The Value of Original Thought

From the time I was in grade school, I had come to understand the world around me in monochromatic equations. I borrowed on this hopelessness as a different way of learning the world; and in so doing, my jaded sensibilities would introduce me to books and girls and music. Books were an escape to places the… Continue reading The Value of Original Thought

Don’t Start Thinking About Tomorrow

As promised, here is one from "The Vault". This piece was written back in 2008 as Hilary Clinton was on the verge of losing the Democratic nomination to some guy named Barry. It's interesting to read this back, seeing as how it is heavily influenced by one of my favorite political writers- Maureen Dowd of… Continue reading Don’t Start Thinking About Tomorrow

Doomed Journeys, Beer Logic and Stealing Home

Remember that "Tastiest Taco" challenge me and Linds were supposed to embark on several months back? Yeah well, fuck tacos . . that's what happened to that challenge. Because, Cuban sandwiches seem to drop out of the sky in meat and potatoes Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Tacos? Not so much. Our doomed journey began with a… Continue reading Doomed Journeys, Beer Logic and Stealing Home

Pick Six Tuesday (or) Why My Therapist is Underpaid

It's Tuesday again, which can only mean it's time for my semi(ish)weekly rant post (again) in which I share with you, my precious readers, a few things that grind my gears. So pardon me while I pet my peeves . . . Parking Lots- If Dante Alighieri had penned Inferno today? Parking lots would've been tucked between… Continue reading Pick Six Tuesday (or) Why My Therapist is Underpaid