Hating A Player Means Ignoring The Game

I know I’m in the vast majority here, but I gotta say: God Bless Doug Pederson.

Contrary to those hot-take heads, I don’t think the Eagles coach has got to be got for what he did and more specifically, what he didn’t do in the Eagles season ending loss to the Washington No Names. I refuse to semblance a thesis paper on why Pederson should be brought up on charges for playing the role of Butch Coolidge in a game the Eagles sorta/shoulda/coulda won.

For those unfamiliar, Pederson took his starting QB, Jalen Hurts, out of a game the Eagles still had a chance to win the other night against Washington. He brought in some fellow named Nate Sudfeld, who is behind yours truly on most NFL depth charts. The Eagles would end up losing the game, and a result, handing Washington the division title.

The vitriol hurled at Pederson comes as a result of what was at stake. The Eagles had nothing to play for, outside of a higher draft pick if they lost. Washington was playing for a division title while their I-95 rival New York Giants were rooting hard for an Eagles upset that would have given them the chip.

Now, I could argue that Pederson’s decision to yank his starter was justified considering that Hurts was 7-20 for 70 yards, an INT and a QB Rating of 25 to that point. I could say the coach was looking to give Sudfeld one last chance to show his stuff before sending him off to sell life insurance. I could even be so bold as to imagine that Pederson was playing the margins: Maybe he figured Washington would take a nap once he subbed in a human paperweight under center.

could say all of those things, but I won’t.

Because the mafioso in me feels like Coach Pederson put out a hit on the New York Giants division title dreams while at the same time looking out for his own interests. And he won . . I mean lost. Both.

I learned many lessons growing up in John Gotti’s Howard Beach. One of which is that for every bad guy, there’s always a worse guy. And if you’re talking NFL business, there are a ton of worse guys than Doug Pederson, starting with Sheriff Goodell, who runs his league the way Gotti used to run his empire.

Now I can dispense with the tongue in cheek defense of Doug Pederson, who for all intents and purposes, is a genuine creep. He skipped town after an alleged sex scandal when he was in KC. And he’s thrown a ton of look away passes in regards to certain members of the Eagles engaging in criminal behavior since he’s been here. Let’s just say the guy is building up quite the resume in the event he ever wants to run for political office.

There’s a robust irony to the NFL community getting all disjointed over Pederson’s assault on its warped senses. They cry about how coach is messing with the integrity of the game by positioning himself for a higher draft pick rather than trying to win a game. Am I being too cynical if I laugh at the idea of the league having any integrity left to mess with? I mean, we’re talking about a Commissioner who took money from the US military in exchange for those patriotic pre-game ceremonies. And a league where all manner of criminals are given second, third, fourth, fifth and six chances to play their game, so long as they have some talent left to give.

So yeah, thank God for this “Tank-Gate” moment, because it shines a light on the low down dirty shame of a league it’s coming from. And I really don’t give a flip if Giants players are upset that the Eagles “weren’t trying to win” the other night. They went 6-10 on the season, so it’s evident they know all about not trying to win. And I say to those Eagles players upset at their coach that they can ask for a trade, which really means a raise. And to all those talking heads out there concerned that the game they love is in dire need of change, I gotta ask.

Where you been?

61 thoughts on “Hating A Player Means Ignoring The Game

  1. Such an interesting subject. Though my NFL interest is confined to the Miami Dolphins. Who I had great hopes for only to see them get their butt kicked and all hopes if the playoffs were dashed.
    Enjoyed this Marc!

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  2. I just get tired of sports fans, the players, and the other assorted hangers-on acting like sports is bigger than life and death. And as you point out, having a 6-10 team get upset because some other team lost, thereby keeping the 6-10 team out of the playoffs? That’s the definition of insanity.

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  3. B,

    I gotta say, you have a gift to shine the light on the what’s what of pro sports. None of this pussyfooting about – you just go for the jugular and let the blood spurt and stain all the guilty parties. And you do it in the most eloquent way, to boot. You threw me for a loop when you mentioned Butch Coolidge (coz I didn’t remember Coolidge was his last name till I googled him and thought man, this writer (you) is brilliant).

    The world of pro sports (and we know, the college versions are just in training for the big leagues) is full of lies and cheaters and criminal behaviour. In an ass backwards sense, Pederson is actually kinda honest in his decision. He knew exactly what he wanted and he went and got it.

    I have to say, I love how you constantly expand my horizons – even in the sports world.


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  4. Hey sorry less
    I read some of the comments and have to start with – go dolphins next year
    – and tonight I heard down stat – that a team had not won a playoff game some Dan Marino played them!?
    Anyhow – I hope posts like this lead to more accountability
    And side note – pretty happy the Browns son tonight –

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    • Miami hasn’t won a playoff game in twenty years. But I feel like we can end that streak next season. The hope and promise and potential . . it’s all there for next season’s club.

      Your Bills are rocking. But they need to be able to run the ball better going forward. And the Browns! Who saw THAT happening?

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      • Oh I know the browns were a surprise – and as a joke – sometime last week I was saying to the hubs that I can’t cheer for the bills because of those Jim Kelly heart breaks – half kidding – and so randomly I said I might root for “da bears” or the dog pound players – he laughed and I didn’t even know both of them were in playoffs (I am not that into the nfl but enough and at times more so) and so dude – never say the Browns coming
        The other side – have been enjoying some ills talk – fun and have a quick pic of the pup with a bills hat!

        And form what I have seen/heard I really hope Miami has a great year next season- they deserve it!
        And sure is nice to not see Patriots right now

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        • Nobody saw the Browns coming. Because they haven’t been in this lane since forever and a day ago. I heard an amazing stat. The Browns won a road playoff game for the first time since . . . . drum roll por favor . . . 1969!

          The Bills are gonna need to run the ball or the Ravens will be trouble.

          Love that!

          The Dolphins have an interesting off-season ahead of them. And yeah, I wonder what happened to all those Patriots jerseys I used to see!

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          • The patriots jerseys are not even selling at the thrift stores – landfill baby – kidding
            And it is super fun to see the bills logo around at this time of year – a small part of me would love to go to a game and did you know we almost made it to the home game the bills played the Broncos with Tebow ? Kind of regret not making that game but oh well

            And we hubs brother married a native Baltimore so Ravens fans on that side and would not be horrible if they won – and even the last bills game – I am a huge Frank Reich fan so if the bills loss to him it would have been ok with moi – and Rivers having another game would be cool – think he’ll retire soon and he’ll homeschool the litter (jk)?
            But here we are and I do hope the bills leave the ravens with the loss – whether that is run more – just play smart! Eh?
            And drum roll indeed – oh my goodness is that a celebration for the Browns – I do see the wonderful commercial they made with Browns fans (did you see it before the game) and they sure are thirsty for this playoff wave – and good for them – let the black and yellow get to shoveling their driveways – let Buffalo put the shovels away and get those jerseys on and make some extra wings! Hahaha
            While the dolphins fortify for next year – hahah

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          • The Patriot jerseys should go STRAIGHT to a landfill. No passing GO, just straight to the landfill.

            The Bills vs Tebow? I loved Tebow when he was playing in Denver. I really fell in love with his game. Which was basically . . three quarters of meh, and one quarter of Superman.

            The Ravens look really good right now, just saying. But I won’t quarrel with either team, as they’re both fun to watch. And it’s about damn time some team outside New England was playing in the AFC title game.

            The Browns had a good run, indeed. But I think it’s over this weekend. KC is still the heavyweight champ until someone knocks em off, and I don’t think Cleveland is that team.

            The Dolphins are going to the Super Bowl next year. (I say that every year).

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          • One of my fav sprite jokes about Tebow had something to do with “let’s go in the parking lot and throw like Tebow – take the football and throw it into the ground ”
            And agree with you on his hero kinda feel – like even his like bible verses in college never bothers me as they were so genuine and he just had a special evangelizing side that is rare. Also – he brought something fun to games and sadly we missed that game in Buffalo (hindsight ) and one more thought – which connects to the joke about ground balls – I think tebow’s pride and lack of adapting is why he is working with a bat and not a football (NFL football not what the rest of the world calls soccer- ha) but if he was not so darn insisting on being a QB and open to playing other parts maybe the Patriots could have used him Gronk or in a fresh way to use his strengths)
            And KC is a force to be reckoned with – have family in that town and lots of KC friends from when I lived in Denver in 90s – it was close enough to where so many Kansas folks moved to Denver (although folks flood that place from all over)
            Anyhow / I saw years of being pained for KC and so if they go all the way I would not be too upset – might never ever do the motion of the Kansas City hatchet with my arm – and will keep my bills shirt handy – hahah but going for the browns right now

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          • Poor Tebow . . .

            There was just something about the dude that I found impossible not to like. Me and my son became huge fans as that Broncos playoff season got to cooking. Much like Tebow, the team was uneven. But they made it in at like 8-8 and then that Pittsburgh game where Tebow made magic when it counted most. Of course, I think most of us knew the magic carpet ride was going to end in New England the following week.

            Tebow as a tight end? Yeah, I mean . . that’s interesting to think about. He would have been a backup to the backup too.

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          • Enjoyed our comment chat very much – going down tebow memory lane
            And now getting ready to see Brady and Gronk wearing Tampa jerseys in a championship game? And the bills and Chiefs in a championship game – well……
            fire up the grill – keep the genesee beer put away – but let’s make some extra wings and get this party started

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          • Yeah, that was very cool.

            It’s so weird to see Brady and Gronk in that Tampa uni. But here we go again, the 14th (that’s right, 14) championship game for Brady. My God . . . will it ever end?

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          • Welp, I think the Bills have a really good chance. But I can see your point about losing now instead of in the big game. Of course, winning it all would mean more to the city of Buffalo than all those titles they amassed in New England.

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          • i know
            i am curiously surprised by it
            maybe it was his bit of humility after the win
            maybe it was seeing bill belicheck memes of brady going without him
            and maybe it also was the fact that tampa area needs this for their area
            i will be glad for Chiefs to win too because as noted before – know a bunch of folks who would be happy about that
            and you amigo?
            is it kc all the way

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          • And to think, after all of this is said and done . . we only have a President Tom Brady to look forward to! LOL

            KC looks like they are rounding into form, again. If so I think they’re going to win it all again.

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          • hmmm
            I am not so sure
            QB might have rushed through a concussion (like really – was surprised to see him play) – and as you know – a lot can happen in the next two weeks – people get rusty and party and whatnot
            maybe Brady’s experience and 9 pm bedtime will prove useful for the game – or maybe that Tampa dense will continue to be strong –
            but you could be right – might be a second time for KC
            and look forward to seeing hat happens
            but oh my goodness
            did you notice the way over doing it with “the weekend” to headline for the Super Bowl halftime show – omg

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          • The plot is fascinating. The new young gun of the league going for a repeat with the wily veteran looking to win another crown. And as usually happen with these matchups, it probably WON’T come down to the two of them, LOL

            Ugh . . . the day long halftime show. Mercy!

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          • well said that it will not come down to the two of them and that was kinda what i liked about brady in the quick post game interview – now of course he is mr oldie (no disrespect) and knows to not be all that – but he gave the defense much credit that was due for the win and also did not want to be interviewed – went to focus on the team – but you are right it will come down to who makes less mistakes too (no shirt grabs and watch the holding and stuoid mistakes) and then so many factors

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          • Brady hasn’t had a great postseason, but he has made the plays when he needed to. I just think that KC is going to score in bunches, again. If the Chiefs go down by 10, they can come back. We’ve seen it. But if Tampa Bay gets down by 10, I think it’s trouble for them.

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          • yeah – you seem to have it summed up well and we shall see!!
            but i do worry about possible overlooked concussion for m-holmes ((seriously – back out playing?))
            and then as you know – crazy things happen during big games (even nkt so big games) and isn’t that one thing we have to look forward to? besides the commercials
            we can see who makes little bitty mistakes that will haunt them for a long time –
            we can see who will make career-making weird catches –
            or who gets the pick and all that


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          • You bring up a good point. Mahomes was cleared by the league’s protocol, but there is a dubious nature to this considering he had a brain injury. There is NO possible way he should have been out there if we’re being truthful, not one week removed from it.

            The commercials huh? I cheated the last few years and consulted YouTube beforehand for sneak peeks.

            Tampa lays it all out there with Arians as coach. Unlike in New England, Brady is playing it loose and risky. Which can lead to points . . . and also mistakes, as his three INT’s last week will attest.

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          • re: Brady’s playing – could also lead to injuries and so fingers crossed we do not see him hurt

            and please let me know if your sneak peeks have any commercials worth sharing

            and protocol regarding the concussion? hmmmmmm

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          • He’s 43, which boggles the mind. Not so much that he’s still playing, but that he’s still playing at a high level.

            I will!

            Yeah, I ain’t believing it. You don’t recover in a week, sorry. But Mahomes is the league’s centerpiece talent right now, so there’s that.

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          • yeah and might not see it in our lifetime – but sometimes in the older years the athletes speak up – and wonder if he will
            if maybe there was not that bad of an injury after all – i do not watch all the games (come and go) but i actually saw that small incident and hmmmm

            okay – hope you ha e a great rest of your friday

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