Good Housekeeping: Magic Dancing, Show Lists and Super Sunday’s Best

Imma do something I don’t believe I’ve ever done here on Sorryless and put Tuesday to its proper use with some housekeeping.

As you know, me and Dale had a great deal of fun with our Rushmore Series. And as so often happens, from that idea came others. This past Sunday, I might have hit on one of those others. It was supposed to be a stand alone post about a girl named Liz from Magic Dance. And then Dale asked if perhaps this might become a series. And so of course it got my mind working overtime. And speaking of overtime, with apologies to the re-worked 5-9 side hustle musical spill that made the scene this weekend, it only made me go looking for the first and best original song. Love that Dolly.

Anyways, yeah . . more Rushmore references. Go Dolly!

As for the official title of the Sunday series, I think Imma go with Magic Dance. It has legs to stretch in the form of a weekly jaunt, but please don’t ask me where it leads because the truth is, I’m only halfway through my second installment. But I have plenty of ideas jotted down, so stay tuned.

I’m always happy to take any suggestions you guys throw my way for a Friday shout out on Heroes. You can send them to my email or just put them in the comments. Either way works for me, and I’ll go read up on what you gift me. And as always, mochas gracias to you all for making Fridays such a fun place to be.

So . . Heroes on Fridays and Magic Dance on Sundays. Which leaves my Tuesdays open to whatever I feel like making ’em. And now that my blog housekeeping is out of the way, how’s about a short list of shows I dig on, with a couple that I really don’t? Sure why not . . .

The Wire- I finished this one a short while ago and I miss it every day since. Back in the day, a friend proclaimed this to be the best show on TV. Like ever. I shrugged it off as mere hype . . until now. Let’s just say it’s on my short list of favorite shows I’ve ever watched.

Hollywood- This mini-series on Netflix might be the worst show I’ve ever tuned in to. If given the choice of being water boarded or having to watch a full season (I think we lasted two episodes?), Imma drink up.

Cheers- I went back last year and watched the full series, seeing as how I had dropped the habit after like five seasons back in the day. I find it to be one of the best shows ever made. The setting belies all the many issues it took on, without being preachy in the least.

The Office- If 2020 was good for anything, it was binge watching shows I’d lost touch with back in the day. It’s pure genius, but I doubt it would pass muster in these overly sensitive times.

The Boys- I dug the first season, so I was excited to hear they were coming back. And then I lasted exactly one episode of Season 2. Meh. Maybe I’ll venture back to see if I was wrong about this.

Mr Robot- This one is strange. I loved the first three seasons, but after tuning into the first episode of the fourth and final season, I was less than impressed. As with The Boys, maybe I’ll tune in to see if it was simply a slow start.

Queens Gambit- Anya Taylor-Joy is why I got hooked on this story about a chess prodigy. It’s one thing to play a character who’s off their rocker and it’s a completely different thing to play a character who harnesses that rage, keeping it just below the surface. Taylor-Joy’s performance carries the day. And it got me playing chess again, so there’s that.

Reckoning- Ugh. That’s it . . just ugh.

Flack- My favorite new show of 2021. It joins Dead to MeGoliath and The Politician as the show I look forward to. Smart and fast moving dialogue, scenarios that make you go “Damn that’s wrong!” and a sexy ensemble? What is NOT to love?

As for Super Sunday’s best? My cats Jack and Wednesday got off to a dubious start by picking the Chiefs. Somewhere in the heavens, Mr. Speaker is shaking his head in disgust, seeing as he was 6-1 in Super Bowl picks. Regarding the game itself, we got Brady moving to Florida not to retire but to win another Super Bowl. And maybe it didn’t hurt nearly as much as the other ones because New England was watching right along with us Dolphins fans. But while Mahomes suffered his worst defeat as a pro (which is unbelievable in its own right seeing as he’s been in the league three years), he makes Caravaggio out of broken plays like few others ever could.

I tuned in to the second half with my frosty sidekick and some personal pan nachos, and so I missed the halftime show and most of the commercials. Of the ones I did catch, The Boss won my vote for the time being with his way back Jack Kerouac.

As for next year’s Super Bowl prediction? I have that other Florida team, the Miami Dolphins taking on the Matthew Stafford led Los Angeles Rams, who become the second straight team to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium. The road team Dolphins pull it out with a field goal at the gun 33-31. After which Robert Kraft moves the Patriots to the Sunshine State in a last ditch attempt to break their Super Bowl-less streak at three.

55 thoughts on “Good Housekeeping: Magic Dancing, Show Lists and Super Sunday’s Best

  1. Yes to The Wire! Best of all time and best to quote for life. Also, I still want a dog to name Avon Barksdale.
    I had a hard time w The Boys too … because it got so shockingly bloody at times but it grew on me somehow more in that second season. I so wanted that show to be mystical like Heroes, idk if anyone remembers that show. But it turned out to be gruesomely good after all ( for me ).

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  2. Well I definitely have some ideas of programs to watch! I have seen a few of those and agree with your comments. I am tired of violence and excessive blood. But the bloodletting in the Queens gambit was all psychological and I loved it!

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  3. The Boss was the best, no doubt. Sad to say, but Tom is the best there is. I can’t say it was a fluke. His team was better led. Looking forward to your Sunday gig. I haven’t seen any of the new stuff you mentioned. Maybe when I give up the pen, I’ll find the time. Have a great week, Pilgrim.

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    • This is sadly true. I just took it as a nice bit of poetry inside these times. I don’t agree with the Boss on everything, that’s for sure. But if we don’t start trying for some middle ground . . well, it’s never going to change.

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  4. Magic Dance is a good name … and I’m sure you will make it magical in a way that most of us can’t do. In terms of the Super Bowl, I told a friend on Saturday that when in doubt, go with the defense. Miami in the LVI? Well, it could happen – and a much better chance than my team.

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    • Magic Dance comes from Bowie, of course. But it works well as the town name, gives it a hidden meaning too.

      The Bucs defense was so underrated all year, but all they did was come up big when it mattered most. Kudos to them, and to Bruce Arians for winning his first Super Bowl.

      Miami has a chance. And I don’t want Watson now. I think it’s worth giving Tua the time and the reps and the commitment.

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  5. I enjoyed the Queen’s Gambit. Lately I have been all over the place on Netflix, Apple TV, Prime, and a couple other streaming places. Lately I have been perusing Youtube watching people scratch lottery tickets, flying all over the world with their go pro cameras, and the Voice global. All while waiting for season 2 of Ted Lasso.
    I’m going to try the Wire tonight.

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  6. I haven’t seen anything you mentioned lol (nope, never watched The Office), but I started to watch movies again (its hard during winter without tv). I loved Dolly… well, that’s why I’m here and commenting, I guess haha

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  7. B,

    Love how you do your housekeeping. And I loved doing the Rushmore Series with you and yay! I am so glad I planted that seed to inspire you to turn Magic Dance into a mini-series. And you know Dolly will always be loved.

    Always keeping my eyes open for Heroes for ya, so that won’t stop.

    The Wire is one that I am slapping myself for doing like you did when it played “live” and can I watch it now? Nope. I like to think I’ll find it somewhere.

    Hollywood was soooooo bad. Course I had to watch it through to the end which was even badder 😉

    The Office is on it’s second round with my kids so I feel like I’ve watched it.

    The Boys and Mr. Robot – I’m with you. Might give it another try, might not. Still up in the air with that one!

    Queens Gambit – what a gem! Now please, PLEASE do NOT make a second season! Let us remain with the lingering delicious flavour of that last sip.

    Flack – Nothing NOT to love.

    As we discussed last night, we have to give Jack and Wednesday a chance. They are still officially kittens and have no knowledge of football – yet. Let’s try again next year, eh? That Mahomes throw and the one he did right before it were out of this world fantastic. Thanks for sharing The Boss commercial coz, as you know, us Canadians are not allowed to see them – unless we have a VPN, which I actually do but I don’t have the channels! Sigh.

    Go Dolphins! Loved the tune 🙂


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    • Q,

      Magic Dance is part of the Rushmore Series, of course. And muchas mochas gracias and gracious for planting that seed. As I told you, the first part is ready for Sunday . . .

      You’ll find The Wire, it’s simply a matter of time. And once you do, if you get into it, you’ll probably move right through it.

      Ugh! I cannot imaging it got badder!

      The Office is one of those shows where you can pick it up anywhere or just watch an episode from any season and it doesn’t matter. That’s why it’s such a classic.

      I’ve gone two deep on the Boys since I wrote that and it’s not bad at all. I’ll stick.

      I just remarked as much to Pam. Leave it where it was. I prefer they do that.

      Nope. Flack is my new keeper.

      The kids did start much younger than Speaker, so yes, there is that.

      Mahomes is worth watching just for throwing the football. Which I have done, on YouTube. Of course I have . . .

      The Boss commercial was prose, to me. I loved it.

      Dolphins and my old neighbor Ed Kowalczyk! It was a no brainer combination. 😉



  8. I’m iffy about Flack. While I agree with the overall thoughts…great dialogue, great acting…there’s something about the show that’s just not sitting well with me….I can’t articulate it

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  9. Yay! And Dolly…just double yay!

    It was so hard watching Sunday’s game, and not just because the Chiefs lost. I absolutely loathe #12 and #87. As in despise and would rather stick a hot poker in my eye kind of despise? After a few minutes of painful viewing (didn’t even see many of the ads or the halftime show) I switched to revamped The Puppy Bowl. Did somewhat enjoy Snoop and Martha hosting though Dan Schacter (the ref) will remain my favorite upright on this annual feel good broadcast. For other viewing I’ve been tuning into Ovation Network to pick up shows from the past including many British murder mysteries (who knew small British villages had such a plethora of murders?). Plus I’m also nearly finished binging Crossing Lines (but bummed after Season 2 ended with departures of main characters in favor of fresh blood). Love seeing the European locales and Thomas Wlaschiha’s character, the German cyber agent (he also played Jaqen H’ghar, the Faceless Man in Game of Thrones). His voice is mesmerizing. Looking forward to more magic dancing posts.

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    • I will refrain from any Super Bowl observations, because I do not wish to pain my lovely friend from the Rockies.

      Next year’s Super Bowl with the Dolphins will be much more agreeable, I promise.. 😉

      As for your shows, why am I not surprised in the least that you choose smart pieces with beautiful locales?

      Get ready for more Magic Dance babay!!!

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  10. hey M
    enjoyed the way you shared your quick movie/series reviews
    succinct and a good idea to round it up in one post – just what a well-rounded good housekeeping post should include

    and regarding the wire – i have tried three times to “get caught up in it” and just could not
    but because of your suggestion (which combines with about 15 others) i will give it another try.
    i know that i only got caught up into breaking bad because i started in season three – if i had started in season one i never wouod have stayed viewing (and my step daughter and her spouse said they could not get into BB and i think that was why)
    with that said / i don’t enjoy BB reruns – only a handful of them do i enjoy as rewatchable.
    so M, i wonder if the wire has a season i can start with – or should i start at one again?

    and the closing song was interesting (other two videos didn’t work for me )
    in the dolphins cry video – the huge surge of water and good old fashioned rock band instruments jammed

    and i do hope your Dolphins are in the super bowl either next year or the year after

    the whole south kf florida deserves it (the west side of florida had their boat parade and heard Brady tossed the trophy 🏆-boat to boat)
    and Dolphins fans all around the nation deserve a SB too.


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    • I was remiss in not including Game of Thrones in there, which I have started watching again. Well, I’m deep into it now. Love it very much.

      I hope Miami can do something. It would be even sweeter if it was with Tua, who they drafted. The idea of giving all those picks and players to Houston for Watson, as great as he is, I’m not as keen on it now as I was initially.

      That Brady toss may have been the most nerve wracking ever! It was twenty six feet to the bottom if Brate missed it.


      • that would have sucked if it fell in the water
        and forgot to mention i messed up a name – remember while back i said Edelman commercial -? i meant Walker – where he missed the second half of the game-

        cheers to game of thrones
        i like to rewatch certain episodes – like the Aria chase scene and a few others
        what a great show
        and my final start for watching that one was a student who – years ago – said he wishes he could start the series all over and experience it like he did not ever see it
        and he shared the thoughts like you did about The Wire – where the essence lingers with us.
        well after i get some work done this weekend (blah!!!) my treat is a rewatch of Pride and Prejudice (1980)

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  11. Wasn’t it AWESOME?! McNulty, Lester, Omar, Barksdale, Stansfield. Dude! I’m glad you liked it. Plus I’m liking this … like Tuesday’s are up for grabs 🙂 plus I enjoy checking out your picks on any Rushmore series. I missed the last one so I have to look it up. Queen’s Gambit was so good, nothing else like it. My favorite review was just ugh … ha! I’m guess that’s a definite no on my list. Check out Peaky Blinders and see if that’s a go for you 🙂 such good writing and the characters made it worth it. Albie. Crazy. But if you want a laugh Schitt’s Creek is sweet! As for the SuperBowl it Gabe me mad heartburn as my Bradyatis was flaring up … just ugh with all the flags for KC that I watched just for commercials. That Jeep one WAS very good. The Boss is still the Boss. I happen to enjoy the one with the kid beefing himself up and the song in the background music was “You’re The Best, The Best” got a couple good ones there. Hey but I’m gonna try your show Flack and see what’s what. Sending you sunshine and waves hermano 🙂

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    • Everything about The Wire is exceptional. From the stories to the writing to the acting, everything. There is no weak spot. And the quotes leading into every show, just classic.

      I’ve been told Peaky Blinders is a worthy watch.

      I had to go back and check out some of the Super Bowl commercials since I missed most of them this year. I really liked the Boss. And Will Ferrell too.

      Sunshine and waves back atcha

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      • Norway we’re coming for you! Cracked me up Will Ferrell 🙂 Norway came back with don’t bring mackerel to a salmon fight and I nearly fell off the couch laughing. And yes to everything you said about The Wire. Yes. Tim sure there are some I missed but I’ll catch them on the flip side. By order of the Peaky Blinders… salutations and good vibrations your way.

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