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Justice League: One year on, still an unmitigated disaster | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

Welcome to another brand spanking new episode of Heroes. In this week’s episode, we’ll travel to Montreal, where shelter and love has gone mobile. We’ll read about how a simple note can change everything. There will be unexcused absences and fat suits to ponder on. And we’ll finish things up with a story reminiscent of mice and men.

It’s early afternoon in America. And seriously, why would we ever want to return to the last four years? So let’s get better and smarter. And let’s never imagine ourselves to be greater than the sum of our parts.

Now to our lineup . . .

We have another twin kiss coming to us from the lovely Dale at A Dalectable Life. As if her prize winning photography wasn’t enough, she’s a reporter in the field as well! And first up is the story of a community center in Montreal that is looking out for those most vulnerable this winter season.

michel monette care montreal | News, Videos & Articles

Michel Monette is the founder of CARE Montreal and he ordered twenty make-shift igloo structures- made of foam and insulation that snap together- from the Czech Republic. The igloos provide shelter and warmth to the homeless population that refuse to stay in over-populated shelters, even in the harshest of conditions. Monette says he knew Raphaël André, a homeless man who was found dead in a portable toilet just last week

“I would have really loved if he would have had access to these (igloos),” Monette says, while adding that workers will look to make sure such a tragedy doesn’t happen again by traveling the city, searching for people in need. “It’s kind of us taking the shelter to them, instead of taking them to the shelter,”

Further proof that in an imperfect world, we seek perfection not in absolutes, but in the solace of good deeds.

Who is Flavaine Carvalho? Quick-thinking Orlando waitress saves 11-year-old from his abusive parents | MEAWW

If you want to know what being in the right place at the right time looks like, I give you Flavaine Carvalho. The waitress at Mrs. Potato Restaurant in Orlando, Florida was working her last table of the night when her life intersected with an 11-year old boy. It began when his father forbid him from ordering anything to eat. And then she saw the bruises on the boy’s arms and face.

Carvalho knew she had to do something. So she wrote a note to the boy that read simply “Do you need help?” and held it up so only the boy could see it. On the third try, the boy signaled yes. Authorities would later say the abuse suffered by the boy was nothing short of torture. The parents were arrested; the father charged with multiple counts of aggravated child abuse and the mother with two counts of child neglect.

“This could have been a homicide situation if she had not intervened,” Said Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon.

Thing of it is, Flavaine wasn’t even scheduled that night. She’d been called in at the last minute. Since it was the last table of the night, she was able to pay extra attention to what was going on. Add to this the fact that the family was sitting at the only table in the restaurant where she could have held up a sign without the boys parents noticing.

See something, say something . . save someone.

Kyrie Irving is proving once again that he can't be a No. 1 in the NBA

I’ve got a couple return guests to this spot. And they’re on the same team! First up is Kyrie Irving, who decided to return to the Brooklyn Nets this week. That’s nice of him, considering he’s making north of 30 million cheeseburgers to ball when the mood strikes. In his return to the team this week, he dropped a cool thirty seven points . . but his team lost anyways. To the woebegone Cleveland Cavaliers, no less. Maybe it’s just a blip, and maybe it’s the universe telling Brooklyn that this whole “Three Grows in Brooklyn” super-team idea isn’t going to work as smoothly as they envisioned it might.

Do you think James Harden was wearing a fat suit while playing for the Houston Rockets? – RFM | RatchetFridayMedia

And to Kyrie’s new running mate, James Harden, I say thank you. Because this guy provides quality entertainment on and off the court. The above image shows the pre-trade James Harden on the right with the post-trade Harden on the left. The story goes that he wore a fat suit to get out of Houston. Nutri-system called, they want their prop back!

New Video Details Tense Moments as Capitol Mob Sought Out Lawmakers | FlaglerLive

I’ve always been of the opinion that in the darkest of times, there is light. It’s impossible to see in the immediate aftermath, but it’s always there. And so it is with Eugene Goodman, who escorted Kamala Harris to the Presidential inauguration ceremony on Wednesday in his new role as acting Deputy House Sergeant at Arms.

During the capitol riots two weeks earlier, it was Goodman who single-handedly steered an angry mob away from the Senate chamber. In the last days of an administration that talked about greatness while providing little in the way of it, Goodman taught us all how it’s done. He stood in front of rioters and directed them his way. As a member of the Capitol police, the man took the badge he wore to its most literal and courageous outcome.


Making America great doesn’t happen with haughty campaign slogans. A nation will never see its best self if it spends all of its time standing in front of a mirror. And it sure as hell isn’t going to happen by pledging a blind obedience to our past. Democracy isn’t about a single person or party, it’s about the will of a people to stand for something. Together. So maybe this is the time in our nation’s history where we stop crying about all the things we aren’t and start building on the many great things we are.

And when the darkness comes, be the light.



51 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. When I saw the image of Kyrie, I couldn’t believe you would have him, or anything associated with the Nets, as a hero of the week. Phew!! I’m sick of these super teams and hope the Nets crash and burn big time. Three of the most bizarre, dysfunctional players of this era together on the same team. Pfffft.

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    • It’s remarkable they find themselves together in Brooklyn! I mean, Steve Nash really deserves combat pay . . . mental health weeks . . . oh, and the Nobel Peace Prize, if that sorta things goes to NBA coaches, like, ever.

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  2. Hats off to the Heroes! Canada has done a good job in providing for the homeless and I’d like to send out a tribute to my good friend Dennis Cardiff who has dedicated much of his life working with the homeless in Canada He can be found at Gotta Find A Home … all profits from his publications have gone to help the homeless. Great post B.

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  3. Well done, Pilgrim. Also, a little help from the Darlin’ Dale. I am so glad that boy got help. What is it about asshat that they need to take out their failures on little kids. I don’t get it. Flavaine Carvalho is a major lifesaver. Keeping the homeless from dying is a good thing too. I still don’t get the basketball thing, but maybe someday I will. Thanks for a great post.

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    • Darlin’ brings her game to the Friday episode, indeed. That woman can do it all!

      I cannot imagine the torture that boy and his little sister endured. But the hope is that they will get help now, and that they are here to get that help. And may those parents not see the light of day for a long time. To even call them parents feels wrong.

      CARE does some really amazing things. I am always so impressed with these organizations.

      I must say, the overwhelming majority of players in the Association do great work for their teams and the community they work in. Too bad the ass hats get all the headlines. As far as I’m concerned, it only makes me appreciate the good that comes out of the league that much more.

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  4. You’ve told some marvellous stories here. Leave it to the wonderful Dale to expose us to those igloos… I’d never heard of them. But such a great idea. A way to take care of people. And the waitress one… that kills me. I have kids. I can’t picture anyone abusing them, or what it would take to harm the vulnerable. It floors me and makes me despair, but I’m glad this waitress was there. Thanks for these stories, I suppose you got to get through the muck to see the light at times.

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    • TL,

      She does it all! And is a regular contributor to our Heroes episodes with good reason.

      The waitress story gets me too, and for the same reasons as you. As a father, I cannot imagine how a parent can do these things. To even call them “parents” seems wrong. Thank God for that waitress or who knows?

      Well we’ve seen plenty of muck over the last four years. It’s time for some light if you ask me.

      Gracias mucho

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  5. B,

    No way, no how does anyone with half a brain want to go back to the last four years…

    I am so very glad to have contributed these stories to this week’s lineup (and blush, blush to John and Trent and of course, you).

    Those igloos will surely save lives. We get some fierce cold up in these here parts so I can only imagine how much that insulation can help.

    Flavaine Carvalho deserves to have her name mentioned again and again and again. How serendipitous for her to be there when she was and to have the intuition she did. So many people would have not even noticed or maybe might have but still moved on, not wanting to get involved. I will never, ever understand so-called parents (they don’t deserve the title) who can beat and torture their own flesh and blood.

    “Three Grows in Brooklyn” – You kill me with your wittiness…

    I absolutely LOVE that Kamala Harris was escorted by Eugene Goodman. He was a badass hero when one was desperately needed. What a courageous man.

    Yes, United States of America, do start building on the many great things you are.

    Fantabulous job, B. Perfect song to end things.


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    • Q,

      Anyone with half a brain . . which is a half more than those Trumpists. Who are now jumping ship from Trump like the rats they are.

      And guess what kids? She’s got more where that came from!

      It’ unthinkable, how these people have to shelter themselves in the frigid temps. That story about Andre freezing to death in a portable toilet, my God.

      Those animals (even that is a word they don’t deserve to have) should spend the rest of their lives in prison. And you’re right about Flavaine. She deserves so much thanks.

      Haha! I should copyright that.

      Me too I love that story. That is how good is recognized, SHOULD be recognized. It was such a great image, watching him walk by her side.

      It’s one brick at a time. Repair the damage first. . .

      Muchas MUAH! Gracias MUAH!


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      • This is true. And good if they jump ship. We don’t really need them rallying together now, do we?

        That she does 😉 At least, she’ll keep on trying!

        It really is. What a horrid way to die, Though, I hope it’s like they say, with hypothermia you just fall asleep. Still.

        Animals take care of their young better than these monsters. They should. She is a true hero in every sense.

        You should!

        Yes! What an honour for her to have him and for him to escort her. Win ahem…. meet, Win 😉

        Yes. One brick at a time.

        MWAH to the nines!

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        • It just goes to show what those democratic principles they shouted about were made of. Bupkis pie, that’s what they were made of.

          There you have it! 😉

          It’s not something I would like to think about. These people really are the forgotten of our society.

          These monsters really deserve the Gotti treatment if you ask me. But short of that, they should be kept inside four walls for the rest of their miserable lives. And to that waitress, all the best things. Hopefully. She deserves it.


          Imagine that. Service to our country being rewarded. I mean, will wonders never cease!

          No easy fixes, but really, there never are.

          MUAH to the nines!

          Liked by 2 people

          • Bupkis Pie – is that one full of hot air that doesn’t even lift a balloon?

            You know it. 😉

            They are. We step around them, almost over them in our haste to not have to see them. It’s a truly awful thing.

            Yes! Gotti treatment should be a la carte! Or, better yet, put them into general pop. They’ll be taken care of because behind those bars? There is a code. Yes, she does.



            No. But definitely worth making a group effort, I say.

            MWAH! (Now I have the Prince song in my head… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSHY72xhO_Y ) Coz I do like to share 😉


            Liked by 1 person

          • It could be!

            I do.

            It is. And it’s everywhere. It gets politicized, after which it gets forgotten. And never mind that there are human beings.

            Yeah, Gen Pop is a better idea. They’ll get what’s coming to them.


            You are.




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          • I’m thankin’


            It is. And people forget that they are.

            I think it’s a win-win. The government doesn’t have to make any decisions. The inmates will do the necessary.

            I am. But. Remember. It takes one to know one!




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          • People always forget. It’s a bumper sticker dynamic. They buy it for a couple bucks, pluck it on their bumper . . and then promptly forget the rest.

            The inmates work more efficiently than our local and state agencies.



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  6. Eugene Goodman…I fell in love with his valor that you haven’t seen since 2016. The…I’ll take a bullet, for ya kind. It’s so great that he’s got a new post, that valor still resonating.
    But the little abused boy, trumped even Eugene. We need to get that word back where it doesn’t cause indigestion. I was an abused kid and boy, do I wish a Flavaine Carvalho. wrote me a note. That made me cry. To be conscious, to notice others then stand up for them is what we need more of.

    Fine, poignant choices Marco, as always.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Intervening oi physical abuse cases is a tough call. Bless Ms. Carvalho for being there. I hope the kid doesn’t have to remain in that household.

    Yup, the lovely and talented Miss Dale hits ’em outa da park with photos and stories. She’s a shining light much like this week’s entries.

    I’m so over NBA players who think their stuff doesn’t smell. Come gto think of it, I’m so over ALL pro players of ANY sport who think the world revolves around them even if they are talented.

    Kudos and congrats to Sgt. at Arms Goodman. We need a lot more guys like him instead of those whiners who think it’s unfair they were arrested for seditious behavior. Good gawd, where did we get so far off the reservation?

    Nice musical selection. Hope you have a great weekend!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I think it’s a matter for child services now that those two criminals have been arrested. Let’s hope they don’t get lost in the system.

      For these Friday episodes she more than provides. And we already know about her Wednesday brilliance.

      I was just talking with someone about the OBJ watch incident. Dude wears a 200K watch during a game and when people notice, he became a petulant child. Never mind that he WANTED the attention. Welp, the Browns playoff run without him shows that he wasn’t worth the investment.

      I don’t know. But I hope we’re at the very least walking in the right direction now.

      Gracias. And same to you.

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  8. Wonderful!
    First, the igloo homes are interesting. We have something similar in Toronto. I saw people building them in a homeless park, a Camp Covid.
    They are lined with a reflective material that puts heat back to the person. Okay, I thought, but if there is a big snowstorm, everyone will be buried!
    Still, it’s something. Nonetheless, a bunch of citizens decided they were an eyesore, and demanded them out of their hoods. Even if a land owner said, it’s okay by me, the opposition says no way NIMBY!
    Cruelty, has not limits.
    I skip to the end.
    “where we stop crying about all the things we aren’t and start building on the many great things we are.”
    Therein lies the problem. We… Americans, Canadians and others are spoiled to the nth degree. ME, ME, ME… not OUR.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a good week.

      People love talking the good talk, but they do not want it in their neighborhoods, you are absolutely spot on about that Resa.

      And until it becomes OUR, we will not go as far as we can.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. the be a light song was nice ending to this post especially
    and love this phrase
    “See something, say something . . save someone”
    and will
    add it to my list as i had not heard that – well maybe something similar but cool study with the waitress and her not being passive!!

    and the igloos – we need more of them in all

    Liked by 1 person

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