Friday’s Heroes: A Frank Edition

Happy Friday to all! As Marco announced last week, this is my meager attempt to occupy the big chair during his absence as he galivants to somewhere unknown to spread his goodwill, wit, and charm. I suspect he is attending a symposium sponsored by the International Institute on Sarcasm. Meanwhile, onto the heroes who are examples of goodness in the world.

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The Olympics provides a plethora of outstanding stories about humanity’s good side – so here’s one more with multiple heroes. Miloszek Malysa is an eight-month-old Polish boy needing life-saving heart surgery, so the family started a fundraising page to pay for surgery in the USA (at Stanford U). Maria Andrejczyk, a silver-medalist Javelin thrower, stepped forward by auctioning her metal from the recent Tokyo games. The Polish convenience store chain Żabka won the bid that supplied about one-third of the goal, then declined to accept the metal from Maria because they thought it rightfully belongs with her.

From the Holy Shit Department, here’s a story with multiple heroes. Lindsay Bull is an employee at a Utah petting zoo. While working with Darthgator, the large reptile decided to snack on Bull’s hand. With her hand in his mouth and instead of pulling, Bull entered the water and rolled as the alligator tried to dismember her. Donnie Wiseman, an innocent observer, not only enters the area but also wrestles the alligator, and then pries the mouth open so Bull can remove her hand. Another bystander, Todd Christopher, encouraged Bull and helped pull her out. Amy Christopher’s nursing background helped treat Bull until the EMTs arrived. By the way, Bull is anxious to return to work after she heals.

I must include an honoree from Cincinnati. In summer 2018, six-year-old Payton started a lemonade stand to buy new toys for patients at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center because she received a new teddy bear when she was a patient. She repeated the venture in 2019. Today, Payton’s Lemonade Stand is a foundation and 25 stands exist across Greater Cincinnati this past summer … and children host all of them. Cheers to Payton for starting a chain reaction.

A 1992 car accident left Sabrina Cohen as a quadriplegic at age 14. Today she is the founder and president of the Sabrina Cohen Foundation, an organization focusing on meeting fitness and recreation needs for the disabled – especially the beach and the warm waters of Miami. A tip of the hat to Sabrina, her foundation, and all the volunteers for all the goodness they share.

During the virus lockdown’s peak, we in the US received daily briefings from a governor. Unlike federal officials, the governors (at least that I saw) also had a sign language interpreter present on the screen. Now that I have twin great-nieces with hearing disorders, I appreciate those signers much more than I already did. A shout out to these public servants!

Marc returns soon. Although I’m on blog break, I invite you to stop by Beach Walk Reflections. Enjoy your weekend.

21 thoughts on “Friday’s Heroes: A Frank Edition

  1. Hey hey Frank!

    So nice of you to fill in… You are such a great pinch-hitter, I say. Symposium on Sarcasm? Where do I sign up?

    What a beautiful thing to do, did Maria Andrejczyk. I am rather glad they gave her medal back because it is where it belongs.

    Utah Petting Zoo… Holy Shit, you say? Darthgator – honestly, pet an alligator? Lindsay Bull acted quickly by going with the roll and Oh. Em. Gee. How lucky that Donnie Wiseman did not live up to his name and mayhaps unwisely jumped in like that? My goodness..

    I’m always blown away by such young children who are so ready to give back way more than they received 25 stands now? Such a beautiful thing.

    Sabrina Cohen is one of those who never did the “why me” thing. Kudos to her to create this. I have a friend with MS who is in a wheelchair and wishes he could go to the beach now and again but there are never any ramps that cross the sand… he would so love this!

    Sigh language is such a beautiful one, isn’t it? It’s great that you have a reason to learn it (;-) ) My sister and niece took a course just because and they feel they were blessed to do so.

    What a great song to cap off this excellent edition of Heroes, Frank. Ya done more than good!!



    • Dale,
      Thanks, but finding good stories makes these posts easy. The alligator story is definitely a holy-shit moment – but damn – I don’t think I would have taken on the gator! Maria, Sabrina, and Payton – well – they are great examples of the positive side of humanity. Meanwhile, as a Canadian, I doubt you need the symposium. However, we both know that Marc needs a lot of help with that topic.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That may be so but you still have to do the finding. The alligator story was nuts. And all the others were wonderful. It’s funny you should think that I don’t need the symposium. A little extra learnin’ can’t hurt. I don’t know that Marc needs all that much help, to be honest… He seems to have moments…


  2. Cincy,

    You hit this one out of the park! Tape measure blast of goodness with a theme that fits Fridays to a tee. To give back is a gift to everyone involved, and it’s the one time when looking back is constructive. Not to mention so worth it.

    Maria Andrejczyk possesses a gold medal heart. To work so hard for so long to achieve the podium, and then to auction off that medal for that little boy? And the good deed keeps spinning when Zabka steps up to win the auction and refuses to take the medal because it’s hers? THIS is what our Friday episodes are all about.

    And umm . . . Lindsay can’t wait to get back to work? Bless her heart, because I wouldn’t so much as watch a Florida Gators game after that. Harrowing is what that video is. But nobody panicked, and WOW. Big props to Lindsay for keeping her cool, I mean I don’t know how she did it. And bravo to Donnie Wiseman for jumping on top of the gator, and yes again I gotta say, I don’t know how he did it!

    Yay to little Payton for giving back. This little lady has a potent combination of business savvy and the soul of a dedicated philanthropist. It’s such a cool thing when kids show that kind of compassion, so beyond their years. And it makes us all realize that the world is really going to be alright.

    Sabrina Cohen follows the theme of this post beautifully. Giving back, opening up the world when circumstances threaten to steal it away. What a special thing, to find your passion after experiencing such a devastating event in your life.. This is why I have always believed in angels.

    And yes, big thank you to all public servants who make a positive difference in so many lives, every single day. Their great good work does not go unnoticed. Here’s to them.

    Yanno . . I had no idea the Nicolette Larson ditty was a cover of a Neil Young song until right now. You learned me something Frank!

    Muchisimas gracias for a superb post, good sir. I appreciate you.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. hi Frank
    i hope your blog break is going well!
    and i enjoyed your post bee much!
    the alligator video was chilling and donnie wiseman showed such courage
    also, what beautiful heart Maria Andrejczyk has! ❤️

    the closing song was a blast from the past and the video reminded me of the simple beauty – the naturalness of the singer’s hair and face –
    today’s technology seems to alter the look of so many people –
    but she was so natural (and that hair! wow)


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