Sorryless Sunday Morning Movie Review

*Spoiler Alert: The following movie 'review' contains certain plot elements- such as the beginning, the middle and the end.  I thought maybe this latest incarnation of Halloween was going to make me pine for the days of eight track tapes, boom shakalaka vans and reckless hair. But nope, that's not where the Danny McBride and David Gordon Green's… Continue reading Sorryless Sunday Morning Movie Review

Doomed Journeys, Beer Logic and Stealing Home

Remember that "Tastiest Taco" challenge me and Linds were supposed to embark on several months back? Yeah well, fuck tacos . . that's what happened to that challenge. Because, Cuban sandwiches seem to drop out of the sky in meat and potatoes Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Tacos? Not so much. Our doomed journey began with a… Continue reading Doomed Journeys, Beer Logic and Stealing Home

Pick Six Tuesday (or) Why My Therapist is Underpaid

It's Tuesday again, which can only mean it's time for my semi(ish)weekly rant post (again) in which I share with you, my precious readers, a few things that grind my gears. So pardon me while I pet my peeves . . . Parking Lots- If Dante Alighieri had penned Inferno today? Parking lots would've been tucked between… Continue reading Pick Six Tuesday (or) Why My Therapist is Underpaid