19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I love this Dale. The waterfall in the distance.and how the light glimmers on the water. Is that remnants of snow in the forefront? It’s very calming to look at, especially first light, the day beginning.

    I really like that Marco encourages you to appear on Wednesdays. Such a boon for all. 🙂 Susannah

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  2. Q

    There is a duality to this image. One side feels eerie and slightly ominous, as if the scene is narrating a larger picture and the landscape is a hopeless place. And then you flip the coin and you have the other side, hopeful, the beginning, a fresh start.

    Maybe it was the shadow effect you so expertly framed that had me contemplating. 😉


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    • B,

      How interesting. I love what you see in this image. Sometimes I choose a picture for WW and I’m not even sure why. And then I get a comment like this that makes me look at my picture with new eyes.

      Maybe it was! Whatever it was, I’m rather glad it had you contemplating. This is one of the reasons I love participating on Wednesdays.


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      • It’s your fault, of course. If you weren’t such a wiz with that camera of yours, I would just be seeing a body of water.

        I think you have several sets of eyes, with your inner artist coming out to bloom when you press go. Because there is so much to see in your images, which means you’ve got that special gift for finding them.

        Contemplative in a positive sense? Imma take that and run. Or in this instance Imma swim!


    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thank you for your kind words! It was such a great day to walk as there was the lightest of rains (and no people!) And the woods were alive with sounds of all sorts of birds. And then this. The water rushing? Yummy.

      Shalom and lots of grateful love.


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