Yellow Brick Roads, Amanda Peet and Roundabouts

Sigmund Freud believed that dreams were the royal road to knowledge, while the late comedian Mitch Hedberg complained that he was sick of following his dreams so he was just going to ask them where they were going and hook up with them later. I relate to both of these mindsets. So then, here in my interpretation of the dream I had last night.

In the dream I was riding along on a double-decker bus in a city whose identity is a mystery. I’m sipping on an Orange Crush adult beverage and I am the only person there. I navigate the stairs to the second floor where Amanda Peet and Zach Braff are canoodling in a seat as dusk approaches.

Okay, Amanda Peet and Zach Braff played a married couple in a forgettable comedy called The Ex back in the aughts of 2000. I never saw the movie. Consciously, I had no blessed idea these two had been a cinematic pairing, which goes to show you the power of advertising. Oh and My friend Jess sent out a group text last week in which she was sipping on an Orange Crush whilst playing arcade games with her husband.

Obviously, I’m the humorous sidekick because they ain’t upset with me for disturbing their romantic moment. I ask what our next stop is and Peet wants to try the new Bobby Flay restaurant while Braff wants pizza. I side with Peet, because even in my dreams I side with the lady.

I don’t know who’s driving the bus and I don’t care because a Rob Zombie tune starts kicking in which he plays the violin while a lyric soprano provides me with the most soothing rendition of a song I have never heard, but is instantly my favorite.

My son had texted me last night before to let me know the Rob Zombie Munsters movie was a go.

The bus stops and a party group boards. It might be early evening but their Drink-O-Meters are already working on 1 am, so I stay on the top level as we ride along. We pass a billboard featuring Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas and then we come to a huge Roundabout. I mean, this sucker is so big there is a lake in the center of it. We’re winding around this thing for quite a long time and then we come to our destination, or so I thought.

I had a discussion about Roundabouts with my daughter last week. She was complaining about how they’re popping up everywhere. As for the billboard, I’m currently watching The Kominsky Method. with Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas.

It’s night when we arrive at a vacant strip mall, an abandoned baby carriage sits in the middle of the parking lot. We walk for a while before coming to a restaurant that looks nothing like a Bobby Flay joint. Seated at a table in the front is Post Malone, and he shows us a gleaming white tooth he just pulled out of his dinner. Sara Bareilles “Yellow Brick Road” comes on as we reach our table, where our meal awaits.

And then I wake up.

As for that last part? I have no clue. But I’m holding out hope for the sequel.







43 thoughts on “Yellow Brick Roads, Amanda Peet and Roundabouts

  1. Oh man…your dreams sound somewhat similar to the ones I have had. It’s like housecleaning for the brain I think. Random discussions, sights, sounds all end up in a bottleneck and the only way out is to dream them away. Enjoy the purging process-they are great entertainment even if confusing.

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    • Simpatico!

      I do think you’re spot on in that assessment. I like that analogy a lot. And Imma go with it as I hope against hope that I am able to pick Season 2 of “The Meal”.

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  2. B,

    I think I am jealous that my dreams go “POOF” within seconds of opening my eyes. While I’m in them, they are vivid and I think (I dream?) ‘I’m going to remember THIS one’… but no.

    As for this here dream? That is something else 😉 Do not be shy next time you have one of these you are willing to share!

    Like Monika said, dreams are like housecleaning for the brain when they are of this type!!

    Keep on dreamin’


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  3. If my dreams were ever that straightforward, I might be able to remember more of them. They’re just waaay too whacked. But yours is plenty entertaining. I like how you interject your personality. I’m more often than not someone entirely different.

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  4. Dude! Duuuuuuude. I love that you can remember all the details and connect them to how they got into your subconscious. Inception-like for sure 🙂 Your title was AWESOME. You know how I feel about good titles. Amanda Peet. I totally dig her, wish we were buds and hung out at the Regal Beagle, she seems pretty cool. And the Kaminski Method! We are simpatico hermano. I finished Season 1 and need to get on Season 2. I just started watching Atypical and it has consumed me, found it really interesting. Digging the main character Sam. Thanks for letting me in on your dreams, it’s been a while since I had one or since I remembered having one. That troubles me sometimes so next time you have an awesome like this, feel free to share. Sunshine and waves brother.

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    • Try saying to yourself that you will remember your dream before you fall asleep. It worked for my lady, and she was just saying that she never remembers her dreams after reading this post. Can’t hurt to try.

      I’m sure yours will bring great tunes along for the ride.

      Regal Beagle! Blast from the past! LOL


  5. That sounds like a reasonable dream.
    Still, what about the part where your cell phone camera wouldn’t work, and there was this amazing street art all around.. Then you got some help from a guy you didn’t know. He understood the strip that needed to be inserted into the … pffft… thingy on your phone was a drawbridge, and tha….. oops,
    pardon, sigh…. red face… that was my dream. xx

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