Coming Soon: The Next Chapter in our tasty “Search” series . . .

Seeing as how the search for the perfect Cuban sandwich was such a tasty success, me and Linds B will be diving back into another “Search” series in the near future.

Our next adventure? Tacos.

Fitness Taco

Figuring out the next food choice wasn’t easy . . . there were countless hours of painstaking research that went into our decision. We conducted a Facebook poll, we asked our friends for suggestions and we even worked closely with a team of taco scientists just to make certain we had hit on the right dish. And lemme tell you, those taco scientists don’t come cheap.

In spite of the complicated process, our requisites for the next food adventure were simpler than Simon’s wardrobe. It had be a summer staple. It couldn’t be another sandwich. And most importantly, it had to pair nicely with beer. Actually, that last count is the requisite we use for just about any food. Even breakfast . . and don’t judge.

Liam Neeson Tacos

Tacos speak the language of summer love. They’re easy without being McDonald’s . . they’re simple without being bologna sandwiches . . they’re fun and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and delicious denominations. And tacos actually pair better with beer than say . .  hypothetically speaking . . . french toast, or oatmeal.


The ground rules in our search for the “Tastiest Taco”? Fine . . .

1- It can’t be convenience store
2- It can be Taco Bell
3- One of the candidates must be seafood tacos
4- No Nutella
5- And definitely no Corona . . .
6- Spicy hot equals good. Spicy hot with zero flavor equals we skip the bill.
7- Number 6 . . was . . . umm . . hypothetical.
8- There will be five taco candidates
9- The Russians will not be involved
10- Unless they’re gonna help pay for those taco scientists

We shall dub the next round of food for thought as our search for “The Tastiest Taco” so as not to confuse anyone who is of the opinion that a score of less than ten means our opinion of the culinary selection left something to be desired. I’m not naming any names, but carajo! This whole first world problems deal really is a thing, isn’t it?

Pumpkin Spice Tacos

And Imma go on record as saying that by selecting tacos, me and Linds B are standing arm and arm with our peeps from across the border in a brilliantly woven message of peace through good food. Oh hells yeah Imma go on record with that one . . even if we never actually thought about it that way when selecting tacos. Still . . the latest search sounds so much more relevant when you throw something like that into the mix, doesn’t it? We’re just a couple of beer swilling ambassadors if you ask me. And . . you’re welcome.

I was asked recently how the whole Cuban sammy search came about with us. I think it had something to do with the fact that I construct a Cubano with the same sacred obligation a lot of peeps put into churchgoing. I’m pretty sure it was inside the conversations borne of my passion for the thing that we decided to go in search of a worthwhile comparison.

There is no such theological application with the taco. If the Cubano was our torrid culinary affair, then tacos will be our platonic sidekick. Which makes it the perfect followup food for us. It isn’t complicated. And in a complicated world, I’m plenty chill with a food that makes Tuesday feel like Friday and the weekend feel like a vacation.

We ain’t asking for perfection when tasty is so much more fun.