did!

            No way! And they say Canadians are heavy drinkers… Pffft!

            I figured you’d seen at least one. You can sell your product without abasing another. I respect that way more.


            They are. And how can they not be. They’re being ruled by fear with the endless loops of whatever the situation going on at the time. The bottom dollar, always. Not for nothing there is no cure (though I am sure there is) for cancer. Big Pharma will not have it. Gross, when I think of it.

            I did!

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          • Of course, now Imma have an earworm. Too late. . .I have one.

            It’s true. The Bears visited Nashville, maybe eight or so years ago for a football game between the Titans and Bears. And they proceeded to drink the bars dry that weekend. And if I hadn’t spent so much time in Chicago, I wouldn’t have believed it.

            It’s the same with businesses that pay and treat their people with the proper respect. They flourish, but it’s hard work and too many businesses just don’t want to do it. It’s lazy.

            It’s how the machine runs. On fear. Michael Moore said it in one of his documentaries. Fear keeps people in office and it boosts ratings. It does, no matter that we don’t want it to be that way, it does.


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          • Was only fair.

            That is just too hilarious. Now I’m going to have to do a search to see if that ever happened here.

            Yes. It is hard work but they get so much more out of their employees this way. Seems logical to me that it is worth any effort.

            It is. Michael Moore did call it.


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          • Turnabout is Tarantino.

            I’m sure. The Canucks love their darink . . and they don’t get violent like some Americans. So I imagine the party goes on and on and on . . .

            It is a much better solution. And so the bottom line looks different, and oh . . oh yeah, that cancels out too many companies. Never mind.

            He did.


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          • That could be the title of a next movie.

            The Canucks do love their beer, especially… and “Party on, Hoser!”. Looking for a proper video re: Canucks and their beer… I came upon this and thought you might find a few minutes. https://youtu.be/3crOm5xRviU

            Nowt that you’ve had a laugh (surely?) back to serious business…

            Sadly. Too many prefer to take advantage of their employees and figure that those who leave are replaceable.


            Liked by 1 person

          • Its true.

            Hahaha! And let’s face it, with the alcohol by volume, they would win an electoral college vote when it came time to decide who was the heartiest of drinkers . . . .

            Yes . . yes it is time.

            My neighbor has worked for a local company, they do printing for all sorts of publications. Horrible company to work for. He’s been there for more than thirty years and now they’re cutting his hours since they can plug in their newer employees who don’t make as much.


            Liked by 1 person

          • 🙂

            I’m thinking that can be…

            It is.

            That is just disgusting. And he’s been there over 30 years. I always wonder why they stay there in the first place. Then again, I think you hit that certain point where you’ve gone this far, how could you even work elsewhere. Sad situation.


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          • 🙂

            He’s from Western PA, high school education and this has been his life. Where would he go where he makes what he is making now? And the company knows it. Yes, it is disgusting.


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          • 😉

            Oh, I figured it would be something like that. And of course, companies like the ones he works for abuse the “old guys” with nary a care. Matter of fact, they do their best to get rid of them, as you say, to bring in cheaper labour. Awful.


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  2. I love The Strand. That being said, one of my fb friends posted something about save the strand. Then someone commented on how the owner of the strand has stock interests in google and amazon so he doesn’t support small business. Which ensued into a war of words with the person who originally posted save the strand to reverse her course and say don’t save the strand…yeah…good times

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  3. Thanks for sharing this positive post! It is all good, but I especially liked how the candidates for governor in Utah behaved. I have no idea which one one the election, and I don’t care. In my book, they’re both winners for doing politics the way it’s supposed to be done!

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    • We need positive.

      I haven’t watched the news in the past few days because I just refuse to be brought down by all the noise.

      For the record, Cox is going to win. And also for the record, I don’t care either. Class . . these guys brought it.

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  4. Welcome back. Your pal from Cincy did you proud (as did this week’s heroes). Like everyone else in this laughing stock of a country, I’m hoping there’s some ☮️ with a return to calmer times in the VERY near future. I’ve been just completely exhausted by it all.

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  5. Great heroes, Mark. Did you hear the Steelers bought Allegany county poll workers a full dinner? Yup. Shows what a little humanity can do. Let’s hope it will all be okay. Thanks, Pilgrim.


  6. That man has sown so much division in your country that I worry about the violence when the votes are finally all counted. I worry about the spectre of a Civil War. I hope I’m just worrying too much but your country is important, the people are important and you make great neighbours.

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  7. I hope the day comes when we can ALL vote like civilized people (like Colorado, fer instance). No lines (especially on a weekday!), no intimidation, no interference. And the votes all get counted proper and timely. The president who makes that happen will be a real hero in my book.

    Thanks for highlighting the good, as you do so well.

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  8. Got to love what the Utah candidates did. Then again, it’s Utah! Jon Lester’s actions were new to me, so thanks for filling me in on that one. But wait – hopefully, he also took care of those who prefer national beers over the craft brewers. Meanwhile, thanks for the props … glad to fill in.

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  9. First off … YES. You definitely had to! Closing it off with Neil Diamond. DUDE absolutely YES! My uncle used to hear this tune all the time. I think we might have the actual record in his collection … I’ll have to check. Those volunteers bringing food to people waiting for hours. Man that is such an awesome act of kindness. Waiting in line sucks less with good tunes, good conversation, or free food. Yes. Probably saw a lot of smiling faces for sure. Plus I’m loving the bookstore story. I saw a lot of those independents in the news and am so glad that people are stepping up. You know how I feel about the little guy. Independent book stores are pretty cool. So glad the neighborhood stepped up. 🙂 Sending you some good vibes for Sunday

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    • I knew you would understand this hermana.

      And Neil . . he’s got the song for this occasion and that video, whoever put it together with the immigrants? Bonus round right there.

      I love what those Pizza Peeps did, across the country. And in conjunction with food trucks and celebs and whoever was willing to make the voters wait just a little less imposing. Very cool.

      The neighborhood stepped up big time for this business. And I do see it happen a lot in my area. It’s heartening.

      Good vibes on Domingo! Back atcha!

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  10. I can’t compete with all these glorious words Mr. Imma, since your following has me shoved in the bleachers, but my heart leapt seeing Abe at the onset. He never disappoints, even in effigy, as though he’ll rise from his chair to urge us all on.

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