The Bargain Struck By Heaven and Hell

The Holy Day has arrived, and I am giddier than Kirk Cousins' real estate agent. Before I rant and rave about the Lucky 17, I gots a top five non St. Patrick's related thoughts in 'me noggin this morning. 1- I picked up a shake for my son at Mickey D's yesterday and I gotta… Continue reading The Bargain Struck By Heaven and Hell

The Journey Of A Million Dreams (Pt.3)

I find my rhythm on a straightaway, digging through a boot deep snow that absorbs my footprints in eclipsing spirals of steam. It's temporary, the evidence of my trespass into these woods; a metaphor for the life we live. Footprints which will collapse into forever before too long, but meaningful ones in the moment. The… Continue reading The Journey Of A Million Dreams (Pt.3)

The Happily To Ever After

It took me fifty one years to really get Jane Austen. The girl could write the snow off the top of Mt Kilimanjaro with the kind of fiery passion that a thousand year love affair couldn't match. Her demurely driven portrayal of female equanimity belied the wicked apple martini that a sensuous purr can serve up, after… Continue reading The Happily To Ever After

The journey of a million dreams begins with a simple wish (Pt. 1)

This is the first installment of a three part series documenting a recent hike I took along the Appalachian Trail. It was a simple three hour trek that reacquainted me with the Zen of simple moments.  I was getting close. The main square of Bethel, Pennsylvania lies at the foot of the Blue Mountain range.… Continue reading The journey of a million dreams begins with a simple wish (Pt. 1)

The Courage in Waking Up

They woke up with tomorrow on their minds. Seventeen mornings . .  seventeen "I love you's" to someone they held close to their hearts . . seventeen schedules filled with classes and afternoon practices . . seventeen place mats . . seventeen phones chiming with everyday chatter from friends and loved ones . . seventeen… Continue reading The Courage in Waking Up