The Journey of a Million Dreams . . . (Pt.2)

This is the second installment of a three part series documenting a recent hike I took along the Appalachian Trail. It was a simple hike whose lessons spoke to me.  As I trekked along the snow laden trail, my thoughts turned to the obligations of this age we live in. Efficacy is the watermark of… Continue reading The Journey of a Million Dreams . . . (Pt.2)

The Happily To Ever After

It took me fifty one years to really get Jane Austen. The girl could write the snow off the top of Mt Kilimanjaro with the kind of fiery passion that a thousand year love affair couldn't match. Her demurely driven portrayal of female equanimity belied the wicked apple martini that a sensuous purr can serve up, after… Continue reading The Happily To Ever After

The lies of a fine place worth fighting for

I remember going to my kid's elementary school a few days after the September 11th attacks. I had asked my daughter's teacher if I could come in to help out and she informed me that there was a schedule for such things. Still, she took mercy on me because she knew about the stir I… Continue reading The lies of a fine place worth fighting for

Life As We Know It

Here we are again. It's the day after, again. When all we are left with is grief and questions, and sides. Because for all the sadness, the requisite questions we are asking now are already drawing up sides to a debate that, almost twenty years after the Columbine massacre, just doesn't get it. "Where does… Continue reading Life As We Know It

The Day I ‘Chickened Out’, and why I’m proud of it

I'm not much for extreme stances, seeing as how it's difficult to abide by such things with any degree of magnanimity. Taking a stand on something is easy, following through is the sticky part of the label. But there are some things to which I am unwavering, mostly. Take for instance the fact I haven't… Continue reading The Day I ‘Chickened Out’, and why I’m proud of it

My Top 5 (Anti)Heroes of the Week

Since we're knee deep in the January blahs, I wasn't feeling the positive vibes necessary to pen a top 5 "Heroes", so I just switched up the recipe for the sake of being contrary. It's in keeping with the thirty one shades of gray that is the first month of the calendar, so there's that.… Continue reading My Top 5 (Anti)Heroes of the Week