Like Rocks For Chocolate

I ain't much for popular opinion. I can't remember the last time I fully trusted the tally of a widely held opinion. This isn't a contrarian gallivant, myopic bent or some degenerative condition that rhymes with Larry King. Nah, it's just the truth in my lovely bones. A truth that cannot shut up, even when… Continue reading Like Rocks For Chocolate

At the Movies! (Totally, Shamelessly Unauthorized Edition)

January is God's way of saying, "I got nothing,". It's a month in which people trash their resolutions, pen resignation letters that never see the light of day, and sign up for overpriced online dating sites in spite of the fact Craigslist is free. For yours truly, I like to keep it simple. I use… Continue reading At the Movies! (Totally, Shamelessly Unauthorized Edition)

Santa’s wish list just got more interesting . . .

Some people are born to create. It's a compulsion; a deep-seated reckoning that stirs and follows and haunts the individual. Their minds are in constant upheaval as they preside over the revolution of ideas that fill their brains- transforming the mystic into a crazy train of thoughts gone loud. Mike Lombardo is one of these… Continue reading Santa’s wish list just got more interesting . . .