Stay Simple . . Ponyboy

When it comes to comment threads, I don’t partake. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been a joiner . . outside of of that one summer in high school when I went with my girlfriend to a nude beach and almost went blind. Worst ten minutes of my life. Or maybe it’s the expectation that bloggers need to immerse themselves in the thread if they’re true bloggers. Like, who in the blessed hell comes up with rules like that? And are they the same peeps who decided it was okay to allow anyone onto a nude beach?

To paraphrase the late, great Vito Corleone, it makes no difference to me what other bloggers do. If they write a post with the express written intent to grow a thread, that’s their business. But for me? I like to keep things simpler than Simon on a budget.

So it went against my norm when I began reading comments on YouTube recently. You see, reading comments on this platinum patch of piddle earth is seriously redundant shit. As it is, you age five times faster as soon as you log onto the site thanks to all the time you’re usually wasting. And while this may not be scientifically proven (yet), Imma go with it.

It gets worse. I even began commenting to certain comments, which repulses me more than I can tell you as I read this sentence back to myself. I’ve kept my thread count to a minimum on the platform, since I’m usually logged on to find somethings (Yes, plural. I’m a professional). But as with any site worth its ad revenue, you’re gonna stumble across more rabbit holes than a Warner Brothers cartoon. And I have.

And then this happened . . .

On April 9th, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh died at the age of 99. On the same day, superstar rapper BMX died at the age of a lot younger than that. In life, you would be hard pressed to find two more disparate individuals. In death, it was the same. Because whereas Philip died of 99, BMX died of a drug overdose.

And then I clicked on a tribute video to Prince Philip and while you may be thinking that makes me uncool . . more to the truth it’s because I’m uncultured. I knew way more about BMX than I did about a man who lived a history book. After the video had concluded, I scrolled down. One comment after another paid tribute, not to Prince Philip but to BMX. And many didn’t leave it at that, nope. They disparaged Philip while mourning a rapper gone too soon. As if the Duke of Edinburgh was responsible for the demons of a man he never even met.

I was perilously close to throwing down on these cretins before I realized it was my fault for having visited the comment thread in the first place. It was as if the Universe had tapped me on the shoulder, imploring me to Stay in your lane, schmuck! For one thing, I was honored that the Universe had taken time out of it’s uber-busy day to personally reprimand me. And for another, the Universe was absolutely right.

And for one last thing . . the Universe sounds a hell of a lot like Mel Brooks.





84 thoughts on “Stay Simple . . Ponyboy

  1. Every now and then I can hear the universe and you were right it does sound like Mel Brooks! And I have never heard of BMX. Did that not used to be a bike! I’m pretty sure it’s a bike. As for Prince Philip, he actually was an honourable man. Nowadays people don’t know what that means. As for threads, I only use them to sew on a button.

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    • Right? I’m glad it’s not just me.

      It WAS a bike! And he was a rapper, which is akin to being a modern day philosopher. Think Plato, with cool sneakers.

      Philip was an extraordinarily interesting person and to find disparaging comments about him on that thread, well . . . I guess I asked for it by going there in the first place.

      Nice one! Imma use that. 😉

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  2. I never understood the need to comment just for the sake of commenting, even though I do comment on things regularly. This comment was brought to you by a hypocrite commenter.
    Some people just like hearing themselves type, I think!

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    • Zoe

      Me either. There was a time, on a different blog with a much different purpose, where I commented back and forth on my blog and others, to peeps who weren’t even talking to me. But it was never me it was never my personality. So now I reserve my comments for my blog and it works for me, simple as Simon.

      And no, you ain’t a hypocrite for doing what you feel like doing. I think sometimes we get wrapped up in this idea of what blogging has to look like. We just have to be ourselves.

      It’s funny, because whenever I hear someone type on a show or movie, I cringe . . like “Is that how I sound?”.


  3. Ok. Hear me out. I can’t help replying because I feel some strange guilt if I am not nice to everyone who comments. Like I feel this crazy obligation. I have problems.
    Tag. You’re it.

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    • Val,

      Oh, I comment back to everyone who comments on anything I write. Yeah that is a given for me as well. But commenting on someone else’s comment TO someone else? Either on my blog or elsewhere? I don’t do it. It’s just not my personality.

      Like, if I’m at a party, I CAN mingle just fine but I prefer to find a person, maybe two, who I connect with and I usually stay there.

      The fact that I can be the same person on my blog, it’s comforting to me.

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  4. I try not to read comments of anything but my own blog….and even then I wonder if I should…the things people say and think these days…I was trying to think of a good brooks quote but I’m brain dead this morning…well, this morning is no different than most, but you get the drift

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    • LA

      I just feel like, there are so many different ways to blog, yanno? Some people do it simply to create something out of the mystic. Some do it to connect, some to brand themselves . . and on and on it goes. And what MAKES the community interesting is that we can all co-exist here. I dig that.

      The rules of blogging are really simple. Be yourself.

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        • Careful, I’m not along enough in my day to seriously contemplate that. I mean, peak time for such a thought, for me? Okay, after a good drink. From there I can make a song of it, but before such time . . . the smoke coming from my head, it scares the shit out of the cats.

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          • Ahhhh….poor kitties. But I thought if this recently. The down side to my blog becoming more “popular” is that now I get trolls. And the troll will take one thing about me and assume that I’m a certain “way”. They don’t see me, as a unique individual. They are quick to assign me to a group…they don’t see “me” they see what they want me to be. Apologize to the cats for me….😉

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          • The kiddens are pretty resilient, seeing as how they’re spoiled as all get out.

            I’ve not had the pleasure of trolls on my blog, outside of a blogger a few years back giving me shit about a post. I forget the post to tell you the truth. But I went back at him and then he apologized. I wish I remembered the post.

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          • This has only happened recently, but it’s happening. One person who only comes out if they woodwork every few months has recently started commenting every day because I think I annoyed them by putting them in SPAM

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  5. Love your comment about almost going blind from visiting a nude beach. Can’t imagine the things there one wouldn’t want to actually see.

    Regarding comment threads … I try to stay away from them, but I’m probably not as successful as you are. Too frequently, I find myself reading an article or a post and thinking “what are other people saying and thinking about what I just read.” So I start looking at the comments and there typically is a whole lot of “UGH!” going on there — it is where all of the anger and rage shows up, swallowing any possibility of a rational conversation about the topic of the post/article.

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  6. B,

    After reading this post, I meandered my way down to the comment section…. reading the exchanges that have already taken place (damn my having to work, anyway). Depending on the blogger, I will take a look-see because in some cases, the exchanges are almost better than the post. But those are a select few. And on those blogs, the exchanges are all friendly. It is a community and, as you said, it is a choice to join or not. Respect must be given for those wishing to partake and for those who prefer not to.

    As for reading comments on YouTube or Twitter? Holy mother of Hell! What is THAT? The anonymity provided by social media sure gives people a “right” to spew all sorts of shit. I have not been able to participate in these exchanges because most of them are Neanderthals – no wait, that is not fair to man’s earlier version… but you get my drift. Education is particularly lacking there.

    Why in the hell would anyone comment on BMX (I, too, remember it being a bike) on a post commemorating Prince Philip? And it sucks to be you, Mr. Rapper, to die on the same day as royalty. Kinda like poor Farah Fawcett having the misfortune to die on the same day as that other royalty Michael Jackson. Still. these trolls, and they are trolls, have nothing better to do with their time. How about you leave the Prince Philip one and go find the BMX one? Crazy idea, ain’t it?

    Thanks for sharing a most interesting view of things.


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  7. Duuuuuuude nude beach! I be hearing about those. What a trip. Don’t know if I’d be able to go to one, though. When I used to go to the gym back hundreds of years ago, women be walking around completely naked in the locker room, covering only their hair in a towel. There’s no need to be naked if you’re putting on mascara, like no need. I be like dude you need more than just your flip-flops right now.

    Anyhow, I be hearing about that comment section. I imagine it’s like a Facebook, Twitter, instagram feed deal. I usually watch what I watch and then move on as I make the video big enough to take over the whole screen and not see the comments. But when I go back to search something else, sometimes that first or second comment at the top is showing. I think they do that on purpose to entice you and be like look you too can waste time on what that person is saying. And most of the time the comment at the top was like Who’s here in 2020? WHAT is that about?! I don’t get that. I imagine most of the comments are like that or are just for the author of the post/story so after the first two I skip it and try to not look at the comments. But I bet they would make for a funny post in the future … A Conversation on YouTube or The Times or whatever comment section you’re on, maybe people are so isolated they need to comment or maybe their such jerks that they be pouring hate on someone else. I save my comments for WordPress, which is the only place I’ve commented on, other than on friends’ Facebook when I had it. This right here though, for the most part is pretty positive community:) so I stick with that. But maybe I’ll check out and read other sites as a anthropological experiment. Maybe not. Handmaid’s Tale is coming back and it provides sufficient enough rage. Sunshine and waves, my friend 🙂

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    • That’s like when I used to belong to a gym, when I was in my twenties and early thirties. Some dudes are just letting it hang out and no, that’s just not good for anybody.

      See? You’re smart. I can learn much from you, my homie. I don’t know why I started reading comments on YouTube and then started responding to comments and then and then and ugh! But yeah, all kinds of carazy goes on, including what you spoke about . . why DO people say that in a comment? Like . . Who’s Here After Watching Justice League? Yikes.

      Sunshine and waves hermana

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      • Yes! “And no” is the most appropriate response ever that I was feeling. And no. I actually thought of you today as I watched John Oliver and said OK let me scroll down through the responses … some were agreeable others were straight out angry. I just shook my head. People do comment a lot though and I guess the more heated the topic the more response … but you do feel that urge to be like let me tell this fool something. Good thing I don’t have an account 🙂 yea yeah Who’s Here after watching Justice League? Ha! That too 🙂 Big laughs hermano:)

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        • I stayed away from political comment threads, for the most part. I DID get into it a few times and the comebacks are so predictable. Stuff like “Oh, you probably watch the Communist News Network!” (CNN), and “You’re a socialist!”. Nothing of substance, like . . ever.


  8. Yeah, YouTube can be just as much if not more toxic than Facebook on the comments department. I don’t need to know every strange person’s inner thoughts on any topic. If I want to know for instance, how to change a faucet, I will only briefly scan the comments that might show a helpful tip or tool I should get, otherwise, it’s watch the vid and adios. People are just way too familiar with complete strangers online and I sure as heck don’t need the brain damage or the ick factor for the cruder commenters. No siree, thank you very much. It’s sad I have to rewire my brain to avoid diving into all the comments on social media platforms, but there’s enough out there to make my blood pressure rise. Self preservation is a powerful motivator.

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  9. I would never even think to read comments on YouTube, much less actually respond to them. There sure seems to be an excess of inanity in the world of online. Glad you pulled away in time to save your soul!

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  10. when we start commenting – we can’t stop?? LOL agreed about the unnecessary threads (or getting the comment just for the comment’s sake). Hm, I actually think if I need comments at all during the summer 😶☝️🤔

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  11. Piercing commentary, my man. Love your turn of phrase – the work of a professional, as you say. Duke of f****ing Edinburgh…. I love the BBC – adore it, man – but to see it go full North Korea mode last week was nauseating. Sorry, but these dukes, barons, viscounts and princesses etc should be swinging from a lamp post. Apologies for the rant. Keep up the great work, cheers

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  12. SMH at what you saw down the rabbit hole. Most of these young’uns have no appreciation for their elders. By elders I mean people who actually fought in or at least lived through wars and are still trying, long after they should have been able to sit back and relax and let the rest of the world go to hell, to make a better future.

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    • It was depressing, it was frightening, it was sad . .just another day on the YouTube comment threads, I’m guessing.

      As far as -isms go, ageism is everywhere. It’s rampant. It’s as if what happened in the rear view doesn’t matter in the least bit now.

      And then people wonder why we always repeat history . . .

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