The Fuck It Post

I was never very good at swear jars or excusing my French, so it only makes sense that I write a post in which I celebrate one of my favorites words in the English language. So here then is my first (and probably last) post celebrating the word Fuck.

Because, why the fuck not? . . . .

Shooting outside Nationals Park causes panic inside stadium; Nationals-Padres game suspended -

  • What in the unholiest of fucks . . . Is the world coming to when I read about a shooting outside of Nationals Park in Washington, and I’m not surprised in the least? The fans inside the stadium were another story, as they ran for their lives. And you can expect the San Diego Padres to make an appearance on my Heroes episode this week for what they did to help those fans.

Lego tells company to stop making gun that looks like its bricks - News Break

  • What the fuck . . . Was a Utah company thinking with their Lego-themed pistol kit? With the “Block 19” pistol kit, gun owners could use Lego blocks to create their own sights and designs on top of a Glock 19. The kit would have retailed for $600. Culper Precision pulled the product only after intense backlash (No fucking shit there was backlash!). But they did so reluctantly, and they blamed gun control advocates for overreacting. I don’t know about you, but I think that deserves yet another What the fuck.

Airweave creates cardboard beds for athletes at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

  • Where the fuck . . . Are Olympic athletes gonna go for some overtime play now that they can’t do the horizontal back at their village cribs? Officials have set up 18,000 cardboard beds, and while they’re sturdy enough for a single athlete, it might not hold up in the event of a doubles match. Which is what the suits are hoping for, seeing as how they want two weeks worth of competition rather than quarantining. But athletes are gonna be athletes, so I just hope there are more cardboard beds where those came from. Either that or . . umm . . grab some blankets and use the floor.

May be an image of outdoors

  • Why the fuck . . .Β didn’t I check out this imageΒ after reading the story of a woman in Krakow who called animal welfare to report what looked like an iguana crawling up a tree in front of her house? When officers arrived on the scene, they learned that the creature in question wasn’t an iguana after all, but rather, a croissant. Now, when you simply read this account, your first thought is What the fuck?Β But then you Google the image and it tells a different tail. I mean, tale. Both. Which just goes to show, not all fucks are created equal.

Blue Origin auctions seat for space flight with Jeff Bezos for $28M

  • It’s about fucking time . . . A billionaire orbited space, now that Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos have done the deed. Sixty years to go eleven minutes, but hey, it still counts. And now that rich guys are walking all their space talk, can we please book passage for that fat schmuck down in Mar-a-Lago?

Welp, that’s a wrap, and if you made it this far, congratulations! For your trouble, I’ve included a short video all about my favorite word. And if you’re kind enough to leave a comment, feel free to substitute my favorite word with one of your own.

Hey, I’m that kind of fucking guy.



54 thoughts on “The Fuck It Post

  1. WTF is right! When I heard about the Culper Precision Lego gun, I thought surely it’s a mistake, as in a joke but if gun nuts have repeatedly shown me, ANYthing is possible with these clowns. And speaking of clowns, you’re right to ask why not the resident Florida clown isn’t going into space. Just make sure a return trip is part of that and I’ll pitch in to support a Fund Me event.
    I heard a story this morning about an Olympian athlete who tested the cardboard bed out for sturdiness and it would seem he de-bunked it (pun intended).

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  2. B,

    Lemme start by saying I fucking love this post! I, too, am not very good with the swear jar. And I fucking hate the “‘scuse my French shit” so. Loud and proud like the video said.

    I couldn’t fucking believe there was yet another shooting. And I am looking forward to how the Padres handled it.

    What in the blessed fuck? Culper Precision blamed the gun control advocates… see first story, you dumb fucks.

    Buahaha! Sorry but that is hilarious. Do the Japanese not know that kids will find ways to fuck and don’t really need this cardboard bed – which Monika shared with us is way more sturdy then they had hoped… Guess they are less like the first versions of Hondas than they thought.

    I’m sorry but that poor broad is fucking nuts. I suppose from afar…. it could kinda sorta? No. You’re right.

    I don’t give a fuck about these billionaires playing astronauts. And yes. please book a one-way for the fat schmuck.

    D’you know? I watched the first episode on Netflix of favourite swear words. Guess which one it is?

    You never fail to entertain…


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    • Q

      I told my kids the swear jar was out of order after they collected their first 100 bucks. After which other measures were taken to guarantee they did not drop a dime on the old man.

      Another shooting is like white noise on a billboard. Who is paying attention any longer? Sadly.

      They were in love with this idea, which means it will make its way to somewhere else and someone will be profiting from it really soon, if they aren’t already.

      Maybe the Japanese get turned off by cardboard, I have no idea why they thought this might work in the first place.

      It does look like a something, not sure what. I mean, I wouldn’t have called anyone until I did a little more investigating. Like, I might have thrown a croissant up into the tree to see if they went for it . .

      He’s probably not interested in booking passage, because it would mean he would have to shut his yap for fifteen minutes as he orbits.

      Which one? Wait . . I know already! LOL

      That’s the fucking spirit! Thank you!


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      • Hah! Smart of you… You’ll have to share what these other methods where πŸ˜‰

        That is awful. Nonchalance is worse than anger.

        For sure. I showed it to Iain who said cool… I could smack that kid sometimes.

        It’s the weirdest idea I’ve ever heard!

        Let’s just say that there is no way in hell I would have made any call without a closer look… or a pole to nudge it.

        Oh.. right. He could never shut his yap for that long.

        I think you do πŸ˜‰ Fuckssakes…

        You fuckin’ got it!

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        • Regular trips for yes . . ice cream. Collective bargaining on toys of choice. These measures bore fruit and I presided over a peaceful administration, for the most part.

          No fucking shit! Fuck indifference.

          Cool? Cool? Hahahaha!

          Yeah, I mean, you HAVE to take a look before you call someone. If only to save yourself from an embarrassing situation.



          Fucking A!

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  3. Hey M
    I’d say there are proper ways to use the F word and you made a good post with this in mind
    Reminded me about the Framing John Delorean show /
    I thought it was was so good and won’t spoil it for you – but john’s adult son really loves using that F word

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      • Hi – a long time ago I watched a mediocre documentary about the Versace murder and then just saw that Netflix has the American Crime Story version and it seems so well done – but nine episodes – yikes – guess they know how to dive in and tell the extra back stories

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