42 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. There is a peacefulness in this picture. With a different pic on FB I described the pic as cold, and you said it wasn’t that cold. Yet to me, this pic is warmer, but the conditions could be colder. Happy Wednesday. My bubbly is cold for a drink at noon today.


    • Yes! Actually, this was the day after our last snowstorm (with the sticky, heavy snowman-making snow) and was a lot colder so there was that very distinct squeaky-crunch sound. Plus the kids at the school next door had been called in after lunch so yes, it was so wonderfully silent.
      Thank you, Pam for such a great image you painted!

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  2. Q

    This was definitely the way to go on Inauguration Day. You have your bridge to the future, the winter scene to fuse in with the season. And sunshine to lead us out of the woods and in to more hopeful times to come.



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