Heroes Of The Week! (Oscar Do-Over Edition!)

Chadwick Boseman: Ma Rainey's Black Bottom trailer shows final film made before star's death | Ents & Arts News | Sky News

I’ve been perusing my earliest Heroes ventures, which read more like gentle nudges of penmanship wrapped in sardonic wit. They were pithy little beasts whose fantastic was still in transit. These episodes didn’t go optimum until y’all fed the comment pool with ever more interesting ideas, anecdotes and thoughts. So thank you for helping Fridays grow, and the end song? It’s what I think of you.

Alright, this week is Oscar themed, seeing as how the annual gold gitting gala was an entirely forgettable calamity of errors and omissions. To borrow me some Bono, we’re stealing it back this week.

Let’s get to the awards . . .

angry little Matt Gaetz statue image 0

The award for Lolita goes to . . . 

Matt Gaetz (Marco, Producer) Whose indecent proposals would be the lead story, every morning, on Fox and Friends if he was a democrat. This bobblehead is the poster boy for the “Do as I say” hypocrites who get all holier than thou six days a week and then show up to church on Sunday to network more of their dirty laundry. He preached the need for “decorum” in ostracizing Nancy Pelosi’s stunt at the 2020 State of the Union but was plenty fine inviting a Holocaust denier to the event a couple years prior. He defended Kyle Rittenhouse after the 17 year old shot and killed two people and injured another during a protest of the Jacob Blake shooting in Wisconsin. He voted no to a human trafficking bill because well . . he would’ve been implicated! The charges against this asshole were so radioactive, even Trump could not defend him. If that doesn’t rate as a Holy Shit!, I don’t know what does.

The award for Toy Story goes to . . .

A group of Arizona cops, the Tempe Officers Association and Walmart (Dale @ A Dalectable Life, Producer) When thieves stole four-year-old Gerald Philbrook’s favorite tractor (I mean . . seriously!), it was the men and women in blue who stepped up and made things right. After reading Peter Philbrook’s account of the theft of his son’s ride on his Facebook page, officers carried out a search which proved fruitless. So they coordinated with the good folks at the local Walmart and purchased a replica John Deere tractor for little Gerald, complete with a personalized license plate. Here’s to the good guys. All of them.A rare cancer forced him to give up baseball. He returned for a final game to pitch a no-hitter. | WNCT

The award for The Natural goes to . . . 

Eighteen-year-old Walker Smallwood of Dixie Heights High School (A Frank Angle, Producer) At fifteen, Walker was diagnosed with bone cancer. So he hung up his cleats and fought, hard. Three long years filled with surgeries, chemo cycles and treatments until the day arrived when he got the news that his cancer was in remission. To celebrate, Walker wanted one more chance on the mound, for old time’s sake. He figured on getting out there for an inning, and so he did just that. But wait, there’s more. Or should I say, less.


Walker pitched a hitless first inning . . and a hitless second inning . . . and yeah, a hitless third, and fourth and before he knew it, he’d gone the distance, striking out nineteen and pitching a no-hitter.

“I definitely appreciate everything more and now I just get to look back and be thankful.” Said Walker. ” I mean, every time I wake up, I’m happy. I know that tomorrow it can all be over, but you’ve just got to enjoy whatever you have that day.”

Ray Kinsella couldn’t have written a better ending.

The award for Funny Girl goes to . . .

Aparna Nancherla (Marco, Producer) She talks about anxiety and depression the way it needs to be talked about. With comedy. Because we consider it to be our best medicine.

Climate Activist Cleaned Up Litter at a Canyon for 589 Days Straight |

The award for Into The Wild goes to . . . 

Edgar McGregor (A Frank Angle, Producer) When Edgar made up his mind to clean up one of his favorite hiking trails, he figured it was probably going to take a weekend. His innocent climb began as he took his first steps through Eaton Canyon in Southern California with the sun as his partner and a dream in his back pocket. And then it hit him that maybe this dream of his was going to take a little longer than he’d bargained for.

His labor of love was an equally distributed enterprise that bled through one calendar year and then a lot more than that. And when he finally settled up with Mother Nature, he’d gone 589 consecutive days; picking up trash in every kind of weather until he’d collected something in the neighborhood of . . . get this, 15,000 pounds. 

This humble journey took on a life of its own, inspiring people around the globe to clean up their favorite hiking trails and parks as well. It was as if the man took that dream out of his back pocket and paid it forward to the whole wide world.

Now that’s a stimulus check.

She's Starting College at Age 12, With Plans to Be a NASA Engineer

And for our last presentation of the evening, the award for A Star Is Born goes to . . .

Alena Analeigh (Dale @ A Dalectable Life, Producer) There are four billions stars in our galaxy alone, and twelve-year-old Alena is busy writing her name into that deep blue silk with dreams that promise to lasso the moon. Her vision of the world has always been that it’s a nice place to visit, but she’ll never want to live here. Since she was knee high to a Rover, she’s dreamt of learning more about all the places she could not touch; which is something you’ll find in the DNA of every great explorer.

Already a high school graduate, next month she’ll be attending Arizona State University via remote learning. She’ll be pulling a double major in astronomical/planetary science and chemistry with the goal of becoming a NASA engineer by the time she’s 16. Which isn’t your typical teenage game plan, but yanno . . she’s not going to be typical. At anything.

“I’ll be driving one of those future space mobiles by the time I graduate college,” she says. And she’ll carry forever in her hands, where it will be nestled safely to a boundless passion and a brilliant mind.

It is in the smallness of humankind that we find our nobility. To crease the mysteries and loose impossible answers out of the mighty darkness is where fears get settled and history gets made. And to this end, the fiery spirit of a young girl’s dreams to visit the unfound places and to write them into being provides all of us with a sense of wonder. But more than that, it fills us with a precious faith.

For our world, and all the worlds to come.

78 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week! (Oscar Do-Over Edition!)

  1. In the words of the late, great Harry Carey, “It might be. It could be. It is … a home run … Holy Cow … That ball is on a Waveland Avenue roof!” A great collection of winners. Alena – wow – now that’s smart! Walker – now that’s extra special. Too bad they had to share space with pathetic human Matt Getz – but that’s also life.

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    • The Waveland Avenue Express! I dig it, I dig it!

      This was the awards show to end all awards shows, with Alena shining so brightly. The idea that she wants to BE a Nasa engineer by the age of sixteen . . just wow.

      Welp, I promise you guys Matt Gaetz. And there he was. Yanno . . the more you read about the guy, the dirtier you feel.

      To the stars!


  2. All super impressive ‘Oscars’ to say the least. I especially got goosebumps reading about Walker Smallwood. Nothing small about that young man. Bravo to all the winners. We need more of them to dilute the stink from the Matt Gaetz’s of the world.

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  3. Loved that you smacked Nancy since, I’d so love to. Between her scarves and remark thanking George Floyd for donating his life, or whatever the fuck she said…it’s like, are you really Italian cause you need a few lessons in how to behave. Where Clemenza when you need him. This week’s heroes has made me ornery, provoked and conscious, which is what it’s supposed to do, right Mr. Imma?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. First off … Tina Turner. YES! Love that! She is such a super rock star.

    I don’t feel that disgusting maggot deserves to be on this post he is such a disgrace. Who votes against trafficking? Ugh I echo everything you said on that. But on a more positive note that baseball player?! C’mon now! What a heart-warming story. Cancer sucks. Glad he was able to take the mound again and dominate. I super enjoyed reading that one, and the guy who cleaned that trail for over a year. Wow! Definitely Good Samaritan. I do not know why people just can’t pick up after themselves. I’m glad people like this are out there going the extra mile to help. High five to your feel-good stories 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cali

      Tina retired from singing, I think? Not sure. But she did have that fastball for a mighty long and illustrious career.

      The maggot needs to be ‘sunlighted’. I can’t sit by and not mention him, it bothers me to ignore the dark. But I AM dark a lot of the time, so to me, writing about someone like him makes me feel like “Yeah, you got significant issues homie, but at least you’re not that”.

      Walker Smallwood. The name alone is a home run. Thing is, he ain’t allow home runs. He’s a Kinsella special, tell you what.

      McGregor went above and beyond for a weekend . . and then another year and a half! Unreal.

      High five to YOU!

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      • That jackass pimple of the face of existence. I get what you mean you have to write and expose what they do or say otherwise they be thinking nothing wrong with what I do when no one is looking. I get it, I agree but I wish the headline read Prison Time for Mr. Florida for sex with minors. That would be his highlight reel. But as for the good guys …
        Walker Smallwood. Yeaaaaah that’s definitely a ball player’s name no doubt! Special Indeed. McGregor … yeah him too. 🙂 Sunshine and waves hermano

        Liked by 1 person

        • And now we have Josh Duggar, of the Holier than Thou Duggars who insisted it was God’s will to have 19 children (It wasn’t). So eldest son Josh was into child porn, which I assume wasn’t in that horrible show that TMC put on years back.

          The heroes won the day. Walker and Alena and McGregor leading the way . . .


  5. I haven’t stopped singing that song since I heard Tina’s voice again! It’s a good song. All week we hear about travesties and sickness and horrors all over the world. Your Friday post it’s like an anchor in a raging sea of hatred. I need the smiles, the tears the chuckles of feel good stories. And you provide that. You are the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right? I was doing the same Pam.

      I like that. The raging sea of hatred needs to get in the ring on Fridays . . so it can get knocked out. It’s the way I approach it, and I appreciate you, so much.

      Have a great weekend

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  6. Dear B,

    Amazing how your “little” Heroes posts have transformed over the years – it has become what we wait for all week long.

    In a sense, I’m glad you put Gaetz first because yes, we do feel dirty after reading about him bu then you showered us with all the beautiful love that followed. And now that you’ve written about him, we can cross him off, yes?

    That was a sweet story and I’m glad you felt it worthy of a spot this week. The boys and girls in blue are mostly good guys and gals and we need to remind people of that.

    Frank’s story about Walker Smallwood is definitely Oscar-worthy! Hey, MGM! Put that one on the big screen, how ’bout it? What a heart-warming story!

    Great find with Aparna Nancherla!

    Frank’s second offering is double-edged. Why should he even have to be cleaning up? What is wrong with people, the world over. I swear (often), I just can’t understand peeps who just throw their garbage all over the place while on a hike. That said. Kudos to him. 15,000 pounds? At lease others are inspired to do the same – and maybe he can inspire the slobs to stop in the first place?

    Doesn’t Alena Analeigh just blow your mind? What were you doing at 12? I know I was busy playing sports, hanging with my friends. High school GRADUATE? No, she is definitely not your typical teenager. We will be hearing her name again, I’ve no doubt.

    Your last paragraph (before the last line) is what your beautiful writing is all about. Thank you for being you and for bringing these stories out for all to read and learn.

    Lotsa love,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Q

      The little corners of the world are necessary places. Where we can eat, drink and be Mary . . or something like that.

      From Gaetz we go to Duggar, so the creepiest of creepy creepers has no real end to it. But these are the realities of the world. It’s no cupcake sale. Why do you think weed, beverages of choice and prescription drugs are so popular? 😉

      They got the job done, as they so often do. Now if the police unions would only hold the bad cops accountable, we would have these stories to feature rather than tragedies on the daily ticker.

      Walker Smallwood has quite the delivery too. I hope John Cusack is watching, because THAT is how you bring the heater! Kudos to this Oscar winning kid.

      Aparna is great stuff.

      Easy way to stop this shit from happening. BIG fines. I mean, really hit peeps who do it to be dicks. Hit them hard and guess what? Yeah, no need to spend a year and a half cleaning up.

      Alena is not twelve. She’s a grown up walking around in a twelve year old’s body. Her prodigious journey to the stars is going to take us all in, you’re right.

      Thank U for bringing the stories! MUAH!


      Liked by 1 person

      • Hah! Right! Something like that.

        I fear there will never be an end to the creepies so yeah… said items that help alter reality for a while (taken responsibly) will always be popular.

        Yes. There’s the rub. Their unions really have to pick up their socks, as we say and clean house.

        Yo! John Cusak! Over here! What say you?

        She is.

        Ever notice how there are signs posted at the entries of most parks? Some amount will be fined if caught. Why don’t they ever get caught?

        No kidding! That child was never a child. We will be hearing great things, of that I’ve no doubt.

        You know it! I like to help out when I can! MWAH!

        Liked by 1 person

        • It’s always something like that 😉

          As someone somewhere once said, “If you can understand the world while you’re sober, you are a liar.”. Maybe it was me who said that.

          The talking heads will rail on about how cops are being persecuted but that’s not it. Cops ARE being challenged. It’s time the bosses stepped up to it.

          He can hold a boombox, but he has trouble with the curve.


          I will volunteer to fine the imbeciles if need be. Something to do while I hike . . .

          Books, maybe even a reality series worth watching!

          You do it so well. MUAH!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Uh huh.

            Hah! I feel this is something you would say.

            Cops need to be challenged and yes, the bosses need to do their due diligence.

            So you were saying – I still have to check it ou 😉

            I like that – seriousless…

            Yeah. I especially lose a gasket when there is trash ten feet from a bin. Seriously? Was it that hard to walk over and put it in?

            Story of how she got to be the Queen of Space… It would sell.

            Thank you, kindly. MWAH!

            Liked by 1 person

          • I’m always saying something.

            If the bosses don’t start listening, they’ll be out of a job, simple as that.


            The alias for this blog.

            People LOVE to talk about green but they don’t actually care about being green. It’s like the million and one other things that people say . . whilst doing the exact opposite thing. Ahhhh, humankind.

            The Queen of Space, nice ring to it.


            Liked by 1 person

          • Yes, you are. And lots of it witty and fun and snarky and sarcastic (don’t try) and smart…

            They should!

            I will.

            A pretty good one, I say.

            They do. They get all holier than thou (make you think of anything?) going on and on and judging you and then turning around and throwing their shit out of the car window…

            It does.


            Liked by 1 person

          • I’m taking online courses in sarcasm, it’s really coming along!



            Me two.

            The Duggars called. They want their sanctimony back . .


            Liked by 1 person

          • Now YOU’RE using sarcasm right? To test me? Well, I know how to identify it now, that was early on in the course . . .

            Mmm Hmm
            Mmm Hmm
            Mmm Hmm

            Where’s that reality show when we REALLY would have watched it?


            Liked by 1 person

  7. Tina is one of the best! I’m shivering as I listen.
    I totally enjoy your heroes and zeroes posts. I have never disagreed with you and your guest producers.
    You & they are some of the best!
    Tina is one of my many heroes.

    Liked by 1 person

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