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It’s almost the weekend, and with temps soaring across the country, we’re going to take it nice and easy this week. I was going to title this episode as the “Big Chill Edition” but I was afraid it would be mistaken for an ’80’s Movie Trivia post. Which, believe it or not, is not my wheelhouse. Nice and easy? Is.

Let’s get to our lineup . . . .

We storm out of the gates this Friday morning with a story dialed up by the lovely Dale. It’s about a Buddhist daughter and the mother who taught her the most important lesson of all; the one that teaches us how the act of giving replenishes the soul.

It happened when these two decided to sell Joanna Lavelle’s mobility scooter since the ninety-year old mom is homebound these days. And so it was that she got into a conversation with an elderly gentleman who just so happened to be in the market for, you guessed it . . a mobility scooter.

Lavelle just so happens to be a lousy saleswoman, because when she had a chance to close the deal, she let him off the hook . . by giving it to him. Free of charge. Because sometimes the oldest lessons really are the best ones. And this was one . . with everything.

MLB All-Star Game Uniforms Not Drawing All-Star Reviews – NBC Chicago

In honor of the 91st MLB All-Star Game, Imma dish up a traditional double-header of a Yea and a Not So Much. I’ll begin with the latter, which came in the form of those putrid All-Star uniforms that resembled something out of a beer league softball game. Players and fans were in agreement that the uniforms were a bad idea. The sport’s mid-summer classic has long been revered for allowing its players to wear their own uniforms, which creates a beautiful mosaic of unique threads. So of course the MLB, once again, had to play like the other leagues rather than embrace what makes it different from all the rest. How lame.

Live coverage of Shohei Ohtani at the MLB all-star game - Los Angeles Times

Thank the baseball Gods for Shohei Ohtani, who made history by becoming the first All-Star to be tabbed as both a starting pitcher and a position player in the same game. While he went hitless as the American League’s leadoff hitter, he did get the win by tossing a perfect first inning. And big props to AL skipper Kevin Cash (I can’t believe I’m giving props to the Rays here) for understanding the moment and giving Shohei the starting nod.

Amy Polly, Gloria Settelmayer and Amanda Greenberg grew up in the same small town of Goshen Township, Ohio. As the years went by, their relationship grew. In 2017, Polly volunteered to be a surrogate for Settelmayer after Settelmayer had trouble carrying a viable pregnancy. Recently, Greenberg volunteered to do just the same.

Cincy “Beach Walks” Angle makes it back to Friday with a story about family and friends, and how Gloria Settelmayer of Goshen Township, Ohio has merged the two in a very special way. Four years ago, her sister-in-law Peggy made the decision to be her surrogate when it had become painfully clear that Gloria would not be able to have another child. It was a selfless act that is being repeated, this time with her friend Amanda Greenberg. While Gloria and her husband were discussing what to do with their frozen embryos, Amanda made the decision easy.

“You know I’ll carry a baby for you, right?” Greenberg said.

Just like that. Because when people think beyond the constraints of their own little universe, whole new worlds are born. Just ask Gloria Settelmayer. She knows.

We put a bow on this puppy with a love story about a man and his dog. (With yet another HT to Dale for the get).

Brayden Morton from British, Columbia would do anything for his Shar-Pei named Darla, and he proved it recently when she was taken from their home. The frantic dog papa was on social media within minutes, sharing the details of this dognapping, which was shared more than 30,000 times. He also posted a $5,000 reward.

And then he received a call that changed everything. The woman was crying and panicked and it didn’t take long for Brayden to realize she had taken Darla. He reassured her that all he wanted was the safe return of his dog, and so they met up in a parking lot where Brayden was re-united with Darla. She confessed that she had stolen her with a friend in order to collect the reward money to buy drugs.

Morton is a recovering addict who has been clean and sober since May of 2015, so rather than anger, he brought understanding. He offered to pay for her rehab treatment. And while that outcome is still being worked out, there’s even more to this story.

When he met with a tipster who had given him information on another suspect, he learned that the man was homeless. So Brayden paid for a week’s stay at a hotel and when he posted about it on social media, the homeless man was gifted another week’s stay at that hotel, and a job to boot.

You wouldn’t blame Morton for being bitter, but it doesn’t matter because he’s not. He chose hugs over hate, and in a world where it seems as if we have an overabundance of the latter, how can you not love that?

“I would say honestly, more than anything… it was exactly what I needed in my life at that point in time. Those people helped me immensely. [They] really warmed my heart and humbled me,” Morton said. “I’m just as grateful for those two relationships that I made in this whole ordeal and I’m happy that I was able to meet [them].”

When you slow the world down, the lessons are everywhere.

40 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. A few years ago, after my father-in-law passed away, we wanted to dispose of his scooter. I don’t remember how, but my wife learned of an older veteran who was in need of a scooter. My son and I loaded the scooter in his pickup and drove a couple of hours to deliver it to him. Free of charge. He was so grateful. He lived in a mobile home park and the scooter was going to give him more ability to move around – for simple things like getting to the mailbox. Pretty certain my father-in-law would have approved.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Morton should start lecturing across the country on how to bring forth your humanity, no matter what the circumstances are. I remember reading about the sending the woman to rehab part, but not the other. It’s so humbling since, so few care.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. People like this make me humble. Over the years I’ve gone through many devices: wheelchairs standing posts, scooters, walkers. They aren’t worth any money when our government is so generous but there is still a cost involved, so it makes me feel better to know I can give something away.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Whoa…I still have goosebumps reading about this week’s heros. Brayden Morton proved once again that Canadians are just really kind peeps. And while I rag on baseball all the time (I mean, seriously does MLB really ‘need’ a PAC?), I couldn’t help but smile seeing a photo of Ohtani. Talk about a kid who’s talented as all get-out as well as an all around good guy. Bonus for me was seeing the offspring of one of the original Blake Street Bombers, it was good seeing a photo of the young Dante Jr. Will never forget the very first home run hit at Coors Field by his dad in the inaugural year. He made the team exciting to watch before the Monforts perfected owner idiocy.

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    • Morton is what humans aspire to be, and I think if you are trying? You’re in the right place, for sure. He was, and now him and Darla are back together. And now lives have been positively impacted. And now there will be a different ending than the one he feared the most.

      Ohtani is the MLB breath of fresh air we need right now. What with seven inning games (Which I think has finally been scrapped) and talk of pitch clocks and hideous league jerseys . . why does Manfred insist on taking away every single unique aspect of the game?

      I have this idea about a commission that reviews owners every five years. Owners who have shown complete incompetence are booted. Too extreme?

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  5. B,

    You know I like to help out when I can 😉 I just love that they chose to give away the scooter rather than sell it. Just a lovely thing to do.

    I gotta tell ya… if the other teams’ uniforms are as ugly as the two shown on your image… ugh.

    That Ohtani kid is one of a kind, I’m thinking. You need to remind me when I can watch him, see what all the fuss is about!

    Wow. That surrogate story is a beautiful thing. It is beyond generous to offer your body as a nest for another’s baby. I’m always amazed when I read these stories, knowing I could never do it. Then again, who knows? If either of my sisters had been in such a situation? I still don’t know!

    Brayden Morton is definitely an angel walking amongst us. Have you ever noticed that those who have suffered are the first to come to the aid of another? And in this case two others. What a beautiful soul he is.

    And what a fabulous rendition of Summertime! Love this version!


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    • Q

      What a lovely thing to do. Humanity prevailing is always a good sign that we still have a pulse.

      Why do this? It was always so cool watching Yankee pinstripes high fiving Red Sox red and whites, Dodger blues with San Fran grays . . and it was also the ONLY sport that could pull it off. So of course, MLB had to change it up.

      We’ll tune in. He’s worth it. The kid is the genuine article.

      You never know until you are faced with it. We all think in terms of the control test, but the field test is OUT of our control when such decisions are made.

      An addict understands humility like no other. From the depths comes a keen awareness of pain, and Morton just couldn’t bring himself to punish someone who was punishing herself. He knew what that felt like.

      I love Lana.



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      • Yes, Finding that pulse is so important. More so than ever.

        I don’t understand why. It makes zero sense to me.

        I’m looking forward to it. Who’d a thunk. Me and baseball… huh. 😉

        This is true. We’ve had to face things we never thought we’d be able to deal with – things beyond our control and yet, here we are.

        An addict knows. A recovering addict is the one who won’t judge another. He helped, knowing one step is the first step and hardest. Giving someone access to that step is the best thing he could have done.

        She’s got a fabulous voice.

        De nada!

        Liked by 1 person

        • We are inundated with the wrong kind of news and expected to somehow be positive. How?

          Bad MLB! BAD!

          You and the beisbol? Not since the Expos left town have you even contemplated such a thing as this!

          Here we are . . .

          That’s why they become counselors, because they know. It’s what Morton has done, and of course he has.

          She does.



  6. Adore your heroes! (and Dale’s and anyone you invite in with heroes)
    The scooter and dog stories are fab!
    That is the oddest looking dog, ever! If it was mine, I would love it and hug it and kiss it and pet it and feed it. Did I say kiss it?
    Pretty great rendition of Summertime. Love it! Still, nothing competes or compares with Janis Joplin’s version on the Big Brother and Holding Company album.

    Liked by 1 person

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