37 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Dear Dale,

    A rusty pole? (read your reply above). Isn’t it amazing the colours that are in mundane things when we look for them? Hm…could be like people. πŸ˜‰ Once more you prove that you’re an artist with a lens.

    Shalom and lotsa hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Yes, Indeedy! Pretty cool, eh? It is amazing what you find when you stop.and take the time (like with people πŸ˜‰)
      I thank you most kindly!

      Shalom and Lotsa artistic love,


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  2. Q

    First thing I saw when I looked quickly was ice cream . . .


    Then I looked again and I see a pole, rusted, with aluminum crackling over it in a slow death. And how super cool is that? I love that you went the abstract route this week, and it’s something unexpected at that. Very super cool.


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    • B,

      Ice cream, eh? Pretty funky flavour – do tell what that would have been?

      And yeah… totally wrrrrrrrong!

      So, you do see the pole πŸ˜‰ I loved the colours and textures. And I love that you love the abstract as well.

      Gotta keep ya innerested, yanno? Keep ya on yer toes so ya keep me around πŸ˜‰


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      • Q

        Well, like I said, it was a quick look, after which it was obvious. The flavor would be something from Baskin Robbins, I guess.


        The pole I saw once I blew it up. No ice cream then . .

        Do I need to break out the shades?


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        • B,

          You know I tease. And if there were to be a funky flavour with wild colours, definitely Baskin Robbins would be the one to provide it.

          And that’s quite ayt!

          Very cool, dontcha think?

          And ummm…nah, I’m good. πŸ˜‰


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          • I remember them being known for the 31 flavours – dunno if they ever increased the number or just removed and added flavours.

            Glad you agree.


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          • I just remember it from the commercials. I think I had it a grand total of once. I did enjoy visiting Ben and Jerry’s, however. I am a fan of the stuff so I buy it rarely because once I open the carton? I have a scoop a day…



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          • I would be more Haagen Daas or Halo Top if I did partake. But seriously, I am one of those peeps who would rather have yogurt.




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