Heroes Of The Week!

An artist stands in front of a large mural of the face of a young person wearing a mask.

Brazilian graffiti artist Eduardo Kobra completing his mural Coexistence-Memorial of Faith for All Victims of COVID-19

As for the week that was? It was partly spring-like with a predictable amount of nonsense thrown in for good measure. Aaron Rodgers’s future might be in Jeopardy, Florida signed into law new voting restrictions, with Texas close behind, and McDonalds still won’t honor my request to bring back the Patty Melt.

So, it’s a good time to get started on the weekend by launching into another episode, and . . . here . . . we . . . go! . . .

Dropping the mic with class: I am no longer in the same space as Liz Cheney, politically speaking, but her impassioned speech the other night before Congress deserves a special mention today. Because it speaks to how we are supposed to behave in a democracy. Our union is tenuous because consensus has given way to contention, dialogue has given way to vitriolic disagreement. Her ouster proves that her party is intent on drawing a line in quicksand.

What Is Happening to the Republicans? | The New Yorker

Like a termite that’s choking on the splinters: The Republican party hitched their star to Trump in 2016 because they had become the political equivalent of Seinfeld; they had become a party about nothing. In the five years since then, they’ve done little to change this fact. And now they have a vengeful former President intent on delivering death blows to those GOP members he believes did him dirty. The loudest voices are the ones driving this party bus right over the cliff, and they’re turning the GOP into a self-destructive prophecy.

Two-way star Shohei Ohtani pitches gem, plays outfield, makes history in Angels' loss to Astros - CBSSports.com

The Shohei Kid Strikes Again: The California Angels have themselves a bona-fide rock star sidekick to go alongside baseball’s best player, Mike Trout. Shohei Ohtani’s magic was on full display the other night against the Houston Astros. He pitched seven innings, allowing one run on four hits while striking out ten. He also singled once in four plate appearances while remaining tied for the league lead in HR’s with 10. The last time the majors saw this kind of two-way excellence? Woodrow Wilson was President, and a fellow named Babe Ruth was doing it . . for the Boston Red Sox.

18-year-old Joshua Nelson standing with Katie Krodinger and Lenell Hahn, shows off the scholarship given to him by Southeast Missouri State University.

Too Cool for School: Joshua Nelson’s dream of going to college was busy figuring itself out a long time ago. The senior at St. Charles West High School is a member of the National Honor Society, the National Society of Black Engineers and the Black Student Union. Outside of the classroom, he’s also the President of the school’s Multicultural Achievement Council (MAC). It’s a program that helps underrepresented kids get ready for college and a career. Nelson also plays on the varsity basketball team and is a tutor for kids at the Boys and Girls Club.

So with the future squarely in his sights, he had taken to saving up some money for the next chapter of his life. And then he got the call. He had scored a full ride to Southeast Missouri State University. He was one of only five applications to received the President’s Scholarship.

And so with the $1,000 he’d been saving up for college . . of course he decided to pay it forward. And he’s hoping that others will help match his starting donation so that more students can be provided with assistance in achieving their dreams. Because while some people believe that creating wealth is an individual pursuit, Joshua Nelson sees it differently.

Dreams should be shared.

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.
-Nelson Mandela 

When you look at the above image, you cannot help but think that tragedy ruled the day. And if not for Jonathan Bauer, you would have been right.

A five-car pileup on the Route 90 bridge over Maryland’s Assawoman Bay sent eight people to the hospital, and yeah . . that truck. Dangling precipitously over the edge, the collision ejected a toddler into the bay waters. Jonathan and his teenage daughter Ava came upon the pileup and that’s when dad went superhero. After making sure his daughter was good, he moved to the guardrail and found the toddler floating on her back. When the waves turned her over, Jonathan jumped into action. Literally.

The man with a fear of heights took the forty foot plunge into the water and held to the toddler while patting her back until he had opened her airway. A couple of nearby boaters then got them to shore, after which the twenty-three month old was airlifted to Johns Hopkins where she was evaluated and later released. She’s expected to make a full recovery.

Like any superhero worth their cape, Bauer didn’t stick around for the photo-op. He was plenty fine with knowing he had done his part to avert certain tragedy. His neighbors and friends? They had something else in mind, and so Bauer and his daughter Ava were re-united with the boaters who had joined in the rescue, as well as the first responders who arrived soon after. The Mayor saved the morning for him and Bauer even got a plaque. But the best reward of all?

A little girl turns two later this month.


82 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. That story about Bauer brought chills, Pilgrim. To be ejected into the water was way better than the pavement. Then to have that miracle in jeopardy only underscores the importance of Bauer’s bravery. Joshua Nelson’s story was heartwarming. Shohei Ohtani is good for baseball, no doubt. The Republicans are off the rail. They need to dump the orange one and get a real platform. Well done this week, Marc.

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  2. The GOP as the party of nothing … that really is the best, most concise description of what the GOP has become ever since Obama was elected, with an even sharper turn into nothingness now.

    Shohei Ohtani — The best player in baseball and Ohtani’s magic this year still can’t produce a competitive team in Anaheim. It’s a shame that Trout has been stuck there for his entire career, barely sniffing competitiveness the entire time. Just goes to show how hard it is to develop a winning team in MLB.

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  3. B,

    What a beautiful image to start this episode with. Dang McDonald’s for dissing you.

    I think Liz Cheney’s speech is brave and honest and heartfelt. No matter which party one is voting for, one should be able to respect what she did. We have lost the ability to disagree in a graceful manner. You are right: dialogue has disappeared. That her party ousted her for this proves they are completely lost.

    Love that: Like a termite that’s choking on the splinters! Perfect comparison to the GOP.

    So… you telling me I gotta check out this Shohei Ohtani kid?

    Joshua Nelson – really, after reading all that he has done and all that he is a member of, it’s not surprising he would share his earnings to help others. What a lovely human he is. He will go far.

    I got chills and shivers on top of my goosebumps reading about Jonathan Bauer’s act of bravery. You chose the perfect Mandela quote to apply to Bauer’s actions. Talk about a selfless act – in the sense that he put his self aside for another and, in the process, has conquered a huge fear. Shout out to the boaters who came and did their part.

    Oh man. what a beautiful and perfect song to accompany this wonderful post.


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  4. Fealty to the Orange Menace is the only thing that matters to him and his ilk. Nevermind that Liz voted 92.9% of the time on his agenda. Had she and others spoken out about him back in the day, perhaps he wouldn’t have such a death grip on the party’s throat.

    Those two stories (Joshua Nelson’s full college ride and paying if forward, along with Jonathan Bauer’s true heroics) really touched my heart. Maybe there’s hope for this country yet with folks like those guys.

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    • Fealty goes in the file.

      Welp, it’s too late now. The proverbial cat is out of the bag and who knows what its next move will be.

      Heroism, at its best. And man, do we need more of it.

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  5. I become disillusioned with what’s going on in the world until I read some of your stories. The media has been feeding us salacious and negative stories for so long people now seem to crave it. It’s like feeding a small child a diet of sugar and fried foods. They grow up knowing the only bad. The media needs to start feeding us hope and inspiration. Maybe then the world would start to change the way it supposed to.

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    • This is the sad truth, Pam.

      I really don’t watch any news any longer. I read up, but I look for stories that are relevant to me. I can’t tell you how much crap I have to filter out to get there sometimes.

      That was a great analogy about what we are “eating”. It’s so true.

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  6. I can pick anyone this week, Mr. Imma, but I got Elizabeth Lynne Chaney on my mind. I think it REALLY BLOWS what they did, the creeps that be, who only care for themselves still tap dancing to the red-haired Captain Bligh.

    A friend I mewled to on Liz’s behalf said…yeah but she’s still a conservative and a nut like her father. Don’t raise her to sainthood Susannah.

    Okay Sparky, this is what I know.





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    • If you never saw the Dark Knight movie with Heath Ledger, it’s Trump and the GOP to a tee- the Republicans are the mob and Trump is the Joker, of course.

      I have no issues with conservatives. Free country and all. But I do have an issue with how they’re rudderless lemmings. Over the last couple decades, they lost any substance they had.

      Liz made mistakes, but unlike many in her party, she’s owning them.

      I love that passion by the Thin Girl! As IF there was any doubt you would make a kick-ass Chief of Staff. Never a doubt in my mind.


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  7. I have zero respect for the party of Nothing. I don’t even bother to read about them anymore, because how I spend my time needs to be about something worthwhile. And you have come through again.

    I just completed a round trip to visit family and learned just how horrid humanity can be – preying on my 85-year-old aunt. Ugh. Always look forward to your antidote on Fridays.

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    • They deserve none. And the worst is yet to come for the party. Hopefully it doesn’t lead to more violent outbreaks like we saw in January.

      Oh no, that doesn’t sound good at all.

      Fridays are the tonic, you know it Eilene. 🙂

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  8. I totally disagree wit Liz’s political position, BUT I sure admire her honesty stance. Go Liz!
    Assawoman …. ???? where did a name like …. OH never mind.
    I do love the tale about the baby being rescued. Def a hero!
    The Youngbloods song (which I like) reveals your inner softy!

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  9. Hi there – such a hero that Jonathan Bauer – and glad he got the plaque and that the toddler is alive and well – thanks for the uplifting post sorry less – and hope your week is off to a nice start

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