Just Sayin’ with Frank

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Greetings everyone. Frank here – once known as A Frank Angle – now the guy at Beach Walk Reflections.

After the past 18 months or so, COVID-19 remains major news – especially the information blitz about the vaccine. Even though the November USA election was 7 months ago, it is still embedded in the news. Imma, Marc’s Director of Strategic Applications of Rhetorical Communications Articulating Substantive Musings, asked me to do some good old investigative journalism. So, in the spirit of Sherriff John Thurston Howell XIV, I’m here to give 12 correlations between vaccine resistance and the November election that I discovered by listening to people.

12) I’m not getting the vaccine because more people died from the flu than COVID, and I know Trump won the election because the Democrats stole it. Keep America First!

11) I’m not getting the vaccine because the government funding was for implanting a tracking device into our body, and I know any person who won the election by a landslide cannot be declared the loser unless there is fraud. Break up Big Pharma! Oh wait! Where’s my phone?

10) I’m not getting the vaccine because the government has taken my freedom away. Besides, Americans did not start dying from the virus until masks were ordered, and there is no doubt Antifa caused the January 6th event at the Capitol that wasn’t an insurrection. I want my country back!

9) I’m not getting the vaccine because it will alter my DNA causing me to vote for a Democrat in the future, and I’ve always questioned election results but now Donald Trump confirmed my beliefs. Make America Great Again!

8) I’m not getting the vaccine because it will cause infertility and miscarriages, and I know Facebook used UFOs to disrupt the electrical grid so they could hack into election computers. Merry Christmas!

7) I’m not getting the vaccine because the mRNA technology is new and will lead to genetic engineering. Because of Charles Darwin, we know what Hitler tried to do, and President Trump’s advisor said he would win if he got 64 million votes, and he received over 70 million. Trump is a gift from God, so cheating is the only way he could lose!

6) I’m not getting the vaccine because they developed the vaccine too fast, so it can’t be safe, and I saw the video on YouTube of uncounted ballots going into dumpsters and through shredders before Google took down the video. Break up Big Tech!

5) I’m not getting the vaccine because it is new and we don’t know the long-term effects, and everyone knows that software can be programmed to flip votes, plus Rudi Guiliani always tells the truth. That’s why he’s America’s Mayor!

4) I’m not getting the vaccine because I had COVID-19 so I already have immunity, plus Joe Biden hid the fact that Osama bin Laden’s death was fake news, and that Osama is still alive living in a cave on the island of Borneo and protected by the CIA. Joe Biden is a disaster – a total loser!

3) I’m not getting the vaccine because I don’t trust the drug companies, plus Hunter Biden laundered money from Ukraine to his dad’s campaign so they could purchase voting machines from a company started by Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez to ensure his election. Lock them up! Lock them up! Lock them up!

2) I’m not getting the vaccine because the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is not releasing the real data, their process is flawed, and the organization is too political, and there is no proof that there wasn’t election fraud. Besides, Democrats are Socialists, so keep government out of my Medicare!

1) I’m not getting the vaccine because it’s not FDA approved, but once it is approved, I’ll have a new excuse for not getting it. Besides, all this mess about COVID, vaccines, and the 2020 election comes down to one explanation – it’s Obama’s fault.

Now you know, and Obama is not taking away my Dr. Seuss.

33 thoughts on “Just Sayin’ with Frank

  1. I wish I could find this funny because no one could actually be that stupid. Problem is, it’s true. The United States is a good country but with this Trump -itis that seems to be permeating far too much of it, it is losing its shine. And that’s a shame.

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  2. Brilliant parody, Frank. The only thing is? MJT wants your email now because she doesn’t understand what sarcasm means. She gets Bigfoot and UFO’s and all manner of conspiracy theories just fine. Anyways, she’ll be spending Memorial Day weekend at Sarah Palin’s crib, snooping on Russia . . .

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  3. Oh Frank!

    This was great! Well, it wasn’t great since there are so many eejits out there who actually believe all twelve of these – or a variation there of. But it was great in its rhetorical irony, and, I would say, bordering on a high level of sarcasm – which you will deny by saying you don’t know what that is but that I have discovered over the years you are rather proficient at it yourself…

    You sure you don’t want to reanimate aFrank Angle and do this on the regular? Then again, something tells me, Marc would gladly give you a, say, monthly spot!

    Perfect tune, of course

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    • Dale,
      I thought I answered this … maybe I did but forgot to hit the Post Comment/Send button.

      Glad you appreciated this for what it is. However, you are correct, I don’t see it as sarcasm because I have no clue about that. However, I will take your word that it is bordering on high-level sarcasm. In terms of a monthly return of aFa as a guest commentator, I can say that my people are in contact with Imma.

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      • Frank,

        So glad you found this. I was rather insulted you had dissed me 😉

        I, for one, am no longer buying your lack of knowledge on sarcasm – any more than from Marc!


  4. Hi there frank (and Mark) – I only skimmed the post because I have a ton of fatigue about both the vaccine and election and need a break – but nice to see you here Frank
    And it was nice to see your old handle – the frank Angle really brought me back


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