The Rushmore Series

Now that Rushmore is safe from COVID-19 parties disguised as political rallies, Imma time share the national monument for a classic barstool debate. Nope, not the one about who the greatest basketball player of all time is (It’s Michael Jordan). Or the one about who the greatest football player of all time is (It’s Jim Brown). Or even the one about the greatest baseball player (Willie Mays). And before you ask . . yes, Wayne Gretzky . . of course!

What’s coming up next weekend is all about the music. It will be a four part series in which I will feature one musical artist a week to round out my Rushmore. Music is the soundtrack of our lives, and as such, the list is an entirely subjective endeavor. I’ll be choosing up male artists while the lovely Dale (Notorious Q) at A Dalectable Life will round up her top four female artists for Rushmore.

In order to gain the necessary reduction, we had to cut the lyrical fat by adding a few qualifiers. Because while fat most certainly means flavor, it also makes it damn near impossible to pare it down to four. So there’s that.

The Rushmore Rules . . .

1- The artist must have written their own songs
2- We’re only including artists from the last fifty years for this exercise
3- Influence that keeps on keeping on
4- Stage presence

If you’re wondering about the last fifty years rule, it’s either that or going back hundreds of years to the time of the classical composers. With only four spots on the mountain, it was best to keep things relatively current.

Welp, that about covers the what’s what of this Rushmore series. Next weekend will thus begin the big reveal with the first of our four faces of Rushmore. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you will probably even disagree.

How fun is that?

44 thoughts on “The Rushmore Series

  1. Dear Marco,

    This should be entertaining. Of course I’m thinking just put up the Traveling Wilburys and be done with it. πŸ˜‰ But then that wouldn’t leave a place for Leonard Cohen. I’d better stop now. I’m sure my opinions you don’t need. πŸ˜‰



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  2. Recklessly posted on Dale’s site as I neglected to read the rules…apologies. My final male submissions are, Freddy Mercury, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain. Yup, I think so. Haven’t faced a challenge this tough in a while lol

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    • Relax,

      I ain’t giving away nada, but your choices are pretty darn impressive. Cobain is/was a genius of his time and Marley was . . . okay, if I say mo, I give away too much.

      This WAS tough.

      Thank you mucho.

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