Heroes Of The Week! (500th Post Edition)

U.S. navy pilot who saw 'something weird' in the sky welcomes U.S. report on UFOs | CBC RadioOkay, can you tell I’m super excited about the upcoming Congressional UFO report that’s going to prove Mulder was onto something? The above capture, like the current news cycle, isn’t genuine . . but it’s all Obama’s fault for admitting this UFO business really is a thing! And so I have a deal for any aliens who might be reading this Friday edition. Leave us be and we’ll give you Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Cleveland Cavaliers and anything Jim Belushi ever starred in. And to balance the books, Imma throw in Nancy Pelosi, the Detroit Tigers and the original script from Cop Rock.

Let’s get to Friday . . .

White House Butler William "Buddy" Carter Retires After 47 Years

We’re kicking things off with a Cincinnati Special, delivered by our favorite Beach Boy, Frank, who does his thing over at Beach Walk Reflections.

An American Story: When it comes to having his finger on the pulse of a nation, Buddy Carter has achieved a  doctorate level knowledge over the past half century. As a butler on staff at the White House executive residence since the Reagan administration, he has seen it all. I mean that literally. He has suffered Reagan’s corny jokes, he’s served coffee to the Clintons, kept a close eye on W’s pretzel habit and most likely was the treated to Obama’s pipes whenever 44 laid down some Al Green in the hallways.

He was the man with a plan when it came to state dinners, or when a foreign dignitary came calling, or whenever the leader of the free world just needed a moment to vent. He attended the weddings of Chelsea Clinton and Jenna Bush, among many others. He accompanied First Lady Melania Trump to the funeral of former First Lady Barbara Bush in 2018. Such was the bond Buddy fostered with everyone he crossed paths with.

β€œFor 47 years, across 10 administrations, Buddy Carter has been an integral part of the lives of US Presidents, their families and their home, the White House,” said Michael LaRosa, press secretary to First Lady Jill Biden .

Thank you Mr. Carter, from all of us.

QAnon Convention: Michael Flynn Backtracks, Denies Suggesting US CoupCoup Coup For Cocoa Puffs!: What if I told you a former National Security Advisor of the United States advocated a military coup? Well, if he was a democrat, Mitch McConnell and the Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight would demand he be locked up . . immejiately. But seeing as how Michael Flynn is Trump’s errand boy, they’ll probably run him for President in 2024 . . .

Lost Footage from “The Revenant”: Hailey Morinico’s “To Do List” for the Memorial Day weekend . . .

  • Grocery shop
  • Fire up the grill
  • Fend off an Apex predator

About that last item on the checklist . . the 17 year old from Bradbury, California nailed it. More specifically, she nailed a big ass brown bear . . get this . . who was toting her cubs. Which goes against every rule Ranger Smith laid out in his diminutive tome, “Don’t Fuck With Bears”.

However, this particular brown bear mama was going up against a fairly tenacious dog mama, so there was that. And the video serves as the tail of the tape in this knockout upset of the week, as Morinico came to the rescue of her fur children by doing what Leonardo DiCaprio? Couldn’t.

Jim Kelly, Class of 2002 | Pro Football Hall of Fame Official Site

I’m only excited because this shit happened in the eighties: After thirty-five seasons on the shelf, the USFL will make its return next spring. The original version was fairly successful as a spring football league, until they attempted to move to the fall . . which is owned by another well known pigskin property. The USFL will compete with the XFL for viewers, but if the former is half as much fun as it was in its three seasons of play, I’m betting on vintage for the win. Which means they’ll last a season to the XFL’s three weeks . . .

I wasn’t going to include this next story because the look of dejection on this homeless woman’s face in the above video was too sad for words. But you know what? If my Fridays are about mining the gamut, then it really is about the every single thing of a world that makes us rejoice one day, while bringing us to our knees the next.

And what’s more, it’s how I’m signing off on this episode . . .

Officer Conner Hjellming of the La Crosse Police Department was responding to a police call regarding a shoplifting incident at a Walgreen’s store back in December when compassion took the wheel. What he found was a young woman at the breaking point. She wasn’t stealing candy bars or cosmetics, she was stealing a pair of gloves and a hat to keep warm in the sub-freezing temps. So Conner let her have it. The gloves and hat, I mean. While warning her to steer clear of the store from now on, he paid for them. And so Connor’s job description, in which he promises “To Serve and Protect”, well . . mission accomplished.

And if you’re an alien reading this Friday episode, Imma give it to you straight. Don’t let the fact that we’re treating this beautiful place like a cosmic ping pong table fool you. Because inside this seemingly hopeless cause, this lost paradise of dreamers and this playground of schemers and this chain of fools, there is love. There is so much of the stuff that it could fill the oceans and the lakes, and the rivers and the streams and the kitchen sinks of every living soul. That’s 326 million trillion gallons of the stuff, for your information.

And maybe that’s what you’re here for. Maybe you figure we’ve screwed up our chance, so why not take our dibs. I’d like to think you’re so far advanced that conquest doesn’t rate, but who am I to know for certain? And it doesn’t matter anyways, because I’ll take the look on that young woman’s face when she realized that there was someone out there who actually cared enough to make the day she was walking through just a little better. And just so you know?

We have more where that came from.



54 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week! (500th Post Edition)

  1. Dammit, Marco! I wanted to talk about the beauty and wonder that is the professionalism of the White House Staff. I wanted to talk about the lunacy that is Flynn The Idiot. I wanted … and then I watched the video of the La Crosse police officer and nothing else really matters. Small gestures, small acts, small acts of kindness. If only more of that happened.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Buddy Carter even had the last guy behaving like a human being. Imagine that one!

      And Flynn . . this happened. This really happened. Here. Whoa.

      That video is nothing short of humbling. I mean, it’s as if perspective was a person, tapping you on the shoulder to let you know it had arrived.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. B,

    Post 500! Woot!!

    How did I miss all this UFO talk? And I’m sure you can throw in a few more for the aliens… sooooo many options!

    Buddy Carter – makes me think of the movie The Butler. Another who served many a president. Can you imagine? 47 years, 10 administrations! He deserves a medal of honour. What an amazing feat.

    Nothing to say on your Cocoa Puffs… ridiculous.

    I keep watching that 17-year-old Hailey Morinico push a Mama bear off the fence, shake my head, watch it again and think… good gawd! She definitely just reacted without thinking of the potential consequences and probably shook like a leaf afterwards!

    You keep me posted on the USFL situation… I have a hard enough time trying to keep up with the NFL as it is!

    Oh man. Officer Connor Hjellming… I didn’t look at the title of the video before clicking play but as I watched it, I just KNEW he was going to buy those items for her – to help keep her warm. Her gaunt face with those huge eyes just ripped my heart out as I am positive they did his.

    You keep dishing up these wonderful stories written in your ineffable way and we’ll keep coming back.

    Now, I get to go to bed with Eric Clapton in my head. Not too bad a deal, I say.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Q

      I had no idea until I posted, LOL. Then I got the notification, so I had to go in and change the title. And I went into Block! And nobody got hurt!

      They’re coming. And I forgot one . . . they can have all the Starbucks in the world. We’ll fatten them up on lattes . . .

      Carter has had a life! And to a person, he played no politics. He was doing a job while at the same time being a human being and it resonated with every single occupant, no matter the party.

      It’s embarrassing, it’s frightening, it’s maddening . . .

      I still say Leo coulda used her out there in the forest. But yeah, there is something to be said for just doing it. Don’t think. Or you’ll be bear breakfast.

      I’ll try and remember. There were so many interesting things about that old league. I’ll have to fill you in.

      So damned sad, so damned hopeful. Both. This is what humanity is, right here. It’s flawed and it’s desperate and it’s compassionate and it’s hopeful. And it reminds us all the time, we have so much to be thankful for. And to never judge. And to love.

      You do know where ineffable is going right?

      There are worse ways, πŸ˜‰


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      • What a great discovery πŸ˜‰ I don’t pay attention either until I get a badge saying “Yo!” Block! No way! πŸ˜‰

        That’s a great idea. Give ’em Starbucks… and Dunkin’ Donuts, while you’re at it.

        No kidding! Now THAT is someone living his life with grace.

        Yes. All of those.

        Leo definitely coulda used her… as coulda Brad Pitt… Don’t think or, if you do think, don’t watch as your dog become bear breakfast…

        I’m counting on you.

        Yes, yes and yes, to all of it. Love goes a long way. No judging automatically joins in when love is front and centre.

        I have been awaiting the confirmation πŸ˜‰

        There are!

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        • Yeah, same here. I wonder . . . is 500 a lot or a little? I don’t know.

          As for Block, it’s horrible even in tiny sips.

          All the Dunkin Donuts they are ever going to need. But let’s hope their donut technology is archaic or they’re going to be on to the fact we are screwing them, hugely. LOL.

          Seriously. No partisan, just professional.

          Now the latest “scandal” the Trumpites are chewing on regards the chain of function research, and they’re trying to convince people (themselves included) that Fauci is at fault. Never mind that he wasn’t the leader of the free world. Never mind it was never Fauci’s job to look into any connection to a lab in Wuhan. Never mind that Trump said precious little about it and knew even less. And never mind “The Buck Stops Here” when it comes to Trump, because that asshole just deflects all blame anyway.


          What’s the Brad Pitt reference?


          Or center . . .

          In the file!

          I hope it delivered you to La La Land sweetly.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Hey… I was shocked to reach 1000 – course, I found out recently, I’ve been blogging at this blog for 10 years so, in the grand scheme of things, 1000 ain’t all that to toot about πŸ˜‰

            I hear ya. I still ain’t playing with it.

            Laughing! Let us hope they don’t realise till it’s too late.

            Very professional.

            Good friggen gawd. Trumpites are like dogs with bones, gnawing at it, though there is nothing left but still…

            Why sorry?

            Ahh. Legends of the Fall… he gets done in by “his” bear…


            Both πŸ˜‰


            It did!

            Liked by 1 person

          • It still counts, yanno? πŸ˜‰

            I don’t blame you.



            That’s them exactly. Dogs with bones, and no blessed idea what they’re being fed but eating it anyway.

            I don’t dig the rants.

            Oh I see . .



            And that.

            And yaya!

            Liked by 1 person

          • It does πŸ™‚

            I will, one day, perhaps, just try it…

            My lips are sealed.


            Can’t stand the rants.


            AND AND AND πŸ˜‰


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  3. Congratulations on #500. Back in the day, I would have researched a bunch of trivia about 500, so I will provide a D. This is one of the few editions of Heros I’m aware of each of the honorees. I’m still amazed that the Bear Lady didn’t get hurt. Thanks for the shoutout regarding Buddy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 500 home runs USED to mean a ticket to the Hall of Fame (unless you were Dave Kingman).

      Then you have Daytona . .

      And 500 is the answer to “How many millions has Elon Musk made this morning?”

      Thank you for Buddy Carters story. Did you know Buddy was so beloved, even the last guy in office fell for him? No easy feat.

      Liked by 2 people

        • Kong’s exit velocity and launch angles would’ve made him a fan-boy favorite today. Never mind the fact he would hit .185 and strike out every other time.

          I did NOT catch the D! Are you grading me? πŸ˜‰


  4. The media is all full of huge stories about scandals and massive events in the world. But it is the behind-the-scenes that has the most value and the least appreciation. Kindness and compassion should be daily events and perhaps they are but they’re never remembered, they’re never spoken of. Thank you for speaking. And congrats!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love that, Pam. You are one of the great things about these Friday episodes, because you always bring a lovely comment for me to think on.

      And yes, the news cycle is a gluttonous machine that runs on empty calories. Those stories can wear you down, so we DO need to read about all the many positive things that happen in the quiet.


  5. Like Midget, I wanted to say something about everything but was struck dumb by Officer Hjellming’s unbelievable heart. I wish him the best and feel bad that the actions of other cops no doubt make his job tougher than it should be. Thanks for the story, Pilgrim.

    Liked by 2 people

    • WAY too many, you’re right. And it’s good to know there are people like Conner who give a damn and are making a positive difference however they can.

      Carter has lived a life, I’ll tell you what.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Congrats on the 500th post!
    The officer buying those items was a top takeaway because we need to be reminded that not all officers are autocratic and out to take everyone down! Sadly some are that way and some are all about making the arrest and getting stats up! But this was truly an act of kindness to give her the chance to come clean and then buy the items – all about grace

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Congrats on 500 heroes posts!
    Frank’s piece on Buddy Carter – A++
    Coup coup catchoo! Flynn must have the longest running head cold in history. His brain is full of snot.
    I love the vid of the woman saving her dogs. I saw it on the news, and just had to watch it again.
    The poor hat and gloves woman. The officer did good.

    What do you think of the Bombas Socks guys?

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Fox! Fox Mulder! Yes to the yes! And on the 500th that right there is a homer. Congrats on being the laughs, the feels, the truth and the good vibes with your sharp wit. The truth is out there. No doubt. Isn’t that wild and I was gonna say what an ass wipe Mitch and the rest of the hypocrites are being over Flynn, ugh … just ugh … but then I saw the video story and mannnnnnn … I was like ohhhh … sometimes people are kind and it’s not huge, but it makes a difference being kind. Thanks for posting and YES on the Clapton tune πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fox Mulder, please pick up the white courtesy phone . . .

      Imagine if Flynn had been a Democrat saying shit like that? Every talking head at Fox News would explode!

      Here’s to 500 home runs! Or something like that.


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