A year of hot buttah goodness

It's been a very good year. If I were asked to describe my 2017, I would call it a blessing of people, places, times, events and wonderful things. It wasn't perfect, but that's plenty fine with me since I wasn't asking for such a thing. What I do know for certain is that my three… Continue reading A year of hot buttah goodness

Champagne Girl

Look at your eyes, lighting up a room; effortlessly, flawlessly. Your smile with the given ability to melt even the coldest heart. Your personality; glittering, outgoing, beautiful. The human personification of a Gatsby soirèe. How do I describe your beauty without sounding cliché? A face and body created in the image of Aphrodite. No, no;… Continue reading Champagne Girl

Live Monday like a rock concert

Okay, that's all I got this morning. Be positive, rock Monday hard and pretend the holidays aren't staring us dead in the face. It ain't Longfellow, but then again, old Henry is best served up in small sips. And whereas I'm not here to teach you something, I am intent on sharing with you a favorite tune… Continue reading Live Monday like a rock concert

Finding the power of the press in our search for the Perfect Cuban Sammy

The Cuban sandwich is a testament to culinary integration, patience and abiding love. It's quintessential element is the coalescing of big personality ingredients into one delicious mambo in your mouth. The exact birth date of the Cuban sandwich is impossible to pin down. Stories date as far back as the mid to late 1800's, in… Continue reading Finding the power of the press in our search for the Perfect Cuban Sammy